Have a look into the Amazing Design Projects of Jean Louis Deniot

Have a look into the Amazing Design Projects of Jean Louis Deniot_8

Have a look into the Amazing Design Projects of Jean Louis Deniot

September 3, 2019

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Jean Louis Deniot is one of the most precious French interior designers that are a big part of France’s proud heritage within the design industry. Since 2000, the designer has been presenting the most impressive settings from all over the world, from New York to New Dehli. CovetED will be sharing an exclusive interview about his professional life, as well as his ideals.


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All photo credits belong to Jean Louis Deniot


Meet an interior designer that needs no introduction, Jean Louis Deniot, one of the best interior designers in the field, especially in France. His prestigious work is concentrated all over the world, in many different countries and continents. He has been granting the best settings since 2000, once he concluded his studies in the École Camondo (a renowned school of product design and interior architecture). Featured on the ELLE Decor and AD 100 lists of the best interior designers in the world, Jean-Louis Deniot has long been in the business of creating atmospheres.

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His décors are his playground, spaces where spontaneity and magic are present. Recognized worldwide for his eclectic and emblematic interiors, Jean-Louis Deniot plays in a multiplicity of repertoires, never sticking to the purity of style. If he does contemporary, it is always with a weighty dose of history and references infused into it to produce a timeless scenario.

Jean-Louis Deniot has lived and breath interior design from an early age. Deniot tailors each of his projects to his client’s needs, using his travels for inspiration. His flair for nodding to past time periods and refined colour palettes is the reason he has been booked for an endless list of impressive projects. “In my mind, the first mission of a design firm is to create dreams and products which captivate the audience or the owner’s life when in contact with the creations, Design has to be first about captivation: it needs to create a reaction of fun, pleasure and/or exaltation”! With that mind, Jean Louis Deniot is recognized for having a very eclectic and traditional style. He loves history and tries to recreate some periods in his designs.

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Jean Louis has been working on projects from New York to New Dehli. Architecture, decoration, lighting, and furniture. “Projects tend to show in the press and media depending on their completion date! Sometimes a project can get published over 5/7 years after it was first designed on paper! It’s important to have pictures of every piece of work, no matter if small or big, it’s crucial to archive all results so it can be shared with everyone”. He makes sure to stand out his projects, in order to demonstrate to the world his incredible capacities within this competitive industry. “It’s not about doing pretty things, is about filling up a gap, creating a scenario, creating new aesthetics when most have already been done” – The designer makes sure that it’s all about creating the exceptional.

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At the moment, the designer is completing some exciting projects all over the world. “We are completing a fun triplex in Bangkok, a townhouse in Hong Kong, building some private palaces in India, Qatar, Kuwait, working on a super large beauty product department store in Moscow, in addition to private residence projects. London is also a big market for us, from hotels to private houses. In Paris, we have some fun apartments, in NYC, Miami, and Los Angeles: private residences and residential tower developments in each of these cities. Many different styles get developed depending on each location’s expectations, it’s a very fun creative time in my studio”. The designer is expanding his line of work through every continent, and he shows no signs of stopping!


When asked about his clients, Jean Louis Deniot states that he always gets “inspired by the owners and their location, so it’s like starting from scratch, all over again, on every job! Clients appreciate that their environment is entirely designed based on their personalities, their differences, and preferences. They are just like us, design confident and looking to our designs to perfectly illustrate their life, their surrounds. My clients are busy, successful people, often living on the other side of the planet, so I must systematically be on point with my design and exceed their expectations. This way we can progress, putting our clients at ease, and most importantly, realizing our clients’ dreams”. So in conclusion, you can see that his clients show characteristics of sophistication and confidence, which are a big contribution to the establishment of exquisite settings.

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About craftsmanship, Jean Louis Deniot thinks that “each country is going to start promoting their specific handcraft and our job, as designers, is to give them cool designs based on what each of them knows, so as to produce and to create new generations of traditional handcraft advanced design“. Once a way of accumulating, the designer gave his opinion saying that design is now about the art of collecting the spectacular. “Timeless design quality in the perfected styles and finishes is what design is about today”. High-quality and cautious yet exquisite design is finally in, and the useless and trendy design is absolutely out.


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Reserved for the future, Jean Louis Deniot thinks that “populations are going to move and live in the future in many different locations, many different countries, moving systematically in smaller spaces to benefit from spending money mostly on restaurants, trips, fashion, fewer collector home goods. So the interior design needs to adapt and ease this transition: the practicality of moving fast without dragging tons of personal things… the Future is in the editing! Fewer pieces, with a personalized design to make it your own, and easy to pack, so that the move does not become an obstacle because of all the pieces one has”. With that interpretation, the designer intends to bring awareness, in order to preserve the industry, and to make it grow!


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