Boca do Lobo’s Most Impressive Design Projects

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Boca do Lobo is unique in everything that they do. Founded in 2005, Boca do Lobo features a wide range of design pieces that are truly unmatchable, not only because of their striking design but also exquisite use of materials. Their goal is not only to create beautiful pieces but actually, take each client on an exclusive interior design experience. Are you ready to be inspired by Boca do Lobo’s most impressive design project? Follow CovetED below and be dazzled.


Palais FG – Austria, by Denis Košutić


Boca do Lobo's Most Impressive Design Projects


Vienna-based architect and designer Denis Košutić views interior architecture as a subject of consumption, not a monument to eternity, and with that in mind, he redesigned the interior of a Baroque Austrian Palace providing this history-rich landmark with a modern twist and turning it into a cheerful, exuberant place. The sensation overload this interior conveys can be overwhelming, like a fine impressionist painting, but as soon as you start joining all the details together it transposes into a wonderful visual experience.


Boca do Lobo's Most Impressive Design Projects


The renewed interior architecture of this palace features a golden wallpaper, pink colourful curtains and exciting bright sofas with some of our most iconic pieces: the sublime Newton Dining Table, the heavenly Eden Center Table and a couple of Pixel Bar Cabinet, which we usually imagine being place alone, but in this case Denis proved us wrong and exceeded himself in combining a lot of egos into a single, majestic room. An exceptional interior design project that takes a sublime taste and a lot of imagination.


East House – Australia, by Brendan Wong


Boca do Lobo's Most Impressive Design Projects


Designed by Brendan Wong, this interior architecture project features a Victorian Italianate House built in 1891 whose exterior features were kept intact. For the interior, the owner briefed Brendan to maintain the grandeur of the house while creating something that suited a growing family of five. “They wanted modern elegance with warmth, but not too uptight”, he says.


Boca do Lobo's Most Impressive Design Projects


And modern elegance they got. On the hallway, “The intention was to create a strong first impression”, the designer notes, and the task was accomplished by the placement of a gorgeous Diamond Emerald Sideboard. Chosen by the designer and owners together, it’s sculptural, faceted shape defies convention and creates an impact all by itself, enhanced by mirror-like reflective finish against the black Japanese floorboards, original cedar staircase, and traditional semi-circular archway. A bold surprise and sets the tone for the connecting rooms.


Private Residence – St. Petersburg, by Ekaterina Lashmanovoy


Boca do Lobo's Most Impressive Design Projects


This interior architecture project by Ekaterina Lashmanovoy displays a lot of elegance and, above all, taste. It features smart mirror placement for depth, a strong presence of marbled textures, geometric patterns and, above all, every piece is given its own breathing space. “Being an architect by education, I pay a lot of attention to space planning. In an ill-conceived layout, it’s uncomfortable to live and, in this case, the decor will not save it”, Ekaterina says.


Boca do Lobo's Most Impressive Design Projects


The apartment, however, consisted of a quarter circle and the round walls had to be levelled by cabinets, radius cornices, and curtains. For the living room, a beautiful creamy sofa is joined by navy blue mid-century armchairs and a pair of Wave Center Tables provide the final golden touch. “I’m impressed by the Portuguese designers“, Ekaterina admits, “Everything they do is very fashionable and relevant. What this interior needs!”


Espaço de Portugal – Casa Decor Madrid, Spain by Pepe Leal


Boca do Lobo's Most Impressive Design Projects


Pepe Leal is Spanish designer in love with Portugal, that he considers “A sophisticated, elegant country”, and he accepted the challenge to be responsible for the Portuguese Space at Casa Décor Madrid in 2016, that for a month and a half served as a window to Portugal in the Spanish capital. Gathering pieces from more than 20 different Portuguese brands, its interior architecture broke with the preconception that Portugal is rustic, decadent and ancient to highlight the merits of a country where past and present go hand in hand. Seen above in this living room is a pair of Eden Center Tables that provide with glitz the colourful interior.


Boca do Lobo's Most Impressive Design Projects


On the other side of the room, the Heritage Sideboard serves as a testimony to Portuguese tiling, created by Boca do Lobo in order to honour this timeless craft, also known as “Azulejos”. The piece presents a different number of layers, and each one tells a different story. Quite fitting considering the nature of the project.


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