Our Top Favourite Jewellery Hardware From Pullcast

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Born digging deep into the wonders of nature by a jeweller and a designer, who adore collecting objects from outdoor experiences, Pullcast has become to be one of the best Jewellery Hardware Brands in the market. Uniquely, accessorising the design, Pullcast has unique pieces perfect for everyone. Enter in a luxury voyage with CovetED, outlining the quintessence of design and see our top choices of Pullcasts most recent collection.



Our Top Favourite Jewellery Hardware From Pullcast


Inspired in a world-renown delicacy, harvested from sturgeon and found in the Caspian Sea, our Caviar drawer handle portraits mysticism, exuberance and luxury in your cabinet hardware choices. With Caviar furniture drawer handle, you can uniquely articulate with diverse aesthetics, a perfect add-on to a perfect mix and match in your furniture designs.




Our Top Favourite Jewellery Hardware From Pullcast


Tiffany cabinet hardware resembles the perfect shapes and purity of those who last forever. With a handful of elegance and refinement, adorn your designs with our cast polished brass handle, together with estremoz marble. An exclusive furniture handle to adorn your designs, cabinetry, sideboards.





Our Top Favourite Jewellery Hardware From Pullcast

The ocean is wide and wavering, he keeps unique and beautiful secrets. Dipped in blue waters, our Codium furniture drawer handle is delicate and authentic, a fetching detail to any drawer, cupboard or wardrobe, for cabinet hardware.




Our Top Favourite Jewellery Hardware From Pullcast



Jalo was inspired by the Green bean plants, and the pole varieties, that grow long vines. The amazing forms and colours that Jalo creates can be green, but you’ll also find purple, red, yellow and streaked varieties. Coming in perfect sizes, shapes, textures and earthy tone, Jalo Cabinet and Drawer Handles enhances elegantly in any cabinet or door design.




Our Top Favourite Jewellery Hardware From Pullcast

The Liberty door lever was inspired by the elegant and imponent shapes and curves of One Liberty Place. This skyscraper fulfils the skyline of Philadelphia and is one of the tallest buildings of the North American city. This door lever is made in polished brass and it’s also available in aged and brushed brass, promising to bring a unique glamour and elegance to doors.




Our Top Favourite Jewellery Hardware From Pullcast

The imponent Spear door pull was inspired by the Celtic sun god that possessed the “Invincible Spear”. A legend has it that the spear was blazingly hot, and it became hotter the longer it was used. It was stored in a vat of water at night to keep it from catching fire and scorching the earth. Honouring Celtic culture and myths, PullCast’s designers projected this mythical mid-size door pull made with polished brass and Alabastro Marble to bring a powerful statement into the main doors.



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