Top 10 interior designers in France

Nowadays France is not only the capital of fashion but also the heart of the modern interior design. In this charming country exists top 10 of famous interior designers that are able to create a luxury interior design which inspires and evokes unbelievable emotions, surprising everyone who is fond of luxury interior design projects. Each of them has his own interior design styles.

Philippe Starck 

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Plenty of well-known and talented designers, including Francois Frossard, are following the design projects of Philippe Starck. He is simultaneously an inventor, creator, architect, designer and artistic director. Above all, Philippe Starck is a man of honesty, in the purest tradition of the Renaissance artists. Starck believes that creation must improve people’s lives, in order to achieve that, artists must guide themselves by complementary principles like poetic and political duties, pragmatic and subversive attitudes, these should be shared by everyone. Besides, the designer has his own approach –  “No one has to be a genius, but everyone has to participate.” Despite his thousands of projects and world fame, Philippe Starck has the mission to make life better for the largest number of people.

Jean Nouvel


Born in Fumel, the designer started his creative path in France. He is Founder and Artistic Counsellor of the Architecture Biennale within the Paris Biennale. Jean Nouvel says about himself that he is not a designer, but an architect that designs. Together with his team, Jean Nouvel is working in the fields of furniture design, interior design, scenography and visual communications. Jean Nouvel’s designs can be appreciated in the showroom Cité Angoulême in Paris.

Sarah Lavoine


When it comes to interior design, Sarah Lavoine uses similar principles as she does while dressing herself. In her design projects, Sarah Lavoine never tries to look vulgar and she works the total look. The designer does her best and knows how to mix and combine different items. According to her opinion, there is nothing worse than when an entire room – or worse, an entire house – is designed with one theme all over.


Jean-Louis Deniot


Being a master of the remix, Deniot is an interior designer, whose style equates lifestyle and must promote harmony and well-being. The Paris-based designer notes that he likes to “play with the layering of textures and materials,” juxtaposing midcentury flea-market finds with original older pieces to create subtly finessed interiors that are “a little theatrical”. The french flair is noticed in his works.

Christian Liaigre


The french designer Christian Liaigre is known for his high-quality work in the world of design. In his point of view, interior design is far from fashion and trends, because comfort is all about delicacy and rareness. Since 2004, the brand Christian Liaigre has been considered a member to the Comite Colbert. Nowadays he devotes himself particularly to work for the private clients with his team based in Paris.

India Mahdavi


Being simultaneously an architect and a designer, India Mahdavi was raised by a Persian father and Egyptian-English mother. As a result, her upbringing and her lifestyle culturally diverse are reflected in her inspired and eclectic designs, which range from homes, hotels, and commercial spaces to furniture and aircraft interiors. Her design is characterised by a combination of humor, elegance, and sensuality.


Alberto Pinto


Alberto Pinto is not only a remarkable interior designer but also a traveller. Having finished the “Ecole du Louvre” in Paris, he founded a photography agency in New York specialized in interior design and decoration. In addition, his projects embrace a great variety of interiors from apartments and private homes, through residences, including bedroom interior design, ranches, palaces, offices, hotels, yachts, jets, and castles.

Didier Gomez


According to Didier Gomez, he practises an art dedicated to well-being. His agency DGID he performed the following designs: the Café Roset in Moscow, La Coupole restaurant in the Printemps store in Paris, the Asia Lounge restaurant in Almaty and, most recently, the Méridien Montparnasse in Paris, and Joël Robuchon’s Yoshi restaurant in Monaco.


Charles Zana

Charles Zana demonstrates a dual approach to every project, writing a new story and giving it greater conceptual value. In two decades the architect Charles Zana has found his voice, forging his style and axes of influence, looking for discerning clients demanding a unique vision. This vision is mainly the one of an art lover, passionate about design, who speaks like an excerpt from the key teachings.

Thierry Lemaire


Thierry Lemaire shows great interest to decoration and furniture creation. Today Thierry Lemaire carries projects out all over the world and he is dedicated to Holly Hunt and FENDI Casa.

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