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Today we would like to tell you about Christian Liaigre, a designer that possesses a variety of collections from furniture, lighting, and textiles to leathers and accessories. He gives a detailed attention on everything he does, using the best quality materials.

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Biography: the man before the myth

Christian Liaigre was born in La Rochelle, France in 1943. He studied at Paris Academy of Fine and Decorative Arts and he taught drawing at the Academy Charpentier. After spending 10 years as a horse breeder, he decided to open a studio in 1987, focusing on interior architecture and furniture design. His first win acclaim was the refurbishment of the Hotel Montalembert in Paris, in 1988. Generally speaking, the designer is known due to the fact that he designed private residences for several notable persons as Calvin Klein, Karl Lagerfeld, Rupert Murdoch and Bryan Adams.

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Background & Realizations

Christian Liaigre has made himself known by his refined and high-quality work. He makes a good use of space and light and the base of his designings are the local cultures and traditions, the materials choice, as well as the special love he has for arts and crafts. According to the designer’s words, comfort does not lie in the trivial affluence but in delicacy and rareness. Only this designer is able to combine certain modesty with great elegance.

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Christian Liaigre is credited with redefining modernism and he is pioneer using the dark wood, leather sofas and the luxurious cream, and the brown and grey palette integrals to today’s stylish interiors.

The company of Christian Liaigre manufactures its pieces according to an artisanal method of production for its line of furniture and lighting. The whole amount of the furniture produced is embossed or stamped with the logo of the company.

The Most Iconic Projects

Among others, he’s responsible for the interior of the uber-trendy Mercer Hotel in New York, the refit of Selfridges department store in London, the offices for Valentino Couture in Paris, and Hakkasan, the London’s Chinese restaurant of the moment.

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He is so good that he has been described as Europe’s most renowned industrial architect of this century. Like his interiors, Liaigre’s furniture is simple, sophisticated and luxurious. He was the first designer to introduce African wenge wood into interiors, Liaigre is fond of blending African wood with a traditional timber such as English oak, in order to create his minimal furniture.

For the furniture production, Christian Liaigre’s company deals with a small number of workshops which are specialised in woodworking or upholstery.

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Besides, the opening of the flagship Paris showroom of Christian Liaigre presents the renowned French designer’s latest collection. He works with Florence Lopez, an antiquities’ dealer and interior designer that makes the selection of antiques. This partnership was really successful. As a matter of fact, Lopez and Liaigre were friends for many years and joined forces to create a space that would spotlight the rare antiques, and highlight their unique charm while revealing the versatility of the luxurious yet understated designs, for which the Liaigre brand is known. The resulting harmony of works from two designers represents the timeless elegance.


He attempts to incorporate the culture of a place into his designs, and that is Christian Liaigre’s philosophy. For example, in a modernist retreat on the Galician coast belonging to Spanish fashion designer Adolfo Dominguez, Liaigre designed sliding screens in the woven willow, used by local fishermen to make nets. A strong believer in Fung Shui, he strives to create an atmosphere of meditative serenity and consequently his services are in demand in Asia.

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Inspirational quotes by Christian Liaigre

“Simplicité fait la beauté” is a Gallic expression that means the simplicity makes beauty. We may say this about furniture collection of the iconic French designer Christian Liaigre. Besides, the Financial Times described him as the most important and copied designer of our time.

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Talent is a heritage

The main characteristic  of Christian Liaigre’s talent is the modern-day Midas. In addition, everything he touches becomes popular. Judging by his recent projects this is a statement absolutely true.

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