LightForm Is Here To Redefine Lighting Design


LightForm Is Here To Redefine Lighting Design ⇒ If you’re looking for the best lighting design, LightForm is a perfect choice. The Canadian store has plenty to choose from, with the goal of educating design professionals to a brand new way of living with lighting designs and how they can absolutely make a difference in a project. Connecting knowledge, technology and some of the biggest worldwide lighting brands, you can’t miss the opportunity to get to know more about LightForm. And that’s why, today, CovetED brings you all about it. Enjoy!


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LightForm Is Here To Redefine Lighting Design



With a lighting portfolio to provoke envy, exclusive lighting brands such as Flos, Foscarini, and Fontana Arte local artisans are also a must in this iconic list with names such as  Partisans, Pablo Designs, and Cerno. With unprecedented styles, types and capabilities you can expect excellence. From true classics to contemporary design, you’ll find it all here.


LightForm Is Here To Redefine Lighting Design


Serving all kinds of tastes, LightForm makes sure to set up the very best lighting design for your design project. With a team that will make sure to provide all the information and the very best lighting fixture, aesthetic and functionality aren’t a problem. Bring all the planning to them, they will make sure to brighten up your space!


LightForm Is Here To Redefine Lighting Design


Realizing custom solutions for special projects, you don’t have to wait to have the light of your life. And while mentioning the light of your life, commercial projects are a must as well! With incredible lighting solutions to make every lighting design project unique, LightForm claims that – “Lighting your commercial project will be fun, we promise.”


LightForm Is Here To Redefine Lighting Design


Leading the lighting trade with class, LightForm makes sure to minimize all your troubles when it comes to lighting. With a range of interior and outdoor design projects, some are just astounding to put your eyes into serving all types of styles and spaces.


LightForm Is Here To Redefine Lighting Design


Always on point when it comes to the lighting world, hospitality projects are a must see when you come into contact with them. From classic to modern from completely white to most colourful rooms, this is the modern lighting resource for your next project!


LightForm Is Here To Redefine Lighting Design


With four showrooms located in Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary, the world of these showrooms are a completely new world. Completed with the most unique, innovative, and iconic lighting collections of modern architectural and decorative lighting from around the world. The showroom has an educational way as well! Serving as a creative and educational space for design professionals.


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