Luxury Design & Craftsmanship Summit 2019: The Master Artisans Part II

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The countdown for the LDCSSummit 2019 is still going and with it more details about the event continue to pop up. The event will take place between June 26th and 27th, and today CovetED  will introduce to the master artisans that will be at the event – Vitor Agostinho, Diogo Dalloz &  Olga Santa Bárbara. You already know some of the craftsmanship techniques that will be present at the Summit, now it’s time to get to now these master artisans better. Read more below!


LDCSummit 2019 Speakers: Vitor Agostinho, Diogo Dalloz & More


Vitor Agostinho


 LDCSummit 2019 Speakers Vitor Agostinho, Diogo Dalloz and More


Vítor Agostinho is a designer with considerable experience in the ceramics industry. Most recently he guides his work to a more personalised and self-produce development, has a result of his master’s investigation regarding ceramics. The knowledge of these two dimensions, mass production and self-production, has allowed him the unique chance of developing new methods of shaping ceramics.


LDCSummit 2019 Speakers: Vitor Agostinho, Diogo Dalloz & More


Ceramics is a product characterized by the form and resulting from the cold molding of a clay inorganic matter subsequently hardened by heat. They become by action of water and human hands in moldable plastic pastes, which solidified by drying and hardening by baking. The methods of manipulation and cooking vary from different ceramic products with uses or history with unique shapes.


Luxury Design and Craftsmanship Invite


Diogo Dalloz



Diogo is a young jeweller, with an atelier in the city of Porto where he currently resides. Diogo has a postgraduate degree in “Jewellery Design”, obtained in 2009, and a Masters in Product Design with an emphasis on Jewellery Design, obtained by the School of Arts and Design of Matosinhos. Since 2011 he has participated in international exhibitions such as “NY Design Week”, “Rio + Design 2013” or “Rio + Design Milan 2014” as a new talent.


LDCSummit 2019 Speakers: Vitor Agostinho, Diogo Dalloz & More


Jewellery is part of the Portuguese heritage that has gone hand in hand with the history of the country.  It can be defined as the production of objects for the body, symbolic, adornments that were typically made with gems and precious metals such as silver, gold, platinum and palladium, brought from the East. The gold coming from Brazil had a very significant influence on the jewellery the country ornamenting palaces, churches and society.  Nowadays, with the introduction of new techniques, jewellery can be made with virtually any material, be it natural, like seeds, woods, etc.; Or metals such as titanium and niobium; In addition to acrylics like resins and other polymers.

 Olga Santa Bárbara


LDCSummit 2019 Speakers: Vitor Agostinho, Diogo Dalloz & More


Olga Santa Bárbara is a master in restoration and conservation and owner of Oficinas Santa Bárbara workshops established, in 1999, in Matosinhos, to support the Conservation and Restoration of Art’s in the Northern Region of Portugal. It is an especially rigorous institution, which trains experts and talented master artisans, dedicated to hand painting and restoration.

The company works with gilded and polychrome wood carving pieces, paintings over canvas and wood, sculpture, wall and ceiling covering. Their talent is being used in the restoration of many of the most important monuments.  These workshops rescued a special yet sometimes forgotten legacy, so it will keep on being passed to future generations.


LDCSummit 2019 Speakers: Vitor Agostinho, Diogo Dalloz & More


Keep with us to find out, who are the next speakers, the masters and techniques that builds unique design, and a lot more of what is going to happen in the 2nd edition of the Luxury Design & Craftsmanship summit.



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