See What’s New From Euroluce at Salone del Mobile 2019

See What’s New From Euroluce at Salone del Mobile 2019

April 10, 2019

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See What’s New From Euroluce at Salone del Mobile 2019 ⇒ Salone del Mobile 2019   is here and with it so is Euroluce. The International lighting exhibition 30th edition is gracing Milan with some of the most irreverent and prime quality lighting designs. This year’s event includes – indoor lighting, industrial lighting, show lighting, special-purpose lighting, hospital lighting, lighting systems and domotics, as well as light sources. – Follow CovetED Magazine below and find out more about the brands showcasing at Euroluce 2019!


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DelightFULLl’s promise is to provide you with a full experience of the mid-century world, through iconic design around trendsetting places.

Heritage is full of a broad selection of high-quality lighting designs, versatile enough for many types of atmospheres and spaces. Heritage assorted 30’s, ’40s and 50’s Soul and Jazz inspired lamps takes on the legacy of – Wisdom – of men who craft with their own hands.

Non-conventional and juicy: here they are, the colourful and extremely communicative graphic lamps made for Delightfull’s new collection. Ideal for hotels and clubs – floor, table and wall fixtures will revolutionize the lighting concepts, arriving in the form of letters, numbers or symbols.

Source: DelightFULL



Luxxu Lighting 


Luxxu’s Empire is shaping its future by setting trends with timeless pieces and refined elegance. Lighting was the start of a luxury journey stating itself as classic with a modern twist.

Today, a new epoch unveils at Luxxu. Daring designs are symphonies created not only with one key object. Ambiences are an everlasting aesthetic language shared by every element.

Luxxu now gives you the opportunity to create those ambiences while offering resembling noble materials and finishing’s where customization blossoms as brand capital.

Source: Luxxo lighting




Preciosa Debuts Carousel of Light at Euroluce 2019; it’s latest interactive installation from crystal light designers.

Life is defined by experiences, interactions, memories. Preciosa creates lighting with emotion, lighting that connects people, refined from their cultivation of the past. To emphasize the idea of the joy of light, visitors to Preciosa’s exhibition at Euroluce 2019 will be guided through a sensory design journey.

In the Carousel of Light, you will enter the pearl curtain, filled with colourful lights which will guide your
path. As you wander through, the lights above light up, fading away as you move on. In addition, the carousel’s platform slowly rotates, creating a shared experience for everyone discovering the installation. Visitors can choose to walk through on their own or to allow the carousel to move them through the lights.

And of course, no carousel would be complete without horses. Visitors can ride the horses, creating a whole new experience for themselves and their fellow passengers!

Source: Preciosa




Contardi earns its reputation as ” Couturier of light ” thanks to its tailored approach as a producer for indoor lighting, attention to detail, finishes and functionality, in order to create his own style – the Contardi style.

Reliable and favoured reference by architects, interior decorators and lighting designers in the world, puts his experience also in the field of Contract with flexibility and eclecticism, becoming a preferred supplier to some of the most well-known international hotel groups.

They offer lighting ideas for residential projects, boutique hotels, restaurants, yachts and more.

Source: Cotardi




Pulpo is a design editor abounding with experiments and emotion. Blending artisan hand-crafts with a contemporary flair for material and form – we bring to life the imagination of our pioneering designers.

Source: Pulpo


Zafferano is synonym with Italian creativity and design where design itself and workmanship find the perfect synergy and expression.

Zafferano-Bespoke Glass Lighting was born from thirty years of experience in the design of lighting and artistic glass working projects by Federico de Majo.

The name says it all, Zafferano-Bespoke Glass Lighting is the Zafferano division dedicated to decorative glass interior lighting that is specialized in developing customized lighting projects and glass installations.

They will be at Euroluce this year so make sure to visit them!

Source: Zafferano




Founded in 2013 by Melissa Lunardi and Massimo Tonetto, Venicem is a light design studio that has developed in line with continually diversifying design research. Meticulousness regarding basic forms, design elegance and attention to finishes outline the contours of the destinct, self-defining language with which artistic director Massimo Tonetto expresses himself. Their lamps’ simple recurring shapes – squares, circles and triangles – never tire, but instead become timeless elements precisely due to their familiarity.

Source: Venicem




Foscarini’s presentation at Euroluce is a scenographic and impactful space designed by Ferruccio

The products will be presented in a special set up that recalls the inspiration of each model, and beyond the ten novelties, presented in a dedicated space, Foscarini, also presents ‘MyLight’ – the intelligent system that combines today’s technology with Foscarini’s distinctive design.

Everything is wrapped under a sort of shell, made of transparent polycarbonate panels, personalized with a destructured Foscarini logo in red.

The architecture of the space has been reorganised and defined in terms of simplicity, making the volumes as ample and versatile as possible, while the materials – kept with their natural finish – leave the products free to express themselves, and to be understood.

Source: Foscarini

Lladró – Night Bloom by Marcel Wanders 



“Petals at Nightfall. Quietly they bloom and grow, the flowers of the night…”

This spectacular collection of porcelain lamps by world-renowned Dutch design studio Marcel Wanders celebrates the delicate dance of unfurling petals and the blissful beauty of nature itself.

Each and every petal of the pendant, desk, wall and floor lamps have been purposefully positioned to take full advantage of the collection’s LED light technology to create a glowing colour gradient from the inside out.

Source: Ladró


Lalique,  Perles Chandelier


Perles Chandelier in clear crystal and bright nickel is a numbered piece with the Pierre-Yves Rochon & Lalique signature. Also available in satin gold finishing.

Pierre-Yves Rochon is known all the world over for his work as an interior designer in luxury hotels. His commanding knowledge of European classicism, and particularly French style and culture, which is at the heart of all his work, was acquired at the École Supérieure des Beaux-Arts et Arts Appliqués in Paris. Pierre-Yves Rochon has received numerous awards for his outstanding palace interiors. He has several Four Seasons hotels to his name, including the George V in Paris and the Four Seasons in London and Florence, as well as the Shangri-La Hotel in Paris, The Peninsula in Shanghai, and the Waldorf Astoria in Beverly Hills. His portfolio includes magni cent projects for celebrated French chefs of the likes of Joël Robuchon, Alain Ducasse and Paul Bocuse, as well as a number of private residences all over the world.

Source: Lalique




‘New Objects of Light 2019’ is the new collection by Vistosi and the subject of Euroluce’s 2019 presentation by the brand. This collection includes numerous collaborations activated with internationally renowned designers.

The collection includes – Harmony by Francesco Lucchese; Charm by Pio and Tito Toso; Jube by Favaretto & Partners; Medea by Oriano Favaretto; Mendelev by Andrea Boschetti; Neochic R by Chiaramonte & Marin; Gold by Showy Design; Phoenix by Andrea Lazzari; Plot by Chiaramonte & Marin; Puppet Ring by Romani Saccani associated architects; Reflex by Chiaramonte & Marin; Spark by Giovanni Barbato; and Starnet by Gianni Veneziano & Luciana Di Virgilio Veneziano + Team

Source: Vistosi

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