Have a look at 6 amazing top interior design talents from Brazil


Brazil is probably the country that immediately comes to mind whenever you think about South America right? It’s one of the biggest countries within this continent, with great historical influences, so it’s no wonder that some of the top interior designers can be found there. CovetED will be taking you on a small trip into discovering the wonders that this southern country has in store for many design enthusiasts.


Andrea Bento


Have a look at 6 amazing top interior design talents from Brazil


Aside from creating bespoke interior design projects for the different parts of the house, the renowned interior designer is known as the  “little princesses”, kids, architect/decorator specialist from São Paulo. Inspired by the magical world of children’s imagination, the interior designer always incorporates bright colour tones and creative concepts in her magical design projects that can take any client back to their own childhood dreams! From princess-like bedroom decor to nautical themed bedroom projects, her inspiring creations are based on the dreams of the little ones!



Brunete Fraccaroli


Have a look at 6 amazing top interior design talents from Brazil


Considered as one of the most renowned architects in the country, Brunete Fraccaroli graduated from Mackenzie University of São Paulo and is currently recognized as the “Queen of Color” of Brazil. With 30 years of experience in architecture and interior design, the bespoke design projects created by the Brazilian interior designer have been published in several magazines, such as In Casa, TOP magazine, JLS Magazine, among others.  Incorporating unique colours, textures, and shapes in elegant shabby-chic environments is one of her passions, as you can see from her popular modern residential projects like Housing in Guarajá, Perdizes apartment, Sumaré residence, and Aclimação apartment.


Campana Brothers


Have a look at 6 amazing top interior design talents from Brazil


The Campana Brothers (Humberto Campana and Fernando Campana) are a Brazilian Design Studio that has been making headlines for several years. In 1983, the two brothers teamed up to make furniture made of ordinary materials including scrap and waste products such as cardboard, rope, cloth and wood scraps, plastic tubes and aluminium wire. From 1997, some of their products including the Vermelha chair began to be produced and sold in Italy. In 1998 the Campana Brothers became the first Brazilian artists to exhibit their work at The Museum of Modern Art in New York, along with German lighting designer Ingo Maurer. In 2002, the renowned interior designers started crafting their own line of limited editions and unique pieces handmade at the studio in Sao Paulo. The Campana Brothers studio is represented by Friedman Benda in New York, Carpenters Workshop Gallery in London and Paris, as well as Galleria O in Rome.


Dining Tables GIF Boca do Lobo


Delia Fischer


Have a look at 6 amazing top interior design talents from Brazil


After working as an editor for ELLE and ELLE Decoration magazines, the renowned interior designer founded the famous Westwing in 2011. The idea for her amazing design magazine emerged in her previous career where she had a hard time finding incredible Home & Living products and inspiring online shops at affordable prices. Westwing is now setting the trends in 11 European countries! Turning a new apartment or house into a cosy stylish contemporary home, creating decoration inspired by the seasons, finding a very personal style of furnishing, exploring new trends, investing into favourite pieces for a lifetime has always been Delia’s passion. From contemporary home decor accessories, like pillows, plaids, lamps, a coffee table and wall decoration to incredible pieces of advice, Westwing is the answer to your problems!



Infinity Spaces


Have a look at 6 amazing top interior design talents from Brazil


Led by Giseli Koraicho, an interior designer from Panamericana de Arte and Design, the interior design studio develops unique contemporary design projects that combine sustainability and technology with amazing aesthetics. From unique residential projects to corporative interiors, each of their amazing design projects follows the latest design trends. “Nothing better after completing a project, then to feel and prove that my client feels welcomed in the projected environment and, more than that, that his personality is marked within each of the spaces”, say the interior designers who have been operating in the interior design industry for over five years.


Studio (M) Arquitetura


Have a look at 6 amazing top interior design talents from Brazil


This renowned design studio directed by the distinguished architect Camila Moreno features a wide portfolio of contemporary design projects in São Paulo, Interior and coastline of São, Santa Catarina, Rio Grande do Sul and Rio de Janeiro. With 10 years of experience, each of their inspiring design projects is tailored according to the client’s needs, dreams, and lifestyle. When it comes to their take on the interior design industry, “Do with soul, creativity, and love. Put a part of yourself in what you do” is their daily motto in that regard.


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