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One of the hottest interior design trends for 2020 is neutrals. With that in mind, CovetED Magazine, together with the partner Trendbook, selected the best furnishing pieces from top luxury brands for you to bring this neutral shades into your modern home. Be inspired by this Neutrals trend color scheme, from the stunning moodboard collection.


Neutrals Trend Color Scheme Moodboard Collection 1


Neutrals are always the perfect colors and patterns to recall tranquility and serenity in a interior decor. They will help you to relax from the stressful working days and are also inviting to other nice activities, like reading a nice book or listening to a calm music. If you do not have natural light, neutrals are also good to enlighten a room. In addition, they are perfect to make small rooms look much larger.


Imperial Snake Neutral from Rug’Society

The snake is one of the oldest and most well-known mythological symbols, being present in different cultures with similar meanings. Imperial Snake is the most luxurious of our snake-based rugs, with its cream colors framing an elaborate and trendy design.


Neutrals Trend Color Scheme Moodboard Collection 2


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Kleo Cushion from Homes’Society

Elegant shapes in velvet, hand embroidery, natural silk and dazzling jacquards with decorations. A piece of art with timeless SOUL.


Neutrals Trend Color Scheme Moodboard Collection 3



Kleo Nº2 Cushion from Homes’Society

A second version of the neutral shades cushion pictured previously.

Neutrals Trend Color Scheme Moodboard Collection 3


Earth Coll Armchair from Homes’Society

The compelling rotation of the Earth around its own axis inspired the creation of EARTH Armchair. Upholstered in cotton velvet, this armchair with shelter-style arms has a unique hammered brass back with a golden polished nailhead trim. It is the barrel chair design piece that will make a statement in a modern interior design.

Neutrals Trend Color Scheme Moodboard Collection 5


The Best Tapestry


Dêco Rug from Rug’Society

Inspired in the Art Deco movement, that peaked during the 1920’s, Rug’Society has created the Dêco rug, that represents the neutral collection in the best way possible. A rug full of glamour and sophistication, with an unusual shape and the addition of fringe, which you surely won’t be able to resist.


Neutrals Trend Color Scheme Moodboard Collection 5


These bespoke furniture pieces will be stunning in your home decor. But if you want extra inspiration, watch the video below.


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