Asymmetrical Design Trends For 2020

Asymmetrical Design Trends For 2020

October 22, 2019

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Asymmetric patters are a very popular trend of the 21st century when it comes to design. It’s all about erasing borders and deleting patterns. You can actually see that if you look at how gracefully skyscrapers and museums are designed nowadays. Twists and turns, roundness, were all unimaginable features in the last century. But now it is a trend. And a very strong trend, considering that it is here to stay for the next year. CovetED Magazine invites you to be inspired by our asymmetric home decor ideas and to watch a video with Asymmetrical Design Trends for 2020 that will show you how to nail it still in 2019.


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The rug #1: Antelope Rug by Rug’Society

With a bold graphic design, Antelope Rug by Rug’Society is a 100% handmade product that transforms the comfort and beauty of your project. It is part of a very coherent collection made with noble materials, graphics and patterns different and unusual.


Asymmetrical Design Trends For 2020 1


The Best Tapestry


The pillow: Game of cards cushion by Homes’Society

This wonderful pillow is part of a line of design that’s tasteful, coherent and an expression of who we are. A true oasis of comfort and design, that materializes our feelings and our personalities in our home decor.

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The armchair: Malay armchair by Brabbu

This elegant armchair is inspired by Malay Archipelago and the ethnicities of diverse cultures such as Indonesia, the Philippines and Singapore. Malay is a very comfortable piece upholstered in synthetic leather, with legs in black lacquered and aged brass details.

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The rug #2: Yarsa Rug by Rug’Society

Based on the language of the German avant-garde movement, Bauhaus was one of the greatest and most important expressions of what is called Modernism in design and architecture.
This graphic rug represents a journey through the history of the Bauhaus’ style, modernity and ideology.


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These Asymmetrical Design Trends For 2020 are great to decorate a bedroom, a living room or even a closet. It as bold style and maybe it’s time for you to become bolder with your home interior decor.


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