Contemporary Design Trend 2020 For Modern Homes

Contemporary Design Trend 2020 For Modern Homes

October 30, 2019


With 2020 now approaching very fast, it’s the perfect time to gather new ideas and inspirations for your home renovation. Or, to give you suggestions for a interior design project you might have in hands. One of the top 10 design trends 2020 is contemporary. So CovetED Magazine gathered the best suggestions for you to bring contemporary design trend 2020 and 2020 for modern homes. Enjoy!


Terrazzo Rug from Rug´Society

Terrazzo, an Italian flooring composite, is one of the biggest current trends in fashion and interior design, thanks to its bespoke and unreplicable look. Rug’Society is proud of bringing this craze to the tapestry world with our Terrazzo Rug, one of the most trendy choices to bring any ambience together.


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Guggenheim pendant from Luxxu

An inspirational illustration of leading-edge architecture, the Guggenheim Museum went far on expectations. After the Guggenheim Chandelier galvanized diverse rooms, the Guggenheim Pendant is now created as the perfect complement. Bold by definition this fixture is a promising focus of attention.

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Foil Rug from Rug’Society

With a bold graphic design and a creation without limits, we have developed a very coherent collection where we can show through noble materials, graphics and patterns different and unusual. A 100% handmade product that transforms the comfort and beauty of your project.


 Guggenheim Wall Lamp from Luxxu

The awe-inspiring artistry Guggenheim family continues to grow, presenting now the Guggenheim Wall. A magnificent combination of gold plated brass and black Swarovski crystals, it is yet another avant-garde creation that pledges to dazzle everyone in the room. Let this dashing design inspire your projects, forging the most exquisite and elegant ambiances.



Malay Armcheir from Brabbu

The ethnicities of the mesmerizing Malay Archipelago inspired the creation of MALAY Velvet Sofa, a twist on mid-century modern furniture. This tufted upholstered sofa with matte aged brass legs has a mystical soul that will fulfill your living room set with energy from Nature.






Snake Rug From Rug’Society

The snake symbolizes life force, rebirth, renewal, creation, life, sensuality, duality, light, darkness, mystery. SNAKE 8 is a representation and homage to the snake for having in the historical past had a very important significance in the culture and religion of antiquities.


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