The Best Interior Design Projects From All Over the World

The Best Interior Design Projects From All Over the World ⇒ No matter if you are just an interior design aficionado, or if you are actually redecorating a certain division of your home – learning from the best is always a great place to start. Today we bring you a little guide on the best interior design projects out there; what they are, what makes them special, and, most importantly, who created them. If you were wondering where your inspiration went, stop looking, it’s right here! – Come along, CovetED will guide you through it.


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Jonathan Adler

The Best Interior Projects From All Over the World

Living Room Design by Jonathan Adler


Jonathan Adler biggest aim is to always create a flawlessly chic home no matter the circumstances. He does this beautifully and the biggest proof of this is the designer’s exclusive collection for Amazon ‘Now House’.

The Now House features a varied selection of outstanding furniture, rugs, bedding, artwork, and decor pieces that are sure to revamp any division of your room!

You can see it in the above living room style to which the designer has brought his signature style – bold graphics, pops of colour, textural patterns, as well as eye-catching details. In Adler’s decoration style everything is being carefully planned to the smallest detail. – From large furniture pieces to smaller accessories, elevating a boring room into something really unique is Jonathan Adler’s mastery skill. So, yes, if your living room needs a little lift, this is where you can get your inspiration from!


Ryan Korban


The Best Interior Projects From All Over the World

Kitchen Design by Ryan Korban / Image Courtesy of Broad Street Development


Ryan Korban may be better known for being a specialist of high-end retail design and having worked for remarkable houses such as Balenciaga, Alexander Wang and Aquazzura, but his talent doesn’t stop there. – 40 Bleecker is another remarkable project by this designer.

In the designer’s own words about the project – “When designing 40 Bleecker, I knew my work needed to speak to a new generation of downtown buyers who are looking for luxury and elegance against a modern backdrop. This idea of contrast is evident throughout the spaces in everything from textures and materials to finishes and furniture—masculine contrasts with feminine, traditional with modern, soft with brutalist.”

Our favourite division, the kitchen, has been set up with custom-designed products pretty much like the rest of the 12-story condominium. In the particular case of the kitchen, the decoration includes Bill Schwinghammer’s custom lighting which gives a whole new look to space. To conclude and according to Ryan Korban, the “40 Bleecker is a new way of living and sets the tone for the future of design and development downtown.”





Rockwell Group


The Best Interior Projects From All Over the World

Bedroom Design by Rockwell Group for the Moxy Chelsea Hotel


The Rockwell’s Group work for this luxury hotel is astonishing and couldn’t stop ourselves from giving a special highlight to the bedrooms. First off, the hotel comprises a total of 349 rooms that the duo has set up with botanically inspired designs as well as artful interiors. Not only that, but the dynamic duo also made sure to incorporate plenty of whimsical details while also paying close attention to space and functionality.

The bedroom’s warm and open atmosphere is the result of the use of a muted colour palette which includes –  wood-like floors, army-green mosaic tile, as well as striped drapes. Each room also features custom-designed and multipurpose furniture designs that also elevate the rooms to maximum comfort.

The Moxy Chelsea also features greenhouse-style windows which makes the room designer even prettier as there is plenty of natural light getting inside. The base may be great, but the real craft is in the hands (or shall I say minds?) of the Rockwell Group.


Yabu Pushelberg


The Best Interior Projects From All Over the World

Lobby at the London Edition Hotel by Yabu Pushelberg


Yabu Pushelberg first major project in the UK — the new hotel from Ian Schrager: the London edition. As with all hotel editions, it should have a cultural epicentre and a microcosm of the best each city has to offer.

Located in central London’s Fitzrovia, Yabu Pushelberg has preserved the finest aspects of the historic building (formerly the Berners hotel), while still reinventing the spaces and bringing to them a dynamic fusion of old and new; past and present.

One of our favourite spots within the hotel is the hotel’s lobby which features a cosy, yet old-school glamorous atmosphere. The American minimal artist, Donald Judd serves as the inspiration for the room, making it the juxtaposition between the existing traditional spaces and the more modern insertions.

It’s a ‘new kind of gathering place’ and is set out to astonish, seduce, and inspire you with its electric, one-of-a-kind energy.


Peter Marino


The Best Interior Projects From All Over the World

Living Room Design by Peter Marino


With setting on Biscayne Bay, and located on Star Island, this long rectangle of land, was a challenge for the architect Peter Marino who only had a couple of rooms with water views.

Nonetheless, his artful talent and exquisite craft made it all possible and the result demonstrates, as per usual Peter Marino’s strengths as well as his undeniable connection to art.

Peter Marino is an avid art collector and very interesting to see how that resonates with his work. In this particular living room design, he worked with the owners’ Asian sculptures and paintings by Léger, Miró, Kiefer, and Prince, but was also able to commission pieces including Lalanne furnishings.

The result is eclectic, inspiring and bold – perfect for anyone who hates a minimal room!





Marmol Radziner


The Best Interior Projects From All Over the World

Bedroom Design by Marmol Radziner


As a regular guest of leading publications such as – Architectural Digest, Dwell, The New York Times Magazine, Wallpaper, Interior Design, and Architectural Record – Marmol Radziner is a must cover whenever showcasing the best design projects of the moment.

This time the project we would like to bring to your attention is the one developed in partnership with Lenny Kravitz. Yes, you hear it well! – The legendary music icon Lenny Kravitz, founded Kravitz Design Inc., a design company focusing on residential, commercial, and product design.

The company’s team encompasses a diverse group of creative professionals that have executed a variety of projects throughout the world, and this one in collaboration with Marmol Radziner is not just another one.

The house division within this project that we would like to highlight is the bedroom. The pre-crafted, one-bedroom home was smartly considered to maximize the use of its compact footprint. The colour scheme is neutral and uncompromising which conveys it with a lovely sense of eternal elegance.

Hirsch Bedner Associates


The Best Interior Projects From All Over the World

Living Room Design by Hirsch Bedner Associates


Hirsch Bedner Associates has created various show flats and marketing Suites in a diversity of foreign places. Their approach to the whole design, spatial planning, detail, colour psychology and accessory selection is immaculate and inspired and a big reason why we wanted to show a little bit of his work in more detail.

The Altamount Residence in MUMBAI (India), is his latest design project and it features bold colours, rich colours as well as noble materials. One of the most iconic furnishings from this unique project is the Eden centre table designed by Boca do Lobo and is located in the living room.

These luxury residences were inspired by the multilayered urbanity as well as the culture of Mumbai. A small palette of materials is implemented throughout the space in varying finished and sizes to add richness. Architectural lighting plays an important role in enhancing and complementing the layered experience throughout the living room.


Martyn Lawrence Bullard


The Best Interior Projects From All Over the World

Bathroom Design by Martyn Lawrence Bullard


Martyn Lawrence Bullard is great at bringing unexpected elements to the same place. This bathroom design is one of our favourites from all of his work and, therefore, definitely worth the highlight.

This phenomenal bathroom is located in Villa Luna, and the key element is the pop of colour that contrasts with the neutral furniture.

Still, orange is not the only statement here as we can’t stop admiring the gorgeous cabinets which are fully covered in a gorgeous and classic, Missoni fabric.






Nate Berkus


The Best Interior Projects From All Over the World

Bathroom Design by Nate Berkus


Berkus believes that homeowners should think about bathrooms as more than just utilitarian and functional spaces. Instead, a thoughtful decoration method is set to leave us with a further nicer result.

According to Nate Berkus, the aim is always to express one’s style and personal preferences – from colours to materials, textures and accessories – for the designer, important is to never settle down in the sense of just doing things without a purpose or care. Even though it may be only a bathroom, this space belongs to your home and it should still reflect your own style and ideas.

In the designer’s own words – “Whether it’s mixing metals, introducing a wild wallpaper, or incorporating vintage lighting or mirrors with flair, the key is to go beyond the basic.”

What is his trick for designing such exquisite bathrooms, you aks? – “Well, not a secret so much as it is a frame of mind: the best bathrooms are the ones that are decorated like any other space in your home.”


Michael Smith


The Best Interior Projects From All Over the World

Bedroom Design by Michael Smith


The old Hollywood elite’s favourite, Casa del Mar Hotel in Santa Monica, has been revived with modern-day amenities and some luxurious upgrades courtesy of celebrity designer Michael S. Smith.

We especially loved the work done in the rooms; the multi-level Penthouse suites which are reminiscent of Italian seaside villas and feature eclectic Venetian-designed furnishings, a living room with a fireplace, a formal dining area, and either one, two, or three bedrooms with separate sitting areas, giving guests the feeling they are in their own private, beachfront pied-a-terre.

Not only that, but the rooms also feature custom designed alder and walnut furnishings throughout, with particular attention to the use of a variety of hues and textures. You will also be able to find ebony finished pieces that contrast with the light blue walls, as well as furniture with caning, or raffia wallpapered bookcases.

The centrepiece is a rich walnut four-poster bed accented with luxurious white linens, lush chenille throws, and a bisque-coloured ceramic garden stool located at its base. Other gorgeous details include; an etched and hand-silvered mirror, a selection of thoughtfully chosen novels, and whimsical artefacts reflective of the property’s beach location, such as coral and vintage maps of downtown Santa Monica, inspired by an original print dating back to the 1930s.

The bathrooms included in the rooms also just as luxurious and feature white Italian Calacatta marble walls and floors; light fixtures with silver leaf finishings; traditional pedestal sinks with white porcelain fixtures; and finally, whirlpool tubs with frosted pan-windows that open into the guest rooms.

Timothy Corrigan


The Best Interior Projects From All Over the World

Bedroom Design by Timothy Corrigan


Timothy Corrigan is the owner of Chateau du Grande-Lucé, located in Le Grand-Lucé, in France’s Loire Valley. The chateau and its gardens are listed as French National Landmarks. When Timothy acquired the glorious 18th-century estate, restoration was on top of the list and the chateau was quite wrecked. The decoration was the next step, and it was also what brought life back to this beautiful property.

We love everything he did to this estate, but we would like to give special emphasis to the beautiful rooms.

This French Chateau was built between 1760 and 1764, so stepping inside it, is a complete time travel experience. – While most of the rooms are very formal, the subtle pops of colour, whether it be on the walls or fabrics – keep the space looking far from a museum.

In Timothy Corrigan’s own words – “I didn’t want the place to take itself too seriously. We’re not in a museum. The message is, we’re just having fun.” – We so agree!


Kelly Hoppen


The Best Interior Projects From All Over the World

Living Room Design by Kelly Hoppen


Kelly Hoppen signature style is a mix of contemporary and luxury, with bold and glamorous accents. This and so much more makes her stand out has one of the best interior designers of our times.

This home in London is one of her latest interior design projects and displays perfectly her decorating style that we all love and admire so much.

In this specific project, we really loved her work in the living room. – The all-white family room, which includes the kitchen, and both dining and sitting areas, is decorated with contemporary furniture. It is highly functional, but also very comfortable, luxurious, and filled with light.


David Collins Studio


The Best Interior Projects From All Over the World

Bar by David Collins


The Connaught Bar in London has been brilliantly designed by the David Collins Studio and comprises three rooms featuring hand-dyed degrade leathers, metal-studded black leather tables, and silver leaf mirror artwork.

The bar is panelled in a hand-painted Hibernian landscape which was designed in collaboration with Atelier Pierre Bonneville featuring gorgeous hues of dusty pink, pistachio green, and pale lilac; all framed in platinum silver leafed oak panels, which are a representation of the Irish inspired landscape.

David Collins Studio has done such an outstanding job that this bar has actually won many awards including “best interior design of the year” (Elle Decoration) and best bar for sealing the deal (esquire man at the top awards).

Zaha Hadid Architects


The Best Interior Projects From All Over the World

by Zaha Hadid


As a continuation of Zaha Mohammad Hadid legacy, Hadid’s Architects delivers this incredibly designed yacht which completely lives up to Hadid’s well-known design style – neo-futuristic and characterised by powerful, curving forms and elongated structures.

In the words of the belated architect – “As a dynamic object that moves in dynamic environments, the design of a yacht must incorporate additional parameters beyond those for architecture—which all become much more extreme on water. Each yacht is an engineered platform that integrates specific hydrodynamic and structural demands together with the highest levels of comfort, spatial quality, and safety.”

Within this project, we would like to highlight the beautiful exteriors which are characterised of a series of interwoven support beams; giving the superyachts Hadid’s ‘simple elegance’ signature style.

Everything inside has been designed in a clean, all-white manner and which is inspired by the ocean’s fluid form. The common area looks both futuristic and calming, mixing a white variety of minimal and practical forms.






Philippe Starck


The Best Interior Projects From All Over the World

Bedroom Design at the Hotel Faena in Buenos Aires by Philippe Starck


Philippe Starck is one of the main French interior designers of the moment and is known for his incredible vision on interior design as well as design styles in general. He always creates a unique atmosphere in any place he decorates, and the work done for the Hotel Faena in Argentina is no exception.

We particularly love the work done in the bedrooms, where you can view the use of two main colours – white and red. This sets the mood for the entire room, making it a bold and daring space that also has a comfortable and cosy feel to it.

The furniture has been meticulously chosen in order to create an environment that unveils perfect visual harmony.

Jean Louis Deniot

The Best Interior Projects From All Over the World

Living Room Design at the Paris Avenue Montaigne flat by Jean Louis Deniot


Jean Louis Deniot is known for his iconic design style that features no shortage of arresting materials and textures tempered with subtle colour palettes, muted tones as well as impeccable lighting. The result is a mix between classical terminology and contemporary aesthetics with a serene and elegant touch.

We loved the work he did for this Paris Avenue Montaigne flat, and especially the living room design in it.- The lines are filled with a multiplicity of layers, going from sophisticated furniture, a mixture of nude patterns, textures, materials and pieces from different periods, which are combined in his usual masterful way.

His design aesthetic can be defined as ‘French Chic’ and includes timeless interiors with different style inspirations and influences. Due to his tremendous experience and mastery conquered through the years, Jean-Louis Deniot is more than used to adapting the décor style around his clients’ preferences, and while always associating them with his, informal, but bold signature style.


Karim Rashid


The Best Interior Projects From All Over the World

Living Room Design by Karim Rashid


Karim Rashid is known as one of the best interior design professionals, and owner of a fresh and truly unique style, where colours and curves are the main focus.

He has over 3000 designs in production, over 300 awards and is working in over 40 countries.

This living room style is the perfect example of Karim Rashid’s style and includes all of his signature decor elements – lots of colour, lots of prints, modern shapes, all of which on a contemporary looking backdrop. When Karim Rashid is designing a new space, there are no rules, there are only possibilities.



Patricia Urquiola


The Best Interior Projects From All Over the World

Bedroom Design by Patricia Urquiola


One of Patricia Urquiola’s most beloved projects was done for the boutique Hotel Les Cigales in Nice (France).

The starting point draws from Giannakopoulou’s origins: “xeno-dochio”, is greek for a box that contains travellers, otherwise known as a hotel. The architects’ interpretation centres on a narrative of geometric shapes appearing throughout the 6,000-square-foot, four-story property.

The bedrooms are our favourite and include – boxy daybeds, round mirrors, triangulated brass wardrobes, each one unique but all with Achille Castiglioni and Joe Colombo light fixtures. Even the throw pillows boast a grid of rectangles, making it all almost look like “an abstract painting of Nice.”


Dimore Studio


The Best Interior Projects From All Over the World

Bar Design by Dimore Studios


One of our favourite projects by the Dimore Studio is ‘Leo’s inside The Arts Club’ on Dover Street, in Mayfair (London).

In fact, the Italian duo Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran, worldwide known as Dimore Studio, have been tasked with the designing of the new interiors of Leo’s inside The Arts Club on Dover Street, in Mayfair, London. This is a major event for The Arts Club since it represents its most significant transformation since the overhaul of 2011.

The Italian duo – Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran – design of Leo’s interiors, takes us through to the 1960s, where a mix of contemporary retro and oriental elements standout as the main stars. As you can also see in the above picture, Dimore Studios is not afraid of mixing different hues, bar furniture, or decor styles.

In the end, the result is divided into a bar with a counter (and counter stools), as well as a nightclub with a stage, where any guest can have a tremendously good time!


Marcel Wanders


The Best Interior Projects From All Over the World

Living Room Design by Marcel Wanders


Marcel Wander is one of the masterminds behind ‘Moooi’ – an astonishing brand that provides a wide range of solutions that clients find remarkably unique. Through its approach to shapes, patterns and textures, Moooi’s bring more boldness into any interior design style.

As you can see by this Moooi leaving room design; the brand goes the extra mile to take your home decoration to a stellar level. With an iconic mix of lighting, furniture and accessories, they are the go-to choice when inspiration is lacking as their fresh approach to interior design can spice up any creative mind!





Piet Boon


The Best Interior Projects From All Over the World

Bedroom Design by Piet Boon Studio


Piet Boon is one of the most important and iconic designers of our time, belonging to the list of ‘most famous Dutch architects and interior designers’. Together with Karin Meyn his creative director, this top interior designer leads his own team of designers, interior designers, and architects, who all together join forces with the aim of creating some of the best interior design and architecture projects to their ever-growing list of prime clients.

This ‘Paris Luxury Apartment’ is just another proof of Piet Boon Studio’s remarkable work. We especially love the bedroom where beautiful hues of turquoise, elevate this modern master bedroom to a place of luxuriant tranquillity


India Mahdavi


The Best Interior Projects From All Over the World

India Mahdavi Gives Whimsical Parisian Twist to Ladurée’s Tokyo Salon


The Ladurée’s Tokyo Salon designed by India Mahdavi is one of the best examples of her signature style – “Queen of colour”.

In this particular project, Mahdavi has been consistent with the theme of French macarons and pastries. The end result is a whimsical combination of mint-green and bonbon pink that takes right into a glamorous Parisian dream.

To further enhance the interior design of the tea salon, Mahdavi added marvellous white candy-stick tables, bespoke and scalloped furniture with plush velvet cushions, grey and white marble floor; the walls are decorated with beautiful blown glass floret lamps that are an excellent complement to the cherry blossom-pink walls while meringue-shaped ceilings lamps soften the down lighting.

In India Mahdavi’s words – “Ladurée is a garden of delights. I am here to bring joy, and Ladurée’s essence is closely connected to enjoyment. I wanted to bring some French-ness to Tokyo and make this place a full experience.” – and we do think she achieved it.


Twinkle Khanna


The Best Interior Projects From All Over the World

Bedroom Design Twinkle Khanna x Kohler Design / Image Source Kohler Design


In this Kohler x Twinkle Khanna mesmerizing bathroom campaign you can see some of the most unique as well as beautiful interior design ideas for luxury bathrooms.

Kohler is best known for bringing innovation and style to the bathroom set, offering a wide variety of minimalist and sleek products and working with Twinkle Khanna was just the perfect fit for this project.

The range of designs is best described for featuring intriguing patterns inspired by cultural elements from all around the world such as – the Artists Edition sinks (Derring and Marrakesh) – which were inspired by Moorish architecture. These designs bring functionality and artistry to a whole new level and are beautiful statement pieces for any luxury bathroom.

In Twinkle Khanna’s words about the project – “This campaign really spoke to the designer in me. If you think about it, white and chrome have been synonymous with bathrooms. But that doesn’t have to be the case. There is a lot you can do. Especially, the collection that I worked with, is absolutely stunning as to what Kohler has done with decorative and colourful sinks and faucets by transforming them into artistic statements”.



Ab Concept


The Best Interior Design Projects From All Over the World

Hong Kong’s Tai Kwun by AB Concept (Dispensary)


This project by AB Concept consists of an opulent colonial-inspired lounge bar which combines a mix of British and Chinese heritage and cuisine.

The Dispensary, our favourite room, features an outstanding design concept that evokes the history of Cantonese heritage and emerges as a cut edge Hong Kong lounge bar decor scene, where the unofficial police bar originally stood.

AB Concept work here as per usual, was an unapologetic approach to luxury and fine detail, that we absolutely love!


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