Design Trends Made in London: Past, Present, Future

Design Trends Made in London: Past, Present, Future

Design Trends Made in London: Past, Present, Future

March 12, 2019

Design Trends Made in London: Past, Present, Future ⇒ London is a mecca from design trends as well as anything related to the creative arts. It’s a land of possibilities, of visionaries, and the place to be when you want to lead the way. It’s a great starting point for students who are eager to learn as well as a ‘shelter’ town for anyone who thinks outside of the box. London is a town that can re-born every day, but its best designers, artists; or overall design trends established here in the past, continue to influence the world, indefinitely, today. Come along as CovetED takes you through the best design trends made in the UK.


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Top of the Line British Interior Designers 

David Collins Studio



 Design Trends Made in London: Past, Present, Future

Via David Collins Studio


David Collins was born in Ireland in 1995. David followed in his father’s footsteps and graduated from Bolton Street School with a degree in  Architecture.

David Collins rise was gradual but always ascendant; he traveled from Dublin to Europe, until in 1985, he finally decided to base himself in London. He started off with smaller projects which were the foundations of the earliest iteration of the David Collins studio – at that time – a modest practice specializing in small interior architectural jobs.



Design Trends Made in London: Past, Present, Future


Later on, destiny would lead David to the point where he would determinedly begin to delineate his innovative creative vision. Along with his business partner, Iain Watson, the David Collins Studio started to bring out new forms of thinking about design and design trends which still influence the industry today.

The vision was always clear; accepting projects that are a sophisticated counterpoint between aesthetics and rationale; where their own vision and design approach invokes entirely new design trends. – In David Collins words – “God is in the details” – and so is his mastery of home decor.


Zaha Hadid Architects



 Design Trends Made in London: Past, Present, Future

420-foot Unique Circle yacht by Hadid Architects


Zaha Hadid was a Pritzker Prize winner who left an unmatchable design and architectural legacy, not only in the UK but pretty much all around the world. She didn’t follow trends, she created her own design trends which later on helped her defining her unique, and much acclaimed, design style.

She was recognised for her famous and distinctive designs of landmark buildings as well as known for her ‘simple elegance’ approach to architecture and design trends. Her portfolio was rich and vast, and many examples of signature style can be found everywhere.

One of those examples was the concept of a superyacht which she created while working with German builders Blohm and Voss. These futuristic vessels are not what you would normally expect from Hadid – bold, organic, and original – but this is exactly how Hadid sets up new design trends, not only for yachts but for the architecture world in general.


Design Trends Made in London- Past, Present,


The 420-foot Unique Circle yacht features – a zone with underwater viewing, a swimming pool that is protected from natural elements, a master bedroom overlooks a jacuzzi on the deck, as well as a bow that has the ability to break through thick ice.

The clean white interiors were inspired by the ocean’s fluid form, and the exteriors are made up of a series of interwoven support beams, giving the superyachts Hadid’s signature touch of simple elegance.


David Chipperfield



 Design Trends Made in London: Past, Present, Future

Valentino flagship in London by David Chipperfield


We have spoken about Sir David Alan Chipperfield previously in our Milan’s design trends article but we must also mention him here, since he is, after all, English! In case you are wondering, David Alan Chipperfield is way more than just an architect who owns his own company (founded in 1985) – he is also a maker of design trends and proof of that is the collaboration he did with Valentino. When designing the Valentino flagships spread all over the world, Chipperfield created a new way to communicate with the customers, that really tries to inspire more than just the usual consumerism.


Design Trends Made in London- Past, Present,


Everything is being created with a sense of minimalism, and the architecture here is a language that allows the reduction of superficial decoration by steering away from the use of paneling – an approach that privileges concreteness over shallowness.

It’s a place to inspire, and where you can “buy” beauty, but when you can also just witness it. If you are in London just head to 39 Old Bond St (Mayfair) and see it all with your own eyes.




Kelly Hoppen



 Design Trends Made in London: Past, Present, Future

kelly Hoppen London House Design via Pinterest


Kelly Hoppen is another must-mention designer that has set up design trends in the industry ever since the beginning of her career. She has worked with celebrities such as David and Victoria Beckham, or even Martin Shaw, and she continues to amaze the design world with her signature style – a mix of contemporary and luxury, with bold and glamorous accents.

As one of the best designers of our time, Kelly Hoppen, has designed several homes, yachts, jets for private clients, hotels, restaurants, offices and even aircrafts. She has also been involved in various commercial projects in several countries which makes it hard to choose only one project to represent her work with.

If we look at her recent work though, we can easily identify this London home as a perfect display of Hoppen’s style.



Featuring a varied array of design trends, this London house features a very minimalistic foyer with statement décor pieces. Other statement design trends that we can witness here are – marble, black, golden and bold shapes – which she includes in her design projects quite frequently.

Full of natural light, this home is very sophisticated and very true to the designer’s signature style, and design trends usual choice. The master bedroom has a very luxurious feel to it, and it also includes a full marble master bath. The cherry on top is the indoor pool with features gorgeous crystal chandeliers over it. -How chic!


British Luxury Brands that Still Lead the Way


Bentley Home



 Design Trends Made in London: Past, Present, Future

Via Pinterest


What do you think of when you hear the word ‘Bentley’? – Cars? – Well, ‘Bentley Home’ is a whole different story, but it’s equally rich in legacy, design trends, and overall inspirational content, that us design lovers, can’t get enough of.

Bentley Home is British made and belongs to the Luxury Living group which was founded back in the 1960s by the visionary Alberto Vignatelli. The aim of the group is to continuously deliver great design trends as well as interior design solutions that fully interpret the several influences and needs of our contemporary lifestyle.


Design Trends Made in London- Past, Present,


Their craftsmanship is just as meticulous has you would expect it to be where only the most prestigious materials are being used. Their collections feature a combination of exclusive furniture and accessories ranging from minimal abstraction to fashion inspirations, as well as current expressions of grand décor.

‘Bentley Home’ is a guaranteed source of design trends that come in the form of contemporary luxury, and with no expiry date.

Tom Dixon



 Design Trends Made in London: Past, Present, Future

‘Electroanalogue’ by Tom Dixon


Tom Dixon is not just another designer, he is a self-taught British designer, who works currently as the Creative Director of his brand ‘Tom Dixon’ which specialises in lighting, furniture, and accessories, having continuously helped the industry setting up new ways of thinking as well as new design trends.

His work is recognised everywhere in the world having it being showcased at many museums across the globe including; the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, in New York; as well as the Centre Georges Pompidou, in Paris.


Design Trends Made in London- Past, Present, Future


Some of the best examples of how he has helped set up new design trends in the industry came while the London Design Festival was taking place. At the event, he showcased the ‘Electroanalogue’ an exhibition about digital innovation, and will explore the realms of digital change in a wide variety of installations and interventions. This piece also stimulates the senses through experiences involving sight, sound, and touch.

Ebook Gallery Garage



Harrods Furniture



 Design Trends Made in London: Past, Present, Future

Harrods of London Collection


Harrods is a widely famous name that anyone will immediately associate with luxury. Having retailed furniture since the early 1880s, the launch of the Harrods of London furniture collection has brought even more value to an already rich British design industry.

Their pieces are designed entirely in-house by the Harrods Interior Design Team and drawn their inspiration from Art Deco jewellery and tailoring; comprising upholstery, occasional pieces, and casegoods. The pieces follow design trends but are also filled with a timeless sense of style that still conveys unexpected and unique details.



Annalise Fard, the director of ‘Home’ at Harrods, explains that their collections “bring together contemporary, understated finishes and the finest materials. A nod to Harrods heritage and the 1930s brings an air of sophistication to the collections. I love how the clasps of each of the occasional pieces encase the marble table tops; so evocative of the solitaire setting of a ring.”

Harrods Furniture is not only setting up new design trends, but it is also setting up an example in terms of its great use of luxury materials as well as careful attention to detail. Their craft is unrivaled and includes anything from – velvets and twills, to casegoods and upholstery.


The Best of British Craftsmanship 


Max Lamb



 Design Trends Made in London: Past, Present, Future

Marmoreal by Max Lamb via Pinterest


Max Lamb is a renowned British designer, that comes from an 80s generation and who is famous for combining traditional – if not prehistoric – design methods with digital design.

There are a lot of natural elements in his pieces which comes as no surprise as he was raised in the countryside (Cornwall). His first success started early on while he was attending the Amersham & Wycombe College for Art and Design in 2000, where he received several awards. He also received a City and Guilds Photography Certificate in 2000 and went on to attended Northumbria University, where he received a degree in Three Dimensional Design. In 2006 he achieved his master’s degree in design products from the Royal College of Art. A year later he started teaching Industrial Design at Ecole Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne in Switzerland, and he has also taught at the Royal College of Art.


Design Trends Made in London- Past, Present, Future


Max Lamb is not only knowledgeable in his field, but he has also helped set up new trends by applying very unusual approaches to the use of natural materials, including, pouring pewter onto the sand, and volcanic rock. He is also known for his strenuous and lengthy methods of production through his many YouTube videos.

A maker of new trends to follow in the arts and crafts world? We surely think so!


Lee Broom



 Design Trends Made in London: Past, Present, Future

Observatory collection by Lee Broom


Lee Broom is regarded as one of the most talented and leading product designers in the United Kingdom. He founded his own brand, Lee Broom Brand, in 2007, creating highly original lighting designs as well as furniture and accessories. During the occasion of NYCxDesign, the skilled designer will launch its meticulous and innovative Lens Fair lighting piece and in his showroom in New York, one can also take a look at the stellar-inspired Observatory Collection, which had been previously presented at Milan Design Week. Now, CovetED will explore the phenomenal form of this peculiar lighting design.

Observatory comprises five collections – Orion, Lens Flair, Eclipse, Tidal, and Aurora – each outfitted with concealed LEDs that emit soft, diffused light from their sculptural silhouettes.


Design Trends Made in London- Past, Present, Future


Now, in regards to the Observatory collection, this is considered to be the most progressive work ever created by Lee Broom due to its vertical and horizontal proportions, sculptural and spherical form as well as allowing for the refraction and reflection of light. New technology played a big part in this extraordinary collection, from LED lighting systems to custom-designed bulbs. It displays new finishes like polished chrome and gives new interpretations of materials used in previous collections. As a whole, this new collection certainly registers a new director for the utterly talented product designer. Some of the most iconic pieces of this collection are Eclipse, Aurora, Orion, and Tidal, all of which you will be able to see at the designer’s showroom in NYC.



Trendsetting British Design Events





 Design Trends Made in London: Past, Present, Future

Via Pinterest


The Decorex London Design Festival will take places this year between the 6th and 9th of October in, Olympia, London.

The events count with exhibitors that showcase various arts and crafts, spanning from furniture, lighting, craft, textiles, and accessories. The event’s goal is to represent some of the world’s most distinguished names in the interior design world, making Decorex; a platform that supports, and promotes, new design trends, as well as the design world in general.


Design Trends Made in London- Past, Present, Future


If you love getting the latest news about the industry or simply discovering what design trends you should be paying attention to this is an event you cannot miss this year. While there, you will have the chance to see the industry most coveted collections, the design trends most admired, as well as getting the chance to meet the makers behind it all.

Every year there’s a new array of artists presenting at the event. – Among them have been – Wind Exclusive Design, or David Hunt.



London Design Week



 Design Trends Made in London: Past, Present, Future

London Design Week via Pinterest


The London Design Festival festival was created as an annual event that would promote the city’s creativity, drawing in the country’s greatest thinkers, practitioners, retailers, and educators, with the mission to deliver an unmissable celebration of design.

Sir John Sorrell and Ben Evans, created this event for the first time in 2003 at Bloomberg, today, and 17 years later, this is still one of the best events to spot the most coveted design trends, as well as the most exquisite design pieces of the moment. – The vision has endured the test of time and what remains is a gathering of people that are not only inspired but also inspiring.



Design Trends Made in London- Past, Present, Future


In the words of Ben Evans, the London Design Festival Director – “London and Design go hand in hand. It is part of our story. London Design Festival is a platform for hundreds of design stories to be told. Each of them talks to an expanding audience hungry for design ideas and enjoying the quality and diversity of what’s on offer. It all confirms London’s status as the global centre of design.”

In case you would like to attend the London Design Festival this year, please know that the event will take place during the 14th and 22ht of September.



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