Dining Room Decor: See some Top White Chandeliers for your Decor


We bet you’re looking to give different lighting to your dining room decor in order to flee from the cliché of golden chandeliers. If you want to go for something unusual, then a white chandelier will definitely hit the spot for you, and CovetED has a couple of luxury examples to help you give a brighter touch to this division.


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Our first White Chandelier example is Duke, a modern pendant lighting design inspired by the simplicity of the 1970s, and produced in Portugal. This is a handmade piece in brass and aluminium. The body, made of brass, has both a matte black and a gold-plated finish, while the shades are lacquered a glossy black on the outside. It’s the perfect piece for you to try and give a unique nostalgia to your dining room decoration.


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The second example is inspired by Aretha Franklin. The Aretha modern chandelier presents itself as a contemporary reinterpretation of mid-century lighting design classics used in the 50s and 60s. Its body is 100% handmade in brass with its several bulb holders made of aluminium. Nickel-plated is the standard finish for the body, while glossy white is used for the sockets.




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The third example can be either customized in black or white. The Atomic ceiling lamp is inspired by the molecular composition of the atom, being presented by its creators as a new interpretation of the mid-century modern era.  It’s a unique looking piece handmade in brass and steel by Portuguese artisans and serving as a perfect example of a piece perfect to give a modern take to the dining room.


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We continue to invest in vintage decor, this time bringing forward the Peggy modern chandelier. It has a 60’s feel on its design along with a structure handmade in brass and with a top cover in perforated steel. Peggy is a great modern lighting solution for your living room decor and can also be used as a modern dining room chandelier.

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Lastly, as a more minimalistic style, more fitting for an ambience of a bar/restaurant (should your dining room be reminiscent of either these two) we bring you the Madeleine Suspension lamp. Inspired by a flower bouquet, and with four cone swivelling pinhole lights, it also features a matte white interior and a gold powder paint inside finishing. This unique pendant light can go anywhere, adding an industrial style touch to whatever room you decide to hang it in.


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