Sans Souci’s Dining Room Light Designs from Euroluce 2019

Sans Souci’s Dining Room Light Designs from Euroluce 2019

April 17, 2019

Coveted Issuu

Sans Souci’s Dining Room Light Designs from Euroluce 2019  Salone del Mobile‘s prime might have been last week, but we are still taking in all of its beautiful interior design inspirations, trends and ambiences. In the midst of all of iSaloni’s buzz, Sans Souci definitely stood out, mainly due to its majestic lighting design creations which are fit for any part of your home. Today CovetED brings you options that are ideal for your dining room, most of which were also displayed at this year’s Euroluce exposition. Scroll down, and enjoy!

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Image Credits: Sans Souci

This piece was designed by Tomas Sakra and is an extraordinary example of meticulous handmade craftsmanship. – Its name ‘Haida’ was the former name for Nový Bor, the region where our unique objects are born.

Each bulb represents an impression of basalt stone, carefully imprinted with brass or decorated with a soda effect. This imposing return to Nature symbolizes roughness of North Bohemian nature but with the soft lightness of glass art.




Image Credits: Sans Souci


‘Lure’ was designed by Jiri Krisica, and is a clear glass creation with a golden mica effect, silvered amber components and pieces with soda crystals as well as translucent golden nano-coating.


Image Credits: Sans Souci


This shining composition is enhanced by a gently vibrant and radiant dynamic effect – the various components randomly light up and flame out.




Image Credits: Sans Souci

This lighting piece pays tribute to the birds’ freedom to fly and is composed of 330 hand-blown pieces shaped like feathers.

‘Airy’ was designed by Jiri Krisica and includes crystal clear glass entirely (or partially) sandblasted and nano-coated.


Image Credits: Sans Souci


When looking at this gorgeous piece one should feel the gracefulness and nimbleness characteristic of birds coming for the neat and effortless movement of this design.


Opera Dynamic Lighting


Image Credits: Sans Souci


Inspired by opera, this design conceived by Jiri Svoboda, is a dynamic lighting piece that can be programmed according to your luminous preference or for a special occasion.

Hand-blown crystal components with soda effect are lit by built-in LED RGB technology programmed into various lighting effects such as colour blower, rays or slings.

The best part? You can easily change it from light motions to stronger pulsing effects, via your phone or a similar device. – Practical glamour!



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