Design Trends Made in Italy: Past, Present, Future

15 Design Trends Made in Italy: Past, Present, Future

Design Trends Made in Italy: Past, Present, Future

March 1, 2019

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Design Trends Made in Italy: Past, Present, Future ⇒ Italy has been a reference in it comes to design trends since the very beginning. Milan, more precisely, is a niche town for anything design oriented – be it – interior design, architectural design, fashion design, industrial design, or just art in general. It’s an inspired city that also inspires, and the reason why doing an overview of Italian Design Trends is so relevant for today. This is a “conversation” that brings us not only close to the present and the future of the design industry, but also to its past. – Are you ready for a visually stimulating trip enriched with superb design and craftsmanship? – Great! CovetED will lead the way.


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8 Design Trends Made in Italy: Past, Present, Future

Fendi Casa, courtesy of LVMH


Italy is known as ‘Europe’s finest modern furniture’ destination thanks to a wide range of brands that keep bringing value to the industry in terms of research, product development, innovation, and new technology.   Some of the most important Italian brands include the likes of Fendi, Armani, Edra, Missoni, and so many more. When it comes to trends; the inspiration is never-ending.

Even though, the colour trends for 2019 are all about self-expression, and non-traditional hues such as – neo mint, dusk blue, cloud pink, cantaloupe, honey yellow, and tawny brown – the Milan design trends we love, are not only those of 2019 but also, the ones that came and stayed over the years. Those are the ones that gave Milan – and Italy for that matter – its design identity.

In that line of thought, let’s revisit all the luxury brands, artists, designers, interior designers, and galleries, that no matter the year we are on, always have a wealth of desing trends and craftsmanship to add to our homes.


Luxury Brands 


Fendi Casa & Sublime Elegance


2. Design Trends Made in Italy: Past, Present, Future

Armani Casa, via


Since the 1960s, the vision of Alberto Vignatelli, the Luxury Living Group‘s founder, has been embodied in interior design solutions that fully interpret the several design trends and influences of our contemporary lifestyle. Meticulous crafting, the most prestigious materials and a study of design, combine to produce exclusive furniture and accessories ranging from minimal abstraction to fashion inspirations, to current expressions of grand décor.  The Luxury Living Group collections are the result of meticulous production processes: the attention to detail and craftsmanship enhance creativity, elegance, and design, always balancing tradition and innovation.

When it comes to trends Fendi Casa always guarantees two things – fantastic fine art pieces as well as interesting retro details. The result? Luxurious elegance.


Missoni & Colour Affair


2. Design Trends Made in Italy: Past, Present, Future

Stintino Sheer by Missoni Home via pinterest


The Missoni Home collection, designed by Rosita Missoni, has been produced and distributed since 1983 by T&J Vestor, a leading Italian company in home textiles and furnishings.

Missoni Home, much like it’s fashion line, it’s all about the fabrics (its trademark), which are coulourful, and filled with patterns. This combination of elements creates a game of visual and tactile emotions between light and colour; that offer matt and silky contrasts, compact structures, evanescence, layered embroidery as well as metamorphic effects.

Beautiful patterns and colours that never get out of style? This is a design trend that stays and never goes!


Edra & Timeless Lines


2. Design Trends Made in Italy: Past, Present, Future

Edra’s “smart ” cushion


One of the best examples of Edra’s timeless approach to home decor can be seen in the “smart” cushion, designed by the brand and showcased at the Salone del Mobile back in 2016.

Francesco Binfare, the designer who invented the “smart ” cushion – a piece that can act as both armrest and backrest by modeling itself into infinite positions with the slightest pressure – conceived this masterpiece born out of this extraordinary idea of “moving”, literally, the way we sit.

Edra is all about pieces that convey timeless elegance – much like the “smart” cushion – and that are not conditioned by design trends. A formula that comes from the company’s values and roots: great artistic tradition, that is characterized by the quality of research.


Armani Casa & Sophisticated Luxury


2. Design Trends Made in Italy: Past, Present, Future

Armani Casa, via


The Armani Casa aesthetic and philosophy focuses on simple lines and perfect proportions, enriched by precious materials, refined finishes, and elegant textiles. This distinctive style incorporates a harmonious combination of different inspirations and design codes to form a sophisticated atmosphere.

Armani Casa is not just a furniture house it also encompasses a certain way of living. With state-of-the-art kitchens as well as luxurious fabrics (produced in collaboration with Rubelli) – Armani Casa – is featured on all the Armani hotels (obviously), but also on John Mayers New York City apartment, as well as a few scenes of the film Paranoia from 2013.

Classy luxury with a sophisticated twist? This is exactly what this Italian brand can offer you regardless of the time of year.


Swarovski & Home Chic


2. Design Trends Made in Italy: Past, Present, Future

Sahrai’s Dreamlights featuring 30,000 Swarosvski crystals


The Swarovski brand has been a legendary force in the industry showcasing a 120-year heritage of crystal cutting, craftsmanship, and design innovation in jewellery, accessories and home decor. With its captivating beauty and mastery of light, the crystal is a material to which everyone finds themselves drawn to.

Sahrai Milano – an Italian brand that creates beautiful and luxurious custom made rugs – developed a collection in partnership with Swarovski called ‘Dreamlights’. This unique creation included more than 30,000 crystals standing out on a pure silk mantle. This is the result of great know-how that has made possible the development of other designs illustrating a decade of collaboration with the prestigious Swarovski Brand.


Maya Armchair Upholstery BRABBU


Italian Artists that Shape the Crafts


Gaetano Pesce


2. Design Trends Made in Italy: Past, Present, Future

via Pinterest


Gaetano Pesce is an Italian architect and design pioneer who is known to relate art with interior design, product design, and architecture. During his career, he has worked as an architect, urban planner, and industrial designer.

His work is often described as inventive in terms of use of color and materials, while also asserting connections between the individual and society, through art, architecture, and design to reappraise mid-twentieth century modern life.

Some of his best-known work includes an organic building in Osaka (Japan), not only that, but his three-dimensional models and architectural drawings can be viewed in the permanent museum collections of MoMA; Metropolitan Museum of Art; the Cooper-Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum, in New York City; the Philadelphia Museum of Art; San Francisco Museum of Art, in California; Victoria and Albert Museum, in London; Vitra Design Museum, in Germany; Danish Museum of Art & Design, in Copenhagen; Centre Pompidou and Musée des Arts Décoratifs, in Paris; and finally, the Triennale Museum, in Milan.


Piero Fornasetti


2. Design Trends Made in Italy: Past, Present, Future

via Pinterest


Piero Fornasetti was a Milan-based designer, sculptor, and painter who died in 1988. His name still inspires many designers to this day, and his work includes heavy use of black and white as well as the sun and time. He was extremely influenced by Greek and Roman architecture which easy shown through his work.

No matter what trends may come and go in the art world, Piero Fornasetti name lives on through his legacy. Proof of that is the work he developed while furnishing the house Lucano in 1951 (part of “total furnishing and decoration”), as well as the decoration work he did for the ocean liner Andrea Doria in 1952. He was also very famous for creating the ‘Stanza Metafisica’ – a metaphysics piece he worked on from 1955 to 1958 – which consist of 32 modular panels of 16 meters in total length.

Today his son, Barnaba Fornasetti, takes over the studio and continues to design in the family’s name.


 On-Trend Italian Galleries




2. Design Trends Made in Italy: Past, Present, Future

Fontana Amorosa collection of lamps by Michael Anastassiades for Nilufar Gallery, via Pinterest


Nina Yashar’s Nulifar Gallery was developed in 1979, and ever since then, it has been seeking the best ancient carpets from Persia, China, amd pretty much all over the world.

Since a very young age, Yashar already wanted to challenge the work of her father by selling carpets. Everything was awfully instinctive to her, and after a couple of years, her focus became abundantly clear, to sell her products only to a very selective audience.

Yashar adopts an extremely eclectic style by mixing contemporary pieces with vintage material.  Her curative preference is exemplary in the revolutionary and exciting Locatelli’s 3D printed table design which was exhibited in Milan amid the Salone del Mobile. The machine used to print the table corresponds to those used to construct a house or a building.

Is Nina Yashar’s Nulifar Gallery a place to spot great craftsmanship as well as design trends? – Yes!



Rossana Orlandi


2. Design Trends Made in Italy: Past, Present, Future

Up In the Sky, Citylife Penthouse by Rossana Orlandi, via Pinterest


Galleria Rossana Orlandi has been forecasting along the years new and upcoming designers and establishing the premise as one of the most revered platforms for avant-garde design and lifestyle.

She has been working as a curator for several exhibitions in Italy and abroad and she collaborated also with the high-end brands in fashion, luxury, and lifestyle. Her constant research worldwide has made her one of the most influent people in forecasting young and upcoming designers.

In simple words, Rossana Orlandi, doesn’t just spot design trends, it actually helps defining them.


The Interior Designers that Redefine the Rules


Patricia Urquiola


2. Design Trends Made in Italy: Past, Present, Future

Triple Slinky by Patricia Urquiola


Patricia Urquiola is a famous Spanish architect and designer that lives and works in Milan. She’s well-known for regularly working with Italian brands, offering her expertise and knowledge in functional yet poetic design, which often makes her one of the best designers of our time.

Urquiola presented for the very first time the brand-new Vimini Collection for Kettal, a brand with which she had several works in the past (specifically the including Maia, Vieques, Mesh, Roll and Cottage collections). According to Kettal, the reason for the name Vimini is due to the fact that it means “wicker” in Italian and it sounds like Bimini, an Island in the Bahamas.

Patricia Urquiola also has a close relationship with Italian brand Moroso, having worked with them on more than one occasion. We can point to some relevant examples such as the Chamfer Sofa, the Belt couch range, the Tender sofa, and also the Clarissa Hood chairs. Without a doubt, she will continue to be one of the most influential Milanese designers from years to come.


Ebook Gallery Garage


Dimore Studio


2. Design Trends Made in Italy: Past, Present, Future

Casa Fayette interiors by Dimore Studio, via Pinterest


The Dimore Studio was founded in 2003, by Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran who invested their great knowledge of experience Design, Art, and Fashion. According to them they “interpret memories and create dreams” while crossing the boundaries between all the different creative expressions.

Their language is inspired by a set of emotional alchemies and unexpected choices. They also favour preservation, inventions, appreciation of prints, lights, lacquers, and oxidations. The result? An uncensored aesthetic where each item has its own power and expressive “raison d’être”, while representing a part of the ensemble as the protagonist.

Fantastic examples of their work are;  “Leo’s”, a supper club and nightclub hidden away on the lower floor of The Arts Club London, giving it an elegant mid-century twist; and Casa Fayette, an original house from the beginning of the 20th century that Dimore Studio created alongside the Grupo Habita. The hotel opened in September 2015, counts with 37 suites, and is a place where art, design, fashion, and architecture merge.


Antonio Citterio


2. Design Trends Made in Italy: Past, Present, Future Design Trends Made in Italy: Past, Present, Future

Caratos designed by Antonio Citterio for Maxalto, via Pinterest


Antonio Citterio is an Italian designer mostly known for his collaborations with prestige Italian brands, among them B&B Italia. He’s made several collections for the brand, most notably the Maxalto collection which was enrichened last year with some more elegant chairs, and seating systems, featuring new range extensions and new finishes.

Citterio was one of the designers who collaborated with Consentini with the project “Deep Words Light”, an installation featured at the University of Milan as part of the “Interni, Energy for Creativity 2015” event. The initiative was inspired by Teatro Olimpico of Palladio, by creating an outdoor theatre in the largest courtyard of the University of Milan. Citterio himself has stated that the project was a unique way to show off the city of Milan and all elements associated with it (history, culture, social and economic World).




David Chipperfield


2. Design Trends Made in Italy: Past, Present, Future Design Trends Made in Italy: Past, Present, Future

David Chipperfield Architects work for Valentino’s Rome flagship store


Sir David Alan Chipperfield is an English architect that established ‘David Chipperfield Architects’ in 1985. He and his team of archictects, are often leading the way in terms of design trends, and one specific project that has been proof of that was the work he did in collaboration with Valentino, as they designed the fabulous Valentino flagships stores both in Rome and New York.

Everything is being created with a sense of minimalism. – Architecture is being brought into the store in a process that reduces the superficial decoration by steering away from the use of paneling – an approach that privileges concreteness over shallowness.



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