Sophisticated Bedroom Inspiration from Flou Natevo’s 2019 Collection

Sophisticated Bedroom Inspiration from Flou Natevo’s 2019 Collection

April 16, 2019

Coveted Issuu

Sophisticated Bedroom Inspiration from Flou Natevo’s 2019 Collection ⇒ When we think about great bedroom design, we mostly think of elegance, comfort and light. Natevo‘s new collection was presented at  Salone del Mobile last week, and its concept lies in the relation between light and design. Delicate and oneiric, it is the light that defines the spaces and marks the transition from intimate to cosy, or nocturnal to joyful daytime atmospheres. – Come along as CovetED presents to you Natevo’s joyous and energy filled new bedroom ambiences.

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Green, Orange & White

Image Credits: Flou Natevo


Flou Natevo‘s 2019 colours consist of mostly white contrasted by pops of forest green and pumpkin orange.


Image Credits: Flou Natevo


This white platform contributes to exalt the intrinsic value of the products, to interrupt the continuous progression of greys and blacks, to balance hues and shades, to enhance the consistency of fabrics and highlight the elegance of the details and the finishes: a new, dynamic and surprising ‘bright experience’.


The aim is to create a delightful mood that reflects personalities and allows people to identify with it.


Clean & Sharp Lines


Image Credits: Flou Natevo


A double-size bed with clean, sharp lines, immediately suggests the idea of elegant luxury.

The shape of the headboard is framed by the eye-catching metal structure that continues downwards to form the feet and is softened by the fabrics that have been skillfully stitched with vertical quilting. This decorative addition elongates the bed and contributes to the sophistication of the design.


Image Credits: Flou Natevo


This bedroom piece is available in the double-size version, and it can be supplied with; a slatted base, a storage base, a slatted base with electric movements, and the new base Leonardo.

The covers in fabric or leather are completely removable and, the decorative details of the headboard are available in polished black nickel or matt burnished.


Stylish Wardrobe System


Image Credits: Flou Natevo


The ‘Private’ line is a natural evolution of the Flou Natevo’s wardrobe system which is a luxurious and stylish interior design wardrobe that offers unlimited possibilities of personalization.

In this line, the ‘lighter’ parts exalt the fabrics and the colours, while the ‘darker’ ones exalt the garments and the accessories.


Image Credits: Flou Natevo


The drawers are completed with trays, boxes and other containers. The shelves and front panels are made out of wood or porcelain stoneware, and in glass, with or without lighting systems, to exalt the contents.

The ‘Private’ wardrobe line is also completed with two new door options: Pool and Velasca.


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