Don’t Miss Asia Week At Chelsea Harbour’s Design Centre

Don’t Miss Asia Week At Chelsea Harbour’s Design Centre ⇒ Asia Week at Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour, launches exhibition celebrating the influence, culture and creativity of Asia. In association with Asian Art in London, Asia Week is a multi-dimensional exhibition that will run from 5 until 9 November 2018. Attracting top designers, architects, international collectors, art-lovers and style-seekers, it will celebrate the influence of Asian art, culture and creativity from across the region.


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Don't Miss Asia Week At Chelsea Harbour's Design Centre


Featuring seven galleries showcasing the work of artists from China, Korea, Japan, The Philippines and Nepal, Asia Week at Chelsea Harbour’s Design Centre will explore the enduring appeal of the Asian aesthetic and why it resonates today. Artistic interpretations of the history, philosophy and culture of individual countries will offer a unique perspective to the work on show.


Don't Miss Asia Week At Chelsea Harbour's Design Centre


Chelsea Harbour’s Design Centre famous architecture will provide a dazzling space for an impressive rollcall of emerging and established names. Work by Japanese artists will be represented by Kamal Bakhshi. These include those by the grande dame of Japanese printmaking Toko Shinoda; painter, printmaker and multi-media artist Daniel Kelly (his work can be found in permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art New York, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the British Museum) and renowned printmakers Morimura Rei and Yoshitoshi Mori who specialized in ‘kappazuri’ stencil prints.


Don't Miss Asia Week At Chelsea Harbour's Design Centre


ArtChina, which represents Chinese printmakers and contemporary artists, will show a selection of artworks, prints and ceramics that combine traditional techniques with a modern aesthetic. They include woodblock prints by Wang Chao, screenprints by emerging artist, actor and producer Kelly Mi and lithographic prints by Wei Jia, a representative of artists born in the 1970s. From Korea will be ceramic pieces from The Han Collection including those by pottery painter Oh Man-Chu.


Don't Miss Asia Week At Chelsea Harbour's Design Centre


The selling exhibition will include work by South East Asian artists, represented by Singapore Art Garret Gallery (SAGG), such as those by Singaporean watercolourists Ng Woon Lam and Don Low, renowned glass sculptor Ramon Orlina from The Philippines and Indonesian painters Indra Dodi and Hari Gita. The October Gallery will showcase contemporary work by Nepalese artist Govinda Sah, Chinese artist Tian Wei and celebrated Japanese artist Kenji Yoshida. Genrokuart will explore female beauty and the history of pre-modern Japan.


Don't Miss Asia Week At Chelsea Harbour's Design Centre


Chelsea Harbour’s Design Centre, the world’s premier design centre, is renowned as an international hub for excellence in luxury interiors. With 120 showrooms and over 600 global names, it has long been a catalyst for creative connections. Supporting expression across the design agenda, it will present Asia Week at Chelsea Harbour’s Design Centre in a dynamic, experiential way.


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