5 Interior Design Projects By Top American Designers

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The 5 American designers have revolutionized the interior design industry, with their incredible projects that feature different styles and high-quality products. These incredible settings stand out through the innovation concept of each interior design company. Today, CovetED unveils our picks of some of the best American interior design projects that exist across the United States of America.

Amy Lau Design

5 Interior Design Projects By Top American Designers

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Amy Lau Design sits on an exquisite interior design company that shares a modern concept on the creation of their projects. Besides the modernist based definition, the designer also stands out for the elegance and refined elements throughout every space within.


March & White

5 Interior Design Projects By Top American Designers


March & White is an international design house, with headquarters in New York, London and Los Angeles. This company is very well known for their stunning projects, that are embellished with the most luxurious furniture and art pieces. Their creativity’s definitely on the high level, and their projects perfectly reflect that.


Waterlily Interiors

5 Interior Design Projects By Top American Designers


Kelcey Huff and Tracy Schlegel are the masterminds behind the Waterlily Interiors. This interior design company share a great experience in commercial and residential design. Together they accomplish incredibly talented and luxurious projects, where the goal is to combine their design identity with the client’s needs.


Centaur Interiors

5 Interior Design Projects By Top American Designers


Centaur Interiors is an interior design boutique where every client can find bespoke solutions for the residential renovation. Michael Miller is the founder of this company that focuses on the revolution of residential design, through the most exciting settings. This company also establishes a bridge with experts of the industry such as craftsmen, licensed tradesmen, architects, designers and project managers.


TPG Architecture

5 Interior Design Projects By Top American Designers


TPG Architecture is a New York City-based company that leads the way in the design industry. This company’s main goal features the meet of the client’s strategic objectives. And that is why they share the most incredible projects, as well as the other firms because these interior designers look for the best interest of the client.


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