High Luxury Safes from Boca do Lobo

Excellency in engineering and craftsmanship, with exceptionally high security features?  If you are looking for an inspiration, you are definitely in a right place.
These safes can be an excellent choice in terms of living room decoration, which can make a huge difference in your life.

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All those safes come from the Private Collection, as the title says. We all know that treasures may come in many forms: money, books, cigars, wine, perfumes, diamonds… personal gifts we enjoy to collect. In order to preserve these treasures, Boca do Lobo Studio created a new collection designed for demanding clients who possess fascinating secrets and the desire to preserve them. With their Private Collection, all the treasures will be safe in your own secret place, your exclusive and unique world. Feeling inspired yet?

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Let’s take a look on this Millionaire Silver Luxury Safe. Lockable drawers and a whole structure in mahogany, coated in highly polished brass and dipped in gold, this piece is one of indisputable value.. Boca do Lobo piece is a safe-box that promptly takes us to scenes strongly creased in our memory, deeply enriched by today’s visual culture. This piece reputes a long life! Born in the beginning of the 19th century, followed the increase of bank robberies after the Gold Rush of 1849 and kept itself sacred to successive break-in attempts, remaining deformed forever. Lockable drawers and a whole structure in mahogany, coated in highly polished brass and dipped in gold, this piece is one of indisputable value.

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Fort Knox is home to one of the world’s most notorious gold vaults, known for it’s incredibly high security standards and impenetrability. Inspired by this safe-haven, the Knox Safe represents an inviolable barrier between the world and your most valuable treasures. With design traits and details very similar to those found on the world famous Fort Knox gold vaults, this luxury safe features incredible finishes and detailed work. Its interior is fully customisable, with fittings for watch winders, jewellery drawers, and even cigar humidors, making the Knox Place the right place to keep your valuables, with a guaranteed design experience.

Covetedition-High Luxury Safes from Boca do Lobo--Luxury-safes-by-Boca-Do-Lobo

Designed in a Victorian futuristic style and inspired by traditional Swiss watch making techniques, the Baron Safe is an exceptional piece of haute craftsmanship, perfect for those with an appetite for extreme luxury. At Boca do Lobo, the designers are constantly seeking to challenge existing trends and stay ahead of the game, and Covetedition thinks, that you can all see it. With a strong steampunk influence, this Safe features watchwinders anc cigar humidors, and can be trusted with your most previous belongings, while embodying the essence of a timeless art piece.

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There are plenty more, of course, that are bursting with elegance, safety and chic. One of our favourites is the Black Diamond. The safe that is an impenetrable place with an unparalleled personality and feel, capable of leaving anyone awestruck, yet only allowing entry to a select few.

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