What’s so Fascinating about Luxury Yachts?

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Luxury yachts are definitely a wonder to look at despite the fact that many may find them boring. However, there is a lot more to luxury yachts than one may think at first: it’s a complex and fascinating industry that has presented many people with some of the most luxurious trends one has ever seen. CovetED will be taking you on a little glimpse inside this incredible nautical world.


What's so Fascinating about Luxury Yachts?


Many say that the yacht is somehow an invention of the 14th century Dutch, who used small, fast boats with the goal of chasing smugglers, pirates and criminals. However, the term “Luxury Yacht” appeared at the beginning of the 20th century. All because a group of wealthy individuals decided to build large private yachts for their personal pleasure. Their projects soon were picked up by the press, and many boating prestige magazines, which would start a phenomenon that left its marks in the luxury industry. Among some of the vessels that gave the name to the industry, we can point to names such as Cox and King yachts, M/Y (motor yachts) Christina O and M/Y Savarona.


What's so Fascinating about Luxury Yachts?


From there, the size and capacities of the luxury yachts only increased since the 90s and led to the conception of yachts above around 65 meters (213 feet) standing out in the industry to this day. Since this decade the yachting industry has been one that has been growing in regards to technological and luxury elements you can put inside a boat.


What's so Fascinating about Luxury Yachts?


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What's so Fascinating about Luxury Yachts?


Luxury yachts definitely vary in size, category, and features for every time. Long gone are the days that these means of transportation appeal only to captains and sailors. Sailing yachts, expedition yachts, motor yachts, cataramans, cruisers and superyachts are just a couple of keywords you can find while looking up the best of the vessel industry. Not to mention the fact that exterior and interior design given to these boats is one of the best examples of the luxury market at its best. Inside a luxury yacht, you can definitely find an amazing set of comfort features as well as some of the most excentric features when it comes to entertainment.


What's so Fascinating about Luxury Yachts?


The yachting industry is even more dynamic than one might expect when it comes to bespoke events. Among some of the top events related to yachts one that comes to mind and that we can definitely point to the  Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. Every year there’s always a lot to see and experience throughout this incredible event especially throughout the area of Fort Lauderdale. This is the perfect example of an event that has something for everyone. We mean both the amazing superyachts as well as the boats for every budget. Of course, there’s also the boating electronics and equipment, fishing gear, marine art, nautical-themed home goods, and other elements which include clothing, jewellery and many more.


What's so Fascinating about Luxury Yachts?


Another perfect example of an event that is always very attractive to anyone is the Monaco Yacht Show 2019which is another event that dynamizes a region, more specifically Port Hercules, in the principality of Monaco. In every edition, the event is always set to showcase over some of the most bespoke and exclusive superyachts, that are built by some of the most prestigious shipyards. This event is so popular since its creation in 1991, that it even has the recognition and the support of His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco.


What's so Fascinating about Luxury Yachts?


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