The 10 Upcoming Yacht Design Trends by Trendbook

The 10 Upcoming Yacht Design Trends by Trendbook

September 28, 2019


Like residences and interiors are in constant evolution year by year, so are superyachts. Whether it’s due to the introduction of new materials for the hardware of a superyacht, there’s a continuous concern in proposing even more comfortable luxury interiors as an approach to their homes inland. It’s a look-a-like getaway home, where it’s getting imperative for a superyacht to have all the amenities and proper entertainment for a stress-free time. Nowadays, a more tactile design is also applied to yacht interiors, an upcoming trend in the interior design industry. In this article, CovetED brings you the 10 upcoming yacht design trends by Trendbook. A floating joy of dreams, aiming to emerge with bigger and better aesthetics, transforming into a resort-style onboard.


The 10 Upcoming Yacht Design Trends by Trendbook


1. Black finishes
As it applies to interior design, yachts will be also trendy with newer black finishes. This trend will be seen in exteriors but also in interiors, be it on walls or furniture, in order to create a sense of modernity, allied to the era of new technologies. We can even say that black is the new black. Black is still the colour that matches everything, remaining one of those colours that are elegant and luxurious. It brings a unique type of sophistication to furniture. With this design trend, you will elevate your yacht interior and exterior.


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2. Sustainability
There’s a concern around many business sectors in having a sustainable approach as an attempt to manage our limited resources worldwide. Therefore, this new trend relies on the search for new materials to build yachts, either its interiors or exteriors. It’s imperative to craft new solutions in synergy with other sectors. There’s a growing concern of the marine health and ocean conservation and there are new initiatives to produce plastic-free charters, developed by engineers and designers with better technologies in order to reduce the environmental impact of creating new luxury boats.


The 10 Upcoming Yacht Design Trends by Trendbook


3. The “Millennial Super Yacht” – Innovation and Technology
Millennials and the consumer of superyacht have a different mindset when acquiring yachts: it’s no longer about buying a product, it’s about having experiences. So this trend will also rely on promoting the best and newest technological features the market has. Technology will be included in subtle ways, such as BlueTooth localization or a 4K laser projector integrated into the bespoke furniture. This trend will get along with the most advanced yacht software and technology on board, designed to maximize the best experience of the yacht life.

4. Curved Shapes furniture
Popular in the ’60s, curved soft furnishings have now influenced tabletops and even suspension lamps, but their return to sofas and seating makes it one of the most intriguing and even covetable interior design trends. The continued softening of interiors with curvy shapes and organic, rounded edges is another way of embracing the relaxed feel. A playful curves decor needs to have just a few rounded shapes, in order to better complement the straight lines and square corners that every yacht has.


The 10 Upcoming Yacht Design Trends by Trendbook


5. Leathers
A returning trend, but with more leather accents in unused places, creating a mix between feminine and masculine. Beyond sofas and chairs, leathers add a sense of high-quality and luxury to an interior. It’s a durable material for yachts since leather holds up against sun exposure. This trend can be spotted in small accent accessories or furniture without having the impression there’s an overload of leather material in one space.




6. Transparency – Glass in yacht architecture and design
Glass is an upcoming design trend which promotes the feeling of wider spaces, evoking a perfect harmony between interior and exterior. Glass design trend is moving towards daring glass superstructures, providing a new perspective of yachting.


The 10 Upcoming Yacht Design Trends by Trendbook


7. Wellness features
Another big trend for yachts is creating look-a-like resorts on board, with spas, gyms and entertainment. Everything that contributes to a laid-back and relaxing experience for the traveller. It’s an increase in demand for spaces in yachts that offer a floating relaxing retreat, such as a seven-star resort does inland.

8. Modern lighting
There’s a pursue for unique spaces, that’s why the modern light design trend is the way to go. Depending on the light you choose, it can create an intimate ambient while adding personality to the yacht’s interior, whether you want to adapt to a more contemporary decor or a luxury set. Sophisticated entertaining zones will ensure the superyacht’s continuity to sail through the ultimate holiday home.


The 10 Upcoming Yacht Design Trends by Trendbook


9. Bigger builds
In the yachting world, there’s a tendency for “the bigger, the better”, pushing the limits of boat design. With an aim to create more open spaces, merging all social zones into one major space, always having in mind the everlasting keys for a wonder superyacht, which are leisure and lifestyle.

10. Mid-Century Modern Style
Already a trend on land, yachts will a bigger tendency for this style. In interior design, materials such as wood, brass, leather and velvet are key for adding a mid-century touch. An onboard curvaceous, nostalgic form that creates a soft and gentle atmosphere. The truth is that mid-century modern design has never really gone out of fashion and it’s no wonder since it’s easy to live with and it’s a look that can be combined carefully with other styles.


The 10 Upcoming Yacht Design Trends by Trendbook


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