Victorio Alpi and Humberto Campana Present New Products for Alpi

Coveted Magazine team was in Brera Design District in Milan at the Alpi showroom and interviewed Vitorio Alpi, the owner of the showroom and Humberto Campana from Campana Brothers. We had an amazing chat about all the new products and about their partnership.

For the Salone del Mobile, ALPI presents important new product initiatives and the first concrete results of the collaboration launched in June 2015 with Piero Lissoni as art director of the brand.

The new coordinated image, in Lissoni’s typically terse style, is expressed in the new Company Profile, a sophisticated publication enhanced by striking black and white photographs, the symbol of the company’s new phase driven by renewed interaction with the world of design. This energy is reflected in new products designed by Lissoni himself, the Campana brothers and Front, heterogeneous in terms of style, but sharing a way of thinking about decor.

To convey a sense of their infinite potential for design and aesthetics, the creative process of the new ALPI woods focuses on the study of original decorative effects: shifting into the creation of utterly original textures, with precise ties to the world of nature, as in the case of Campana brothers. Or giving rise – in the collections by Front and Lissoni – to fascinating contemporary experiments with the art of inlays. As a whole, these innovative ALPIlignum veneers represent the ideal expression of ALPI’s extensive design culture, and its unrivaled ability to create exclusive wood patterns with a production procedure that is totally unique, between manufacturing and fine tailoring.


Alpi Showroom


ALPI Xilo 2.0 Striped White – Designer Collection by Piero Lissoni

ALPI Xilo 2.0 Striped White_Designer Collection by Piero Lissoni_cod 18.01_tb

ALPI Xilo 2.0 Flamed Sand – Designer Collection by Piero Lissoni

ALPI Xilo 2.0 Flamed Sand_Designer Collection by Piero Lissoni_cod 18.10_tb

ALPI Tarsie 2 Black – Designer Collection by Piero Lissoni

ALPI Tarsie 2 Black _Designer Collection by Piero Lissoni_cod 18.14_tb

ALPI Tarsie 1 – Designer Collection by Piero Lissoni

ALPI Tarsie 1 _Designer Collection by Piero Lissoni_cod 18.18_main

ALPI Piacava – Designer Collection by The Campana Brothers

ALPI Piacava_ Designer Collection by The Campana Brothers_ cod 18.31_main

ALPI Grid Wood – Designer Collection by Front

ALPI Grid Wood_ Designer Collection by Front_cod 18.42_main


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