La Crêperie – most iconic Lebanese restaurant

La Crêperie – most iconic Lebanese restaurant

July 31, 2015

La Crêperie is one of Lebanon’s most iconic luxury restaurants. Beautiful 19th century neo-classical house, perched on the hilltop overlooking the deep blue waters of Jounieh Bay, formerly a private mansion, was turned by its owners into a restaurant in 1968. It was the first place in the country to serve authentic French crêpes and French-style seafood.

Covetedition-La-Crêperie– most-iconic-Lebanese-restaurant

Newly re-opened in early spring, after 3 years of expensive renovations, restaurant in Jounieh is breathtaking, to say the least. Current owner Chafic El Khazen entrusted the task of restoring the ancient building to its former glory to his brother, famous architect Sari El Khazen. They worked together with Beirut-based designer Maggy Monsef to preserve the structure’s original Ottoman character, high ceilings and arches.

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The interior itself in delicate pastel colours, with antique country furniture, vintage tiles, crystal chandeliers and hunting trophies immediately brings to mind French Provence. Outside the building is surrounded by beautiful gardens, also recently expanded.

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Covetedition-La-Crêperie– most-iconic-Lebanese-restaurant-3-Photo-by-Marco-Pinarelli

La Crêperie offers contemporary fusion of French and Mediterranean cuisines and is open year-round serving lunches, drinks and dinners. Chef Vedish Urdassee creates such marvels as tender cuts of beef, fresh fish, pasta and various salads with different kind of herbs and aromas, as well as creative sweet and savory crêpes.

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There’s also Les Caves de la Crêperie, a “resto-bar,” open year-round and offering
the same romantic Mediterranean view. Les Caves de la Crêperie is part of the second phase of the project and is scheduled to open at the end of the summer. Together with the garden space, the restaurant is able to house over 500 guests. It is definitely a perfect venue for all special occasions and celebrations.

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