Discover Grandhotel Hessischer Hof

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Discover Grandhotel Hessischer Hof

January 5, 2016

Written by Maria Medeiros

When traveling in business, going around from office to hotel rooms, to live out of your suitcase is usually the case. While walking thru the streets of Frankfurt, if you asked the simple question we all answer at airports “are you here on business or pleasure?” you would listen to 80 people in 100 saying “Business” and that word is one of the keywords in Frankfurt.

Aware of this fact, COVETED Magazine’s team went to Frankfurt in order to find comfort and intemperance in the heart of the financial city of Frankfurt.

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The Grandhotel Hessischer Hof invited our journalists in a journey of luxury and curated care.

Walking into the reception we are faced with a welcoming staff who directs us to a stunning Winter garden, illuminated by Autumn light, giving you the idea of peace of mind. We are invited to a welcome drink and feel delighted with the fresh white wine. CovetED Discover Grandhotel Hessischer Hof 243

In the meantime, Mr. Eduard Singer, General Manager of the Hotel, meets us and tells us this wine is actually made in a farm not far from where we are also owned by Floria von Hessen, the owner of the Hotel.

Mr. Eduard Singer has been the General Manager of the Hotel for 7 years and we can tell his goal is to achieve perfection and class, passing this idea on to all members of staff.

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The hallways are covered in classical wallpaper, the decoration is simple but yet it makes you feel like a million bucks. Mr. Singer tells us all about how the Hotel owner is Floria von Hessen, a member of German royalty. The hotel has more than 1500 antiques belonging to the von Hessen family and they are being appreciated by the hundreds of visitors of the hotel.CovetED Discover Grandhotel Hessischer Hof 182

We are taken to incredible rooms, guests can rent for meetings, parties, weddings. They look like they are out of luxurious palaces and the wall cover show us scenes of enchanted places. One can just imagine the number of valses enjoyed from the most opulent elite.

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Downstairs we find the bar, Jimmy’s Bar, one of the most famous smoking and cocktail bars in Germany. Mr. Singer tells us they have someone playing the piano every night.

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The Fitness area is the most modern decorated area of the Hotel. Built one year ago, this area offers sauna, spa and exercise equipment, as well as an incredible view of the skyline of Frankfurt.

Finally the bedrooms are very contemporary with a classic touch. After giving us a tour around the amazing Hotel interiors, covered with stunning wallpaper and classical furniture we had the opportunity to interview Mr. Singer.CovetED Discover Grandhotel Hessischer Hof 215

COVETED MAGAZINE: We have to tell you, are impressed with the classical style of the Hotel and we would love to ask you how often do you refurnish the Hotel and who are your favorite designers to do it?

EDUARD SINGER: We did a lot of renovations in the last 5 years and the last one was finished in August 2014. We finished the facade, the Windows, built the Presidential Suite, Fitness area with sauna and the Terrace. We put a lot of effort in this project in order to give our costumers the best care. The owner of the Hotel spent more than 25 million euros since last year. We used 2 interior designers, one of them was the owner herself, Floria-Franziska von Hessen, and an interior designer from London called Nina Campbell. Together they renovated the Hotel.

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COVETED MAGAZINE: Regarding the Hotel. What are your guests like? Are they here on business or pleasure?

EDUARD SINGER: It is a mixture but you know Frankfurt is a business center. In the entire year we only get 20% leisure and 80% business guest. They are corporative and most of them come for the trade shows at the Fair Center in front of the Hotel. The age is also a mixture being in the restaurant a bit higher since we have a lot of regulars coming in for 30, 40 years and in the accommodation it depends since business people are always between 30-45.

COVETED MAGAZINE: Could you highlight some trade shows that bring this guests more to Frankfurt during the year?

EDUARD SINGER: The Messe Frankfurt is one of the biggest ones in the world. It in the top 100. We have 140 fair days in the year. Also some sport events and Design Trade Shows like Light and Building.CovetED Discover Grandhotel Hessischer Hof 226

COVETED MAGAZINE: In the end, what makes Hessischer Hof different from the other ones? What would you say is the signature?

EDUARD SINGER: The signature is to make our guest’s visit simply unique. We are the only privitly runned Luxury Hotel in Frankfurt. Also having more than 1500 antiques displayed. Our main focus is quality in service. We have 121 rooms and 150 employees and this is something unique in Frankfurt. We built our luxury hotel and this is what we are.

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COVETED MAGAZINE: Where would you like to see this Hotel in 5 year? It already an award wining Hotel but what are your plans for the future?

EDUARD SINGER: On the last few year we did an amazing work with this hotel and we would like to improve it even more. I would like to see this Hotel in the Top of Hotel city Guides in Frankfurt, on the line of all the grand Hotels in Europe and on top of all, in the mind of our guests.CovetED Discover Grandhotel Hessischer Hof 223

COVETED MAGAZINE: Would you like to tell us any funny stories that happen in the hotel? Or maybe some celebrities who stayed here?

EDUARD SINGER: Every person who stays here is special. This year was a special year, the 25th years of the Deustchen Einheit and a lot  of the heads of German politic world stayed here. Also Dalai Lama stayed here once.

It will be true to say that we may consider Grandhotel Hessischer Hof to be one of the most luxury hotels of the world. Besides, it may be called as one included in the group of the leading hotels.