Victoria 1836 by Sarah Lavoine

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Victoria 1836 by Sarah Lavoine

December 29, 2015

Welcome to the world of a magnificent restaurant in Paris, where a beautiful interior and an exceptional location come hand in hand. A new eatery by the name of Victoria 1836 has opened on the first floor of a townhouse at 12 Rue de Presbourg, the former home of Restaurant de l’Arc. Situated far from all the uproar and revelry, the restaurant is devoted to upholding the standards of Parisian luxury.CovetED Victoria 1836 by Sarah Lavoine bar tables

In the summer of 1836, thirty years after the last stone of the Arc de Triomphe was laid, Napoleon I proclaimed to his men: “You will return home through arches of triumph!” Thus, there is no wonder why the motto of Victoria 1836 is Courage and Ambition.CovetED Victoria 1836 by Sarah Lavoine luxury

After a warm welcome it is worth venturing up the stairs to the first floor, looking to the heavens and gazing in wonder at the bar’s celestial curved ceiling. Visitors are surrounded by cut stone, woodwork, high ceilings, and coffee tables glowing from the daylight streaming in or from the lights sparkling at the Place de l’Étoile. Resolutely focused on style and elegance instilled with grace and character, the large dining room holds many rows of perfectly set tables, waiting to delight the most demanding customers. In addition to this, the unique atmosphere of restaurant Victoria is fitted with a grand piano in its center.CovetED Victoria 1836 by Sarah Lavoine pictures

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Sarah Lavoine was the designer responsible for creating the interior design of Victoria 1836 with the help of her distinct style and delicate touch. Her vagabond tendencies and Parisian taste caught the eye of Benjamin Patou, who is head of a small empire the Moma Group. Having worked with the designer in 2011 on the pavilion Vendome, Patou called upon Lavoine again in order to bring her magic touch to the Victoria 1836 restaurant. Later the designer admitted that she was truly honored when Patou offered her the project.CovetED Victoria 1836 by Sarah Lavoine designer

The design team had to start from the beginning and work under the watchful eye of the Batiments de France and its strict regulations. However, the restrictions led them to some nice surprises, such as rediscovering the original stone. They played with transparency, wood, cut stone, and light, using beautiful materials worthy of modern Parisian style: velvet for the seating, copper for the lighting, groupings of mirrors, and Saint Laurent marble. Lavoine described Victoria 1836 as timeless, refined, warm, and light, a space people feel good in. Having a strong, sophisticated as well as demanding and curious taste, the famous designer was thrilled with the Victoria 1836 project. The designer did a beautiful job creating a space that does much more than just look good in photographs.CovetED Victoria 1836 by Sarah Lavoine lamps

In terms of the menu, Chef Alexandre Auger, who was mentored by the three Michelin-starred chef Yannick Alleno at Le Meurice, shows his good taste and creativity at Victoria 1836. Alexandre Auger graduated from the shadows and moved into the limelight. He is proud and grateful to have learned so much from his mentor and that’s why he endeavors to pay close attention to detail, striving for perfection.CovetED Victoria 1836 by Sarah Lavoine  photos

Nowadays Auger showcases his talent for international dishes inspired by classic French cuisine. The chef enthusiastically describes where his love for food came from: “I’m a butcher’s son so I have always had an affinity for using good, authentic and quality produce to create something extraordinary… ”. Thus, the diners of the restaurant Victoria 1836 can expect to see dishes such as sumptuous veal chops, delicate sole fillets in a beurre blanc sauce, and a zesty citrus tartare on the menu, with a new twist. The restaurant is open for service from morning till nightfall, serving breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, or just a drink at the bar.CovetED Victoria 1836 by Sarah Lavoine  Paris

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Indeed, there are endless reasons to experience this exquisite new restaurant in France. Not only shall patrons enjoy the incredible view of Place de l’Étoile and the stunning setting, but the guests, friends and clients of Victoria 1836 receive impeccable service from dawn to dusk. If you have any doubts, come to France and visit Victoria 1836.CovetED Victoria 1836 by Sarah Lavoine restaurant

In any case, it’s not enough to simply win the battle – it’s only the final victory that counts! And that is to satisfy a demanding, well-travelled Parisian and international clientele that is hard to surprise and whom the Victoria 1836 restaurant has chosen to conquer and cherish.