The New Renovation of the Imperial Hotel Erskineville

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The New Renovation of the Imperial Hotel Erskineville ⇒Located in Sidney, Australia, the Imperial Hotel Erskineville is considered one of the most elegant Hotels in Australia. Its fame crosses the border and is also an iconic pop culture symbol in Australia because it was at this hotel that the movie “Priscilla” was filmed! Last year, this stunning Hotel went through a stunning renovation and this is the end result! Join CovetED and see for yourself!


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The New Renovation of the Imperial Hotel Erskineville


The three-level Imperial Hotel Erskineville is a ‘palace of pleasure’. Designed by Alexander &CO, a Sydney, Australia-based multidisciplinary design practice with a global reach, this project represents the relaunch of one of Australia’s most revered LGBQTI safe havens. As a cultural icon, it was the birthplace of the movie “Priscilla” and plays a pivotal role in the greater Sydney community as a historic theatre and event space. It is dynamically programmed and responsive, turning from dining to dance floor with ease.


The New Renovation of the Imperial Hotel Erskineville


On the hotel’s ground floor is a stunning 250-seat restaurant called Priscillas. Conceived as a lost palace, a cabaret dreamscape of haphazardly replaced stone floor tiles and detailed timberwork. Various hand forged steel-framed glass houses and skylights throw shadows over broken brickwork, hand laid masonry arches and bespoke tile patterns. The melted wax from the central fireplace and hearth contrast the vivid colorways of the furniture and the dirty pink tones of the detailed ceilings and walls.


The New Renovation of the Imperial Hotel Erskineville


The rest of the design project is illuminated by various repurposed lampshades and brass wall sconces. Carefully curated fringed pendants throw shadows upon table settings whilst the main entry is notably illuminated by broken-down chandeliers. The space also features a private dining area with a large paper sculpture and an open kitchen. The main bar features a bespoke cathedral-esque/Biblical fresco ceiling mural with the adjoining theatrical cocktail bar opening out onto a glazed enclosure to an inner courtyard and winter garden.


The New Renovation of the Imperial Hotel Erskineville

Although the project feels immediately decorative, it is, in fact, a collection of robust building materials faced in makeup. Brickwork, concrete, steel, all represented in color and high fidelity. Something in the metaphor of Priscillas restaurant is the ability for this rawness to never feel like a construction site, but instead a theatre of color, a visual outrage. The IMPERIAL HOTEL ERSKINEVILLE is a beautiful, iconic, and welcoming hotel in the heart of the LGBTQIA+ community—if you plan to be in Sydney stay the night, or at the very least stop by for dinner and dancing at Pricillas.

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