The illusion of design in Covet London Apartment

The illusion of design in Covet London Apartment

November 4, 2015
The second of November became a historic moment in the interior design industry. The new design venue has been opened in London and automatically attracted the attention of the design-goers. The unique modern luxury furniture was collected at one place in Covet London Apartment!


The Covet Lounge Curated Design, a project that includes the exclusive design brands Brabbu, Koket, Delightfull, Boca do Lobo, Maison Valentina, Luxxu and Circu, opened its doors to a new, innovative and ambitious new design project: the Covet London Apartment.

In the heart of Chelsea, right next to the Design Centre Chelsea Harbour, it was created a new concept of showroom, a place where luxury brands celebrate design all together, offering the opportunity to visitors to spend a pleasant time at this apartment and enjoy the sophistication of the best design.

The great opening of the apartment was accompanied by the delicious appetizers and lounge music in order to create the unforgettable effect and atmosphere for all the guests enjoying the design pieces in this London venue.



COVET LONDON will be the designers second home, the place where you have fun with your friends while working and creating your projects.

Only by appointment, you will be able to see the handmade design pieces, exclusively experience them and understand all the stories behind it always enjoying a sophisticated and relaxed environment.


The apartment is a commemoration of the best in Portuguese design and we would like to invite you to join the world of luxury and celebrate design in the company of talented design team addicted to luxury!


Do you follow the contemporary tendencies and the most prominent design trends? If yes, then be sure that The CovetED Magazine knows how to find the best design ideas and will continue provide you with exclusive material about new venues to be opened, interesting showrooms and amazing design products.

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