Studio Annetta: Top 5 designers

Covet-Edition-coveted-studio-anetta-top-5-designers- Louisa-bradley-Villa-Kuwait

Studio Annetta: Top 5 designers

April 27, 2015

Covet Edition magazine, the best luxury magazine source,  made a selection of top designers that are bookmarked on the blog Studio Anetta, this is a blog specialized in interior design and it is administrated by Suzy Anetta, an interior design expert.

On this article, we are going to reveal 5 top designers that you should follow: Michael Taylor, Brigitta Spinocchia Freund, Ashley Whittaker design, Pierre Yovanovitch and Louise Bradley.

Michael Taylor

He is known as the James Dean of interior design. Michael Taylor was an interior designer who blended classic interior designs with modern and unique colors. He inspires with his “Californian Look” decorations.

He is considered on of the “20 Greatest Designers of All Time”, he´s like an interior design legend and his inspirations will always for his own designs and Michael was a hard worker designer, worked until his death in 1986.

But it was Taylor’s use of light that set him apart. He aimed to create rooms where “airiness and light” predominated, which was easier to achieve in his native California than in areas where the climate is more inclement, and he was fascinated by the effects of different exposures to the light in a room. He believed that white was the most efficient color for capturing light. And, in Taylor’s mind, his rooms were far from colorless: “There is a tremendous amount of color in my rooms, but there are not many colors. Light, as we know, contains in itself all colors, so that from the simple background the main color I use in the room travels rapidly and with no competing wavelengths to the eye.”



Michael Taylor inspired living room Via Martensen Jones Interiors


Michael Taylor interior design


A classic look for your dining room with a table all made of marble – a project by Michael Taylor

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Bringing back the 80´s! A gorgeous interior design by Michael Taylor – luxury magazine material!

Brigitta Spinocchia Freund

Spinocchia Freund is a British design company with a reputation for delivering outstanding international residential projects to private houses or big hotels. Since its 2009 founding by Brigitta Spinocchia Freund, the company has embraced the luxury world and the luxury lifestyle of their clients. This company offers services like interior architecture, interior, furniture, product and lighting design, project and procurement management, styling and branding.


Brigitta Spinocchia Freund project ski chalet – living room



Living room details ski chalet project by Brigitta Spinocchia Freund  – that center table looks gorgeous and definitely stands out. It is made by a brand called Boca do Lobo.


Dining room – ski chalet project by Brigitta Spinocchia Freund


Living room area – ski chalet project by Brigitta Spinocchia

Covet-Edition-coveted-studio-anetta-top-5-designers-Brigitta-Spinocchia-Freund-project-the-churchill-bar-&-terrace-Hyatt-Regency-London Covet-Edition-coveted-studio-anetta-top-5-designers-Brigitta-Spinocchia-Freund-project-the-churchill-bar-&-terrace-Hyatt-Regency-London-1

Project The Churchill Bar & Terrace Hyatt Regency London by Brigitta Spinocchia

Ashley Whittaker design

“neo-traditionalist,” Ashley Whittaker reveals her fresh and modern perspective on traditional design and architecture in all of her work. The New York City decorator offers distinctly classic taste and chic sophistication to residential decoration and interior design. Characterized by tailored rooms that incorporate charming detail and engaging play on color and pattern, Whittaker’s signature style is immediately evident.

A Florida native, Ashley received her bachelor degree from St. Lawrence University. She has worked as a special events director at both Ralph Lauren in New York and the finance firm Forstmann Little & Co. Ashley credits her training in the design industry to legendary decorator Markam Roberts where she worked before starting out on her own.

Covet-Edition-coveted-studio-anetta-top-5-designers- Ashley Whittaker design

Park Avenue Duplex project by Ashley Whittaker design

Covet-Edition-coveted-studio-anetta-top-5-designers- Ashley Whittaker design-lower-5th-avenue

living room – Lower 5th Ave project by Ashley Whittaker design

Covet-Edition-coveted-studio-anetta-top-5-designers- Ashley Whittaker design-lower-5th-avenue-2 Covet-Edition-coveted-studio-anetta-top-5-designers- Ashley Whittaker design-lower-5th-avenue-1

beautiful details – Lower 5th Ave project by Ashley Whittaker design

Pierre Yovanovitch

Harmonious volumes and clean lines drawn by the hand of a master confer sobriety and strength to yovanovitch’s interior architectures all softened by subtle plays of light and informed choices of authentic materials – wood, stone, marble, metal. floors, doors, lighting, furniture are custom designed and made by master artisans. the selection of eclectic art objects, be they American, Swedish or french, participate in the same « haute couture » approach to design.

He is intuitive and perfectionist and applies a rigorous esthetic to the research he follows throughout each of his creations. he draws and outlines with exemplary clarity the contours of an elegant and contemporary style that is the convincing voice of the new and « now » in french creation.

Covet-Edition-coveted-studio-anetta-top-5-designers- private-project-Paris-private-house-project-Paris-Pierre Yovanovitch-interior-design-kitchen

Interior Design project in a private house in Paris – Pierre Yovanovitch

Covet-Edition-coveted-studio-anetta-top-5-designers- Pierre Yovanovitch-interior-design-kitchen

Detail of Kitchen – Private House in Paris interior design project by Pierre Yovanovitch

Covet-Edition-coveted-studio-anetta-top-5-designers- private-project-Paris-public-project-christian-louboutin-Paris-Pierre Yovanovitch-interior-design

Public project – Christian Louboutin store in Paris

Louise Bradley

This company is comprised of an impressive Design Studio and flagship showroom in Brompton Cross, Knightsbridge and retail showroom in Walton Street, Chelsea, London.  is comprised of an impressive Design Studio and flagship showroom in Brompton Cross, Knightsbridge and retail showroom in Walton Street, Chelsea, London.

British designer Louise has got a great eye for balance and detail and her color palette is truly divine. A woman who is extremely passionate when it comes to designing and who manages to combine tradition and modern styles ever so well.

Covet-Edition-coveted-studio-anetta-top-5-designers- Louisa-bradley-country-house-windsor

Private House – Country House Windsor living room – project by Louise Bradley

Covet-Edition-coveted-studio-anetta-top-5-designers- Louisa-bradley-project-kitchen

Private House – Country House Windsor kitchen – project by Louise Bradley

Covet-Edition-coveted-studio-anetta-top-5-designers- Louisa-bradley-Villa-Kuwait

Villa Kuwait – project by Louise Bradley


A beautiful detail of a Louise Bradley interior design project

This 5 designers that Covet Edition talked about in this article are top! Remember to go to Studio Annetta’s  blog, there you have extensive lists of interior designers, top city guide and so on!

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