Inspirational Interior Designers: Steven Sclaroff


Inspirational Interior Designers: Steven Sclaroff

June 3, 2015

Steven Sclaroff is a famous interior designer that is known has one of the best in this area, he makes dynamic mixes, his one of the quirkiest and puts some of the most ironic details into his decorations.


His shop is a must-go, there you can find vintage furniture, art, lighting, rugs, accessories, and things that you don’t normally have.

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Sclaroff, who has worked in the fields of architecture, interior design and product development since 1988 in addition to designing beautiful interiors for places like Kate and Jack spade, Steven runs a beautiful shop in tribeca specializing in antique and vintage furniture and home goods. Steven integrates vintage, found, and fleamarket finds into his work. He has a his personal style, his plans for his design on a dime booth, when he knew he wanted to be a designer, and what some of his most fun projects over the years have been.

“I like my work to include my clients’ personality as much as possible (or as I can stand) and look like it designed itself, over time, during an indeterminable time. Essentially I guess I want my work to look personal, effortless and timeless. You are going to have to ask someone else how I am doing with this. I tend to like things that are special without being precious – and I like rooms to feel like if something gets moved, broken or lost even that no one will cry.”

Steven Claroff also has an art gallery.


He continues doing what he loves and Steven thinks that he is really lucky with his work: “I have enjoyed so many great projects with amazing clients like Kate and Andy Spade, Waterworks, Thompson Group Hotels, Giorgio Armani and Donna Karan, among others over the roughly twenty years I have been at it.

I can’t pick a favorite project, though making 40 Russian Proun-inspired Bar Mitzfah centerpieces in a week from white card in architecture school is a standout. I don’t know what I was thinking when I agreed to do it.”

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