Impressive Architectural Design In Joshua Tree


The architectural design of Doolitle House was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright‘s disciple Kendrick Bangs Kellogg. And it has been meticulously preserved by its current owners. CovetED Magazine invites you to meet this Impressive Architectural Design and learn how this came to life.


Impressive Architectural Design In Joshua Tree 1


The structure is formed of 26 vertebrae that rise through the interior as vertical columns and fan out horizontally to create a roof above. Light is let in through the gaps in these spines, and there are no traditional windows.


Impressive Architectural Design In Joshua Tree


The Doolittle house should theoretically be hard to miss. Designed by architect Kendrick Bangs Kellogg in the 1980s, the 4,643-square-foot modern home rises up out of the California desert. Yet the house is both discreet and, once you’re inside, surprisingly cosy.


Impressive Architectural Design In Joshua Tree


This is organic architectural design at its sublime and also at its most dramatic. The underlying shape is soft and rounded like a pebble, and yet, like a desert plant, the house has an overarching spikiness to it.


Impressive Architectural Design In Joshua Tree


Interior designer John Vugrin worked closely with Kellogg to create a series of custom-made objects fashioned from wood, metal, and marble in the house, including this spiny dining table.


Impressive Architectural Design In Joshua Tree


The house is resolutely open to the outside world, allowing its residents, Kristopher Dukes and Matt Jacobson, to watch the light continuously shift throughout the day. “You feel like it’s the Platonic ideal of how to live naturally,” says Dukes.


Impressive Architectural Design In Joshua Tree


There is no true ceiling in this architectural design. The concrete pillars come together like two hands about to hold. Between the fingers are almost-invisible windows, as seen here in the master suite.


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Inside this modern architecture project, there are no traditional windows. Instead, light seeps inside this modern art building through the gaps in the ribbed roof overhead. Boulders and parts of the rocky land are integrated into the walls. The master bathroom of this architectural design backs into the hill and has a waterfall that trickles down the boulders. All these details blend to create a unique sense of being both inside and outside.


Impressive Architectural Design In Joshua Tree


In the master bathroom, the rocky hill provides the perfect backdrop for a waterfall. “The sink looks like something out of Gaudi’s imagination,” describes photographer Elizabeth Daniels.



A mushroom-shaped tower sits at the centre of the interior revolving around an internal elevator.



Reiterating the inspiration of a desert plant, the home is almost deliberately foreboding to the outside world in order to forge a feeling of protection inside. This portcullis-like bronze door is a case in point.

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