Hotels We Covet – Yoo Collection in Rio de Janeiro

Hotels We Covet – Yoo Collection in Rio de Janeiro

June 2, 2017

With a singular vision to enrich lives with extraordinary living spaces, the group brings its unique design-led philosophy to hotels, real estate, furnishings, energy and capital. This worldwide renowned luxury hotel brand, the YOO Collection, brings together the most distinct Creative Directors and the notorious YOO Studio with some of the world’s most sublime destinations and flawless yet personal service.

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In a world in which daily routines are getting more and more tiring and repetitive, interior design is conquering an increasing importance in people’s lives, since it gives a house a totally new dimension. They are no longer a mere physical space in which we eat and sleep. Our homes are our most sacred retreats, in which we are free to express ourselves through the decoration and interior design. The same happens when choosing the hotel for the holidays or even a conference. The comfort is no longer the only thing we look for in a hotel. Of course, it is important. But nowadays, the most renowned hotels in the world get distinguished also because of their unique interior design and exquisite pieces of decoration. The interior designer, the signature and the concept imprinted in the decoration are all key factors that make one hotel distinct and so special among an immense sea of competitors.

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An excellent example of this prominence is the recent Yoo2 Rio de Janeiro, designed by the YOO Studio in London. And who is YOO? With more than 80 projects from all around the world since 1999, YOO Worldwide is a collaboration between Philippe Starck and John Hitchcox “to bring a unique and innovative approach to designing branded developments in the international property market.” – states John Hitchcox. YOO’s founder and CEO love for design and property is in fact in his blood, considering that his grandfather was already a property developer, and his father and sister are architects.

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“While travelling the world I spotted a unique business opportunity within the property industry: to bring New York-style loft living to London. Hence, I co-founded the Manhattan Loft Corporation.” – the designer explains.
As a brand, YOO has won a reputation for ‘place-making’ and unlocked a whole new mindset as to what and where a “home” could be. The Manhattan Loft Corp grew into a hugely successful business revolutionising the British landscape, and challenging the traditional definition, as to what was a viable and most importantly, desirable ‘home’. By the late nineties, John Hitchcox was craving a global challenge – that circulated around his passion for working with designer Philippe Starck – YOO was born.

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YOO Hotels and Resorts is the latest venture of the YOO Group, combining design-led lifestyle, great service (they serve like they design), unique experiences and two new hotel brands. YOO2 Hotels are designed by the YOO studio combining the local soul of the destination with the international flair of the YOO studio design.

The Group brings together some of the world’s most renowned names of interior design, such as the partnership with Philippe Starck. Working with all of the Group’s designers is firstly a lot of fun. It is highly rewarding to work with all those creative minds to develop residential projects around the world for YOO. And of course, the result could only be a tremendous success.

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The vision behind YOO is simple: they want to improve the quality of people’s lives through beautiful design. YOO is about you – to create new communities of like-minded people within vertical villages: places where people meet, connect, socialise, interact, mingle, launch and love. YOO environments are about people with design drawing people together; the access to some of the world’s greatest design talent and the YOO studio is unparalleled in the world.

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Although we are talking about one unique Group, each designer has their own personal style, with the common denominator that every YOO project is about bringing people together and enhancing the quality of life through our designs.

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YOO2 Rio de Janeiro is the first YOO2 hotel (“with much more to follow”, says proudly John Hitchcox). YOO2 hotels are vibrant and personal – it’s a boutique design hotel option with outstanding service, local soul and the opportunity to connect with a like-minded local and international community. It’s perfect for the young at heart urban explorer looking for the perfect mix of convenient location, uniquely designed extraordinary living spaces with local soul, seamless service and a social atmosphere. From a design perspective, the hotel has been designed by the YOO studio in its entity, using the local culture as inspiration, combining it with the international flair of the YOO studio, which results in a vibrant style appealing to the modern urban explorer.

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When asked to describe YOO Group in three words, John Hitchcox promptly answers: “Contemporary, Imaginative, Sophisticated”.

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In terms of forecasting, the Group has launched a few residential projects this year, such as the YOO on the Park, set in the vibrant heart of Midtown Atlanta and it will have a six-story façade of living greenery and an exceptional array of amenities and services focusing on today’s health-conscious, active lifestyles.

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“We will hopefully be announcing the opening dates for further YOO2 and the first YOO collection hotel soon. Our pipeline is looking great so watch this space!”

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