Hotels We Covet – Hilton Tallinn Park


Hotels We Covet – Hilton Tallinn Park

June 4, 2017

This summer Hilton has opened its first property in Estonia, with the unveiling of the Hilton Tallinn Park. Located around a mile from the capital city’s Old Town, the 202-room hotel is located next to Politsei Park. The architectural solution for the hotel Hilton Tallinn Park was created by Estonian architect Meelis Press, the interior design was prepared by Finnish design company dSign Vertti Kivi & Co. Working on drawings of the interior was provided by Allianss Arhitektid OÜ, while the lighting was completed by specialists of Hektor Light, one of the best Estonian company in this area.

hilton tallinn park

With respect to furniture, the elements in all the areas are either carefully selected from well-known design brands, or unique designs by Estonian designers and one-off solutions manufactured by Estonian companies according to the architects’ drawings. DelightFULL and Tom Dixon are two of the world TOP design brands featured here.

The ambience of Hilton Tallinn Park has a restrained and crisp Nordic look using natural materials, the overall light and moderate colour scheme – black, hues of white, grey and beige. It is occasionally accentuated with a touch of purple and gold and particular spaces are emphasised with extravagant elements.

hilton tallinn park modern interiors 6

In the spectacular entrance, there are hundreds of MIRROR BALL pendants welcoming guests into the new hotel. Work on finding lighting fittings for the Hilton Hotel was a major challenge for everyone involved in this type of luxury hotel had never been built in Estonia before. Planning for the new hotel began for the purpose of replacing the old Soviet-era hotel. Demolition works went quickly, while at the same time new ideas and solutions were being born.

hilton tallinn park modern interiors 7

It was understood that the interior of the hotel had to be luxurious, while also possessing a positive aura. It is highly gratifying that the contracting entity is able to appreciate the value of handcrafted, timeless lighting fittings.

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Ürjo Jõks, the chief of Hektor Light recalls how everything first began. Initially, a kinetic ceiling had been planned for the lobby, in which a large number of grouped together pendant light fittings were supposed to be placed in motion with the aid of a lot of motors. Offers were submitted by many different manufacturers and various technical solutions were thought out, although due to safety concerns this unique ceiling was never realised. It was then that Tom Dixon’s custom solution was born – an extremely effective composition comprised of 150 mirror ball pendants. The hotel has a large number of custom solutions when it comes to lighting fittings, i.e. created especially for this particular hotel.

hilton tallinn park modern interiors 5

Right from the start, there was a consensus among everyone when it came to the selection of lighting fittings offered by DelightFULL. They were selected for the restaurant and lobby sections of the hotel, and they proved to be the only suitable solutions.

hilton tallinn hotel delightfull

The hotel’s restaurant is located at a height of about 13 metres above street level, offering a beautiful view of the park. It is here that one can find Atomic and Charles, the magnificent retro style lighting fittings by DelightFULL. The Ike lighting fittings also by DelightFULL generate excitement, are prominent, and at the same time also blend in well with the interior.

hilton tallinn park modern interiors 3

Ike Suspension Lamp by DelightFULL

Without a doubt, the lobby serves as the hotel’s calling card. The space has a unique aura about it, being a pleasant and favourable place for getting together. It offers magnificence and dignity, luxury and exclusivity, while at the same time the space remains quite cosy and open.

hilton tallinn park modern interiors 2

Together with design furniture, art has always played an important part in the Hilton Hotels, so nearly 460 paintings were commissioned for the new building – large-format, mostly abstract works by painters Katrin Karu ja Natalia Koreshkova are embellishing the general areas, smaller canvases in the hotel rooms are by painter Maria Simson. Some paintings depict famous Estonians like the composer Arvo Pärt, the national poetess Lydia Koidula, or Fr. Reinhold Kreutzwald, author of the national epic “Kalevipoeg”.

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Distinctive character, extreme attention to details and construction quality, and accordance with the established high standards of the Hilton Hotel chain are the distinguishing features of the Hilton Tallinn Park Hotel. Hotel with a capital H is in the details.

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