Fabulous Projects By Top Italian Interior Designers

Fabulous Projects By Top Italian Interior Designers

April 29, 2019
Maison Valentina Koi Freestanding


Fabulous Projects By Top Italian Interior Designers⇒  Is no secret that most Italians have a good eye for design, decoration and creation. Italy is known for its top interior designers and luxury materials. The country has started to grow and the amazing city of Milan has become more vibrant and has emerged city of design and lots of landmarks designed by the most top interior designers and architects.  In this article, CovetED will show you and help you explore the best that Italy has to offer when it comes to Luxury Brands, Interior Designers and their stunning Design Projects!


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Patricia Urquiola 


Fabulous Projects By Top Italian Interior Designers


One of the names of the top interior designers is Patricia Urquiola. She has recently partnered up with Laufen to take extraordinary material into a third dimension, creating a new bathroom collection entitled SONAR.  Like its predecessor, Sonar showcases design skills, thanks to Laufen’s talent for attracting the industry’s best designers. Sonar is made of Laufen’s ultra-thin SaphirKeramik material, which boasts wafer-thin walls and tight-edge radii of 2 to 3mm. Urquiola tested the miracle material’s abilities even further by incorporating a three-dimensional texture for Sonar’s washbasin bowls’ external surfaces.


Maya Armchair Upholstery BRABBU

Dimore Studio


Fabulous Projects By Top Italian Interior Designers

Interstellar by Dimore Studio


Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran invested in their individual experience with the profession and study of Design, Art and Fashion, and founded DIMORESTUDIO in 2003. The Dimore Studio presented during Milan Design Week their new exhibition, Interstellar. This project presented the debut of Dimoremilano: the new brand that comprises furniture, fabric, object and outdoor collections by Dimorestudio. The shapes of this new collection are dry and robust as evidenced by their well-defined lines. The materials are aluminium, lacquers, brushed and polished steel, bronze and laminated surfaces and the colour used was black.  Launched in a historical building of the Rationalism era, which unveiled the vision and the evolution of Britt Moran and Emiliano Salci’s galaxy. The new furniture collection was the protagonist for four divisions created by coral silk partitions – bedroom, dining room, office and living room – showcasing the firm’s creations in their fullest splendour.


Antonio Citterio 


Fabulous Projects By Top Italian Interior Designers



Antonio Citterio is an Italian architect, interior and furniture designer. During Salone Del Mobile 2019, Citterio launched his most recent project, the launch of a series of new elements in Maxalto’s collection that direct the brand’s rich history towards the future. Three products to be more precise. Apollo that presents a new range of upholstery composed of three different sofa types. Caratos was first presented in 2017 and it’s expanding this year, with a small armchair with armrest, an armchair, a tub armchair, two stools with swivel seats, a bench, an ottoman and a coffee table.


Fabulous Projects By Top Italian Interior Designers



Designed with all the craftsmanship dedication we have Tesaurus, a new series of timeless storage units that feature curved wooden doors and slightly protruding shelves. With an unusually-sized headboard, the new Dike bed is characterized by its two panels, each 2m high and 125cm wide, anchored by a full-height hinge.


Table Category


Piero Lissoni


Fabulous Projects By Top Italian Interior Designers

KN Collection


Piero Lissoni is an Italian architect interior designer known for his work with contemporary furniture design. Recently, Lissoni created a collection for Knoll called KN Collection. The collection was entirely designed by the Italian designer and is a seating collection with an amazing style, capable of making every moment a precious opportunity for open interaction and the pleasure of socializing, or for use in private spaces. Combined with ample measurements, provide a balanced blend of compactness and comfort, the collection has minimalistic tones and offers maximum relaxation for those who choose it.




Fabulous Projects By Top Italian Interior Designers


Cassina is an Italian furniture luxury brand. During Milan Design Week, Cassina presented the Cassina Milan Showroom which was the epitome of The Cassina Perspective with an installation curated by the company’s Art Director Patricia Urquiola. The store windows were transformed with a blue perspectival grid that envelops part of the showroom, both on the floor and partially on the walls.


Fabulous Projects By Top Italian Interior Designers


A drawing by Le Corbusier created for Chandigarh was developed in 3D, this drawing was the background for four videos that came to life to tell the story of the embracing Back-Wing armchair by Patricia Urquiola, the CAB family by Mario Bellini, the Cotone sofas by the Bouroullec brothers and the elegant Dress-Up! sofa by Rodolfo Dordoni.




Fabulous Projects By Top Italian Interior Designers


Flou is an Italian furniture brand. One of its most recent projects included in the 2019 Novelties is the Double Bed KOI designed by Carlo Colombo. This is a double size bed with clean, sharp lines. The original and architectonic shape of the headboard, framed by the eye-catching metal structure that continues downwards to form the feet, is softened by the fabrics that have been skillfully stitched with vertical quilting. This decorative addition appears to elongate the bed and contributes to the creation of a design that is welcoming and sophisticated.




Fabulous Projects By Top Italian Interior Designers


The Heritage Collection is one of the most recent projects of the Italian luxury brand Molteni.  Molteni&C is re-examining its own history with an eye to the future. The 80! Molteni exhibition, the creation of the company’s historical archive and its recently inaugurated Molteni Museum have provided an opportunity for a revival, from the origins of modernity. The collection presents an enormous variety of products: armchairs, single units, chair, accessories, small tables and among others. And they all are a celebration and modern pieces of the old designs.


Fabulous Projects By Top Italian Interior Designers




Fabulous Projects By Top Italian Interior Designers



Fabulous Projects By Top Italian Interior Designers



For the Single Unit, MHC.1 is a new edition of the prototype of the first modern piece of furniture made by Molteni&C, the chest of drawers designed by Werner Blaser and the MHC.2 is a re-edition of the bookcase prototype designed in 1959 by Yasuhiko Itoh. The MHC.3 is a Char, THE Miss chair, designed by Afra and Tobia Scarpa in 1986. This year the Molteni&C Collection designed by Gio Ponti is enriched with the D.355.1 hanging bookcase.




Fabulous Projects By Top Italian Interior Designers

Photo Credits: Kartell


During the Milan Design Week, the Italian brand presented an innovative product created with Philippe Starck. The partnership of the two of them and the 3D software company ‘Autodesk’ resulted in a chair with Artificial Intelligence. As the name says, the chair combines A.I. with a creative design. The team have used an algorithm to conceive a comfortable chair that has the structural strength requirements to ensure certification and respect aesthetic standards of simplicity and clean lines.






Fabulous Projects By Top Italian Interior Designers


During Salone Del Mobile 2019 that took place in Milan, the Italian Brand present several new products in the Brera District. SELETTI + MARCANTONIO: Monkey Chandelier, Heart Lamp designed by Marcantonio was one of the projects presented in the design district. This project was proof of the Seletti’s fresh and different vision of design. The creation of this visionary project was by the artist-designer Marcantonio, who has also worked with Seletti in many other “out of the box” projects such as ‘Monkey Lamps’, ‘Mouse Lamps’ and many others.


Antonio Lupi 


Fabulous Projects By Top Italian Interior Designers

Opale – Designed by Carlo Colombo e Antonio Lupi


The most recent project of the Italian brand Antonio Lupi, specialised in home & bathroom furnishing, was also present in Salone del Mobile 2019, Opale is its name. Was designed by Carlo Colombo and Antonio Lupi and has the name implies, the project has geometric form and infinite reflections that are unique and only appear in precious stones. Opale was created to bring magic into the bathrooms with its refined chromatism and fine materials and is a collection of washbasins. The chromatic aspect of the collection appears in 10 different colours, all with translucid shades of uniqueness.



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