Exquisite Interior Design Projects by Todd Peddicord


Exquisite Interior Design Projects by Todd Peddicord

November 27, 2016

The following article will bring you two exciting projects developed by Todd Peddicord. Since early on, Peddicord has been connected to the design industry. At the age of 10, he was already designing interiors which is quite the remarkable achievement. Consequently, he began building and designing custom furniture at the age of 18.


In 2002, Peddicord put in motion his own interior design firm by mostly doing working in the North and South California. Due to his effective and social approach to clients and design itself, Todd Peddicord has become a prominent name in the design world. His work has appeared in design magazines, home tours, and even national home shows.

The Interior Designer has now conceived two more projects in Northern California. The firs one regards a Foyer & Billiards Room whereas the second one is about a Master Bath Remodel. Both projects’ spaces are characterised by its transitional nature and the use of neutral colours. See below a depiction of these projects which are just abysmally exquisite.

Foyer & Billiards Room

Todd Peddicord



Master Bath Remodel




To truly comprehend Peddicord’s remodelling magic and decor perception, click here, and you will notice the before and after of various living spaces, from a master bathroom to a living room, to an entryway, to a kitchen, among others areas. The end result is simply astonishing.

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Source: Todd Peddicord