CovetED’s Exclusive Interview With Angelina Sanz

CovetED’s Exclusive Interview With Angelina Sanz

March 26, 2020

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Angelina Sanz from Perpendicular Arquitetura was one of the names CovetED had the pleasure of interviewing. Presenting her work for the first time at Casa Décor 2020, Angelina showed a project called “synergy”, set in a men’s playroom, which represents the synergy between a classic and a minimalist style, with a monochromatic base so that its shapes and reliefs are representative of each style.


CovetED's Exclusive Interview With Angelina Sanz


“Our company is closely linked to the retail and luxury housing sector, and led us to think of a space that fit both, hence choosing a private room. So we opted for a poker room, a game that has already gone around the world and that does not understand age, sex or social group”




Since sustainability is the main theme of this year’s Casa Décor, the project demonstrates the possibilities that ecological materials have in the world of art and interior design. These are present in elements such as the box based on recycled papers and natural dyes, and wall coverings, which are lime mortar.


CovetED's Exclusive Interview With Angelina Sanz


“As we are also a construction company, we work more closely with all kinds of factories and materials, which has allowed us to stay up-to-date with new developments and test more sustainable applications in our works and designs.”


As professionals, the group considers “that it is our responsibility to bet on more sustainable construction and to project designs that increasingly reduce the environmental impact”, Angelina states. Likewise, “we have been demonstrating to our clients that these novelties are a great advance in sustainability and design, creating interior design with exceptional qualities with less polluting materials.”, she says. 


CovetED's Exclusive Interview With Angelina Sanz


“We set out as a challenge to break with the light colour palette in small spaces and create that spaciousness and warmth with dark colours within the naturist range of greens and tiles. We achieve this with a monochromatic style, all the elements, walls, ceilings, furniture … are unified in the same colour palette so that their shapes and reliefs are the protagonists.”


The solid colour in natural tones so that the base of the space is the frame that highlights the work of art or the most representative pieces. Natural sustainable lime mortars; recycled papers for the artwork; ecological paints; textiles in natural fabrics; mouldings, panelling and brass as a connecting element between the styles.


CovetED's Exclusive Interview With Angelina Sanz

Angelina Sanz


“I believe that success is in being faithful to your essence, without stopping to grow and evolve as a professional.”


Angelina is a successful interior designer and, when asked about her secret to achieving success, she claimed: “not to forget that every day is an apprenticeship and that those who least expect can teach you, and, second, to be a designer with soul and personality that makes you unique and differentiating.”


CovetED's Exclusive Interview With Angelina Sanz

CUCUFATE restaurant


There are lots of projects that have marked Angelina’s work, but the creation of the design of a restaurant in Madrid in where she was able to use her imagination and creativity with two premises “madness and music”.


“A few years ago we had the opportunity to create a show restaurant, “el Cucufate”, in San Sebastián de los reyes, Madrid. They gave us free rein for the concept, marking two premises, madness and music. From here, we were inspired by an abandoned house that was coming to life wherever music passed, making this a space full of symbolism and extravagant elements. “


CovetED's Exclusive Interview With Angelina Sanz


Perpendicular Arquitectura is a young company, made up of professionals with more than 20 years of experience in retail construction, manage complete architectural projects, offering a comprehensive service with excellent quality, from project completion, construction and installation, to reach maintenance once the work is completed.



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