Beautiful Creations of Roman and Williams

Roman and Williams Buildings and Interiors is a design company straight from Manhattan founded in 2002 by two outstanding individuals – Robin Standefer and Stephen Alesch. The firm is named after their grandfathers. Those men were working together for the designing of set for significant Hollywood productions and when they were asked to design a home in Los Angeles – that’s the moment the doors opened for their true career. Their style? Not focusing on a particular time or era, but the goal is to find the very essence of things – they look for the integrity and character. The energy and inspiration from the heart. They rebel against the common stereotypes and put the attention into things that genuinely last. They are receiving a lot of attention for their work on the international level for homes, product design, restaurants and hotels. They merge past and future, spontaneity and rigor, refinement and rebellion. The winner of the prestigious 2014 National Design Award for excellence in Interior Design.

Let’s stick with the movies : they designed interiors not only for Addicted to Love or The Caveman’s Valentine but also for famous Zoolander ! Take a minute to see the photo below from this worldwide known comedy.

Covetedition-Beautiful Creations of Roman and Williams-Zoolander

As for the restaurants, alongside with Kingside and distinguished LaFayette, they are really proud of their project called “FACEBOOK” – a mess hall in the Menlo Park where they chose simplicity and transparency. Slick black tables and the bar level booths fill the space, along with print art, exposed light bulbs and rivets galore.

Covetedition-Beautiful Creations of Roman and Williams-Facebook


Covetedition-Beautiful Creations of Roman and Williams-bulbs

Covetedition-Beautiful Creations of Roman and Williams-facebook2

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Let’s move forward to the houses. The most outstanding is the Castilian residence, renovated yes small 1920’s Spanish-style residence that the owners – Christine Taylor and Ben Stiller, recently purchased. The designers committed themselves to the details. Every piece of furniture in the house was personally selected by Robin and Stephen. The result is astonishing – beautiful Mediterranean house that recalls amazing 1920’s glamour.

Covetedition-Beautiful Creations of Roman and Williams-Castilina

Covetedition-Beautiful Creations of Roman and Williams- Residence

The Secret of Roman and Williams is, how they like to accentuate, a strong focus on people and their experiences of a space. Those two New Yorkers are really doing an outstanding job.

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