Architects Ink, The Luxury Firm Based in Australia

Architects Ink, The Luxury Firm Based in Australia⇒   Architects INK is an award-winning architecture and interior design company established in 1996 with offices in Adelaide and Sydney. It is the main interior designer and architect in Australia with its high-quality designs.  This luxury firm has been created and is germinated by Marco Spinelli, Tony Lipps and Mladen Zujic. Its main focus is on conceptual ideas to develop a different identity for each project and each client, their needs and aspirations. CovetED loved their project and is here to let you know everything about it. 



Architects Ink, The Luxury Firm Based in Australia


As his arrival in the world of interior design and architecture, Architects INK turned with his work, dedication, luxury projects an award-winning firm with many prizes in some variety. His first prize was in 2009 with a residential luxury project, Island Beach House. But last year, it was the last with another residential project «PR House» a perfect home for all.


Architects Ink, The Luxury Firm Based in Australia


With its perfect and unique projects, I’m going to focus on the ones I love the most, this luxury Firm has created a “Sugar Gum Home” a new project done in 2018 with 295 square meters. This is one of the most incredible houses I’ve seen. It is located in a large property in Willunga. This house has been built on site to reduce its impact while maximizing the west perspective to McLaren Vale and the sea.

Architects Ink, The Luxury Firm Based in Australia

Thoughtful design, living spaces, affordable architecture, is what you can find in one of these houses. The designs of one and two floors are available with the flexibility to meet your needs, budget and site, but I have to realize that it has been a collaboration with more than 10 years between Architect INK and Krivic House.

Architects Ink, The Luxury Firm Based in Australia

This project has been created and designed in 2013 and has been a luxury project among three urban houses intelligently located in a small and restrictive site. The main challenge has been to provide natural light with private outdoor space to all residences without compromising the precious internal housing areas required in such developments. And the result has been fantastic, with high-quality finishes, the patios, the open floor plan and many more details.

Architects Ink, The Luxury Firm Based in Australia

In the latest luxury project, it is this unique beach house to replace the dilapidated but beloved beach shack of the client in 1960. The materials are natural, robust and low maintenance, and the simple square footprint was influenced by the previous house. But, this generous balcony maximizes views of the beach and the outdoor living space, as does the children’s playground.


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