A Notable Office Project at the Celebrated Place de L’Etoile in Paris


A Notable Office Project at the Celebrated Place de L’Etoile in Paris

March 14, 2017

The following article will disclose a notable office project located at the celebrated Place de L’Etoile, in Paris. This astounding interior project was designed by renowned French designer and interior architect, Caroline Keslassy whose speciality lies on creating mesmerising decors in residential projects, boutique and offices. Her interiors are characterised by informal and bold aesthetics while also being contemporary, eclectic and timeless.

i-zhbgh4n-XL place de l'etoille

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Although the designer is quite inspired by the innovative experience of Silicon Valley, it is Paris, her hometown, that remains her great source of inspiration. As soon as the French cosmeceuticals brand ask Keslassy to design their office, she opted to balance the interiors with a sense of tradition as well as innovation by selecting the right textures and fabrics.

i-ShDW53K-XL place de l'etoile

“I did structure this office so it adapts to my clients identity. I created the reception room with multiple seating areas for various moments and situations: from informal seating (working alone with a computer, or more intimate spaces for phone calls) to formal seating. The niches are spaces where you can be alone when privacy time is key for creativity and efficiency.”

galliano place de l'etoile

This astounding office design features elegant and sophisticated pieces from several luxurious brands, including Essential Home’s Carver Armchair, a highly-curated version of Brabbu’s Earth Armchair, DelightFULL’s Brubeck Floor Lamp, Galliano ceiling lamps as well as the refined Ike Floor Lamp

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brubeck place de l'etoille

“I don’t believe in this old generation of formal, cold and impersonal offices, clients and occupants both need to feel like home, blinding the limits between residential and work spaces. I wanted to translate warmth, aliveness and friendliness in a very graphic design. I have this attraction for gentle, comfortable but opulence”.

i-GHnQNJx-XL place de l'etoile

CK Design opted to use neutral tones and an array of textures for the office decor, thus creating a tremendously empowering setting. The carpet pattern was inspired by fishes flakes paired with shagreen and seashell while the artwork belongs to Andy Warhol’s Serigraphy.

i-z5DNnr5-XL place de l'etoile

Being the perfect example of craftsmanship, the reception area is quite a luminous place that evokes rhythm and warmth by the use of musically-inspired lighting pieces in brass. Sheers were incorporated in the design in order to maintain privacy as well as adding a bit of poetry to the room. Paying great attention to fabric, the furniture pieces feature a very mid-century touch by displaying various textures, colours and fabrics, such as Parisian tweed, silks, velvets and leathers, and also by exploring materials and fibres like shagreen, seashells, tree fibres, parchments and wood. The reception desk is best characterised by its clean lines.

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