A Natural and Fierce Art Apartment in Barcelona Featuring BRABBU

A Natural and Fierce Art Apartment in Barcelona Featuring BRABBU

April 3, 2017

Today’s article will feature a stunning Art Apartment which was restored by proficient interior design studio Recdi8 and also features an alluring piece from Brabbu. The latter is renowned for creating fierce and strong spaces and/or pieces with an inspiring narrative background in that involves matters, such as nature and cultural influences from all around the world. The intense brand aims to inspire clients with designs that match their needs and personality while providing a cosy and harmonious setting.


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The luxury manufacturer took part in the decoration of an astonishing Art Apartment in Barcelona. Being a massive privilege to work in a setting such as this one, Brabbu took advantage of every opportunity and provided a romantic and aesthetic atmosphere by using amazing pieces that give meaning to a place, this is one of the reasons why the luxurious space gained the concept of “Art Apartment”

Art-Apartment-in-Barcelona-decorated-with-BRABBUs-Accent-Chairs-2 art apartment

Furthermore, interior design studio, Recdi8 was responsible for the renewal of this astonishing apartment. By studying the history of the building, the design studio made sure to incorporate, or better yet, preserve, the original elements that were sort of being disregarded with time.


As said previously, the decor was massively influenced by the pure features of nature as well as elements from the Rococo and Romanticism styles. BRABBU’s participation in this project becomes quite evident in the living room design which benefits from an extremely mid-century touch. Four Maya armchairs were utilised in order to achieve this classical look, these armchairs are the perfect choice to furniture a living room set due to being fully upholstered with cotton velvet and contrasting beautifully with other aspects, such as colours.

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maya-armchair-1 art apartment

Going into further detail about this astonishing piece, the armchair’s yellow colour was inspired by corn, an essential element in the Maya culture regarding not only all daily aspects but also religion and mythology. This piece features delicate and sensual lines of the female body as well as the forces of the Sacred Tree of Life (Palenque) and this amazing combination makes it the central piece of any living room. The softness of its velvet gives an incomparable feeling of comfort and luxury.


maya-armchair-2-HR art apartment

Basically, the living room adheres to a natural philosophy that is both harmonious and fierce, characteristics that are quite present in the brand’s way of designing.

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