49 Zhukovka by PH.D. Design Studio

49 Zhukovka by PH.D. Design Studio

December 21, 2015

The Moscow based architectural bureau P H D practices the highest level of design on all of their projects – from exhibition and interior design, to architecture and urban planning. Founded by architect Lana Grineva in 2003, the company strives to understand the desires of its clients in order to transform their hopes and needs into unique, pure spaces. P H . D’s philosophy is: “in-depth knowledge in all fields, interaction of ideas and views during work on each, creation of the right context for contemporary art and design.” This talented and thoughtful firm offers various services including architecture, interior design, custom made furniture, landscape design, and art consulting.

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A masterful use of colors and tasteful mixture of natural materials, textures, and scales are key defining characteristics of P H . D’s work. House No. 49, a residential project in Zhukovka, Bryansk Oblast, Russia, is an exemplary P H . D design. Iniala Beach Hotel, St Petersburg Hotel, Cam Ranh Bay Flowers 3 Resort Villa, and Restaurant “Aromi la Bottega” are among some of the other notable projects produced by P H . D.CovetED Projects we covet  Zhukovka pictures

House No. 49 was going up for sale and thus needed to be done quickly and cost effectively, factors which greatly challenged the design and required swift discovery and delivery of new colors, arrangements, textures, and materials to fit these binding conditions. It was in this sense that both the brands BRABBU and DELIGHTFULL were chosen by P H . D to be part of this project. One of the pieces chosen from the BRABBU collection was the classic INCA armchair upholstered in velvet with a high-gloss ebony wood veneer frame. With the addition of these two brands to the realization of this project it was possible to create an atmosphere of elegance while bringing some of nature inside.

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The ground floor of the mansion welcomes visitors with its comfortable living room, dining room, two guest bedrooms, a cinema, sports lounge, and spa. Two small dark rooms on this floor were renovated to add a sauna and Turkish bath to the spa. Finished in cumaru wood the spa enjoys direct access to the main terrace. A second terrace is accessed through doors from the master bedroom on the first floor, a level exclusively for the homeowners. The first floor also features three children’s rooms with en-suite baths and dressing rooms, a large playroom, and a study.CovetED Projects we covet  Zhukovka


A unique and enjoyable environment was most certainly achieved in this property, P H . D undoubtedly reflected their top-notch talent delivering a vibrant livable space on time and within budget.