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In one of the highest buildings in London with mesmerising 360-degree views of the City, you can find SUSHISAMBA, another amazing restaurant we Covet!

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World's Finest Restaurants - sushisamba 1

At SUSHISAMBA you’ll find a unique blend of Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian culture and cuisine” with a huge variety of food, from ceviches to miso soup and sashimi, everything in the same place! The tuna ceviche and the scallops seviche are big hits in the menu, also “yellowtail taquitos with avocado and roasted corn miso and the signature Moqueca Mista jumbo shrimp, squid, sea bass, mussels, clams, coconut milk, dendê oil, chimichurri rice” are the long-time favourites in the restaurant, said the Executive Chef, Claudio Cardoso.

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Without any doubts, the big star of the menu is the inventive “Samba Rolls”, a creative invention of the restaurant’s skilled team of executive sushi chefs and is representative of the Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian triumvirate. And to end perfectly, one of the “firm favourite since day one on the dessert menu is the Chocolate Banana Cake with maple butter, plantain chip, and vanilla rum ice cream”, said Claudio Cardoso. SUSHISAMBA promises to offer a truly unique experience to their customers, and we had the pleasure to prove it!

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We had the chance taste amazing and the pleasure to interview the restaurant’s Managing Partner, Shimon Bokovza and with the Executive Chef, Claudio Cardoso. When asked what make SUSHISAMBA unique and different from all other restaurants, the answer was clear: “Loyalty and longevity are not easy elements to obtain in the restaurant business…and SUSHISAMBA enjoys both!”. This place benefits from the most amazing views of London! In the 38th floor, the restaurant features the highest outdoor dining terrace in Europe, offering a supreme 360-degree view of the City. Everything starts in a panoramic elevator which reaches the top in 38seconds. Once in the top, is difficult to not notice the iconic Orange Tree Terrace that perfectly transmit the style and energy of SUSHISAMBA.

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Beyond the great food and experience given to the clients, it’s impossible to not note the beautiful interiors and decoration! SUSHISAMBA London was designed by CetraRuddy, international award-winning architecture, planning and interior design firm. As Shimon Bokovza explained, “The design is earthy and casual yet sophisticated. Building off of the brand’s Brazilian/Japanese cuisine, the design incorporates weathered wood, terrazzo floors inspired by the patterns of Ipanema and Rio de Janeiro, walls of unique street art, and sculptural banquets of wood and multi-hued leather”. The main goal of the architect was to create a memorable indoor/outdoor entertainment and dining experience, for that, and based on the British garden tradition, they build a unique “garden in the sky”!

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In the main room, you can find a full height green trellis wall that extends to the 24-foot-high ceiling. Adding some dimension to the space you have a vault of bamboo punctuated by handcrafted lit coloured glass sculpture, creating a fantastic ambience. The different levels of the space are connected by a sweeping sculptural stairway of glass and metal. “CetraRuddy created an architecturally inspiring ambience combining craft, art, nature and warmth that reinforces the power of the SUSHISAMBA’s inventive cuisine”. Shimon Bokovza, Managing Partner.

World's Finest Restaurants - sushisamba 13SUSHISAMBA London, Heron Tower, 110 Bishopsgate, London EC2N 4AY, tel 020 3640 7330

SUSHISAMBA will not stop here, it has a promising future! Next summer, they’ll be opening in Covent Garden’s famed Opera Terrace within the historic Market Building, located at the top of the Grade II listed building and comprises c. 9,000 sq. ft. including a balcony, is uniquely positioned with striking rooftop views across the Piazza. They vow a bold and contemporary renovation of the site will see the existing conservatory replaced with a new Eric Parry glazed design, creating a stimulating visual addition that is sure to become an iconic element of the Market Building.

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