Top 6 Trendy Home Accessories

Top 6 Trendy Home Accessories

Top 6 Trendy Home Accessories

March 8, 2019

Top 6 Trendy Home Accessories ⇒ Home accessories are the perfect way to add personality to any room. A luxurious rug design can bring a touch of extra excellence to a room, a sophisticated golden handle can make any door look like a palace entrance, and an immaculately crafted cushion; can be the soul of your sofa, bedroom, or armchair. What seems like an easy choice, can quickly become a complete disaster; hence our commitment to finding the best home accessories that can truly inspire you. – So yes, you can relax, CovetED has you back!


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Home Society’s Nº5 II Cushion


Top 6 Trendy Home Accessories


Sometimes all you need is a nice and luxurious home accessory that uplifts a space. This statement cushion from Home Society is not only perfect to elevate any living room but also great as an extra detail for the bedroom. Its design incorporates elegant shapes in velvet, hand embroidery, natural silk and dazzling jacquards with decorations. The luxurious feel comes from the natural silk and velvet fabrics as well as hand embroidery work.

Home Society’s Nº8 Cushion


Top 6 Trendy Home Accessories


This trendy cushion from Home Society is another must in home accessories. The design and fabrics are in the same line as the previous one, changing only the colours and hand made embroidery. The green velvet conveys an instant luxurious feel while the black panther design brings an extra sassiness to the piece. It’s original and daring but still fits pretty much any environment. The materials used are natural silk, jacquards, and velvet.



Arraiolos Geometric


Top 6 Trendy Home Accessories


The Arraiolos Geometric rug is a stunning creation that has been created through a hand knotted technique on wool. The graphics and patterns are different and unusual, make this piece another stand out in the world of luxury rugs and home accessories in general. You can find it at Rug’s Society – a unique Portuguese brand that aims to bring luxury rugs to the next level. Their pieces go beyond practically as they act as little art pieces that you can admire from your home.


Ted Shaggy


Top 6 Trendy Home Accessories


The Ted Shaggy rug is one of those luxury rugs that mixes unique tones with New Zealand wool, and bamboo silk. It’s one of those home accessories that can bring an extra cozy feel to any room while being visually appealing too. You can find at Rug’s Society along with several more options for unique rug designs.


Jalo Pullcast


Top 6 Trendy Home Accessories


Another must in the world of the home accessories world is this beautiful Jalo gold piece from Pullcast which is inspired by the Green bean plants, and the pole varieties, that grow long vines. This type of handle is a unique piece that conveys a very elegant touch to any drawer, door, or cupboard. It comes in different colours and the material used is brass, and the finishing is polished brass though it’s also available in aged or brushed brass.

Karat Pullcast


Top 6 Trendy Home Accessories

The ‘Karat‘ is another fantastic piece in the world of home accessories which you can find at Pullcast. Its peculiar and interesting shape was inspired in gems, most specifically, diamonds. Nothing brings more luxury to design than a diamond-like shape or gold tone, and in this piece, you get both! In terms of materials, this furniture drawer handle comes in polished, aged, or brushed brass.


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