Tokyo: a gold Christmas tree valued at £1.4 million

The Christmas tree is not only a tree, but also a truly decorative item, You can have them natural or artificial. Classic or extravagant. Neutral or colourful. But the tree we’re about to present you is one of a kind and only worthy of the best living rooms and fireplaces (but be aware if the fire melts the tree’s gold!). Imagine a tree where instead of balls and ribbons, you’ll find gold, pure gold!…

a gold Christmas tree valued at £1.4 million

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a gold Christmas tree valued at £1.4 million

Interested? Visit Ginza Tanaka, a jewellery store in Tokyo that is selling a gold Christmas tree valued at £1.4 million. Its cost is related with its extravagant decoration and its 4,000 feet of fine wire processed from 42 pounds of pure gold (around one and a half times the weight of a gold bar). With 6.6 feet tall, it has small gold stars festooned among the wires, all handcrafted.

“In the current situation where the global economy is suffering as a result of economic instabilities like Brexit, we made this gold Christmas tree hoping it will wipe out gloomy news and provide a bright and shiny future,” said Ginza Tanaka store manager, Takahiro Ito.

a gold Christmas tree valued at £1.4 million

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This hope in a brighter and shinier future is encouraged by other examples of extravagant trees like the world’s most expensively-dressed Christmas tree, valued at £7 million because of its 181 jewellery pieces. This Guinness World Records tree was displayed at Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi in 2010.

With such an inspiration, we have no doubts that you’re full of ideas for this year’s Christmas decoration. Try to be elegant and creative and enjoy this delightful season with all the glamour. Transform your home in a “Christmas land” maintaining your own style and taste. And don’t forget that gold was one of the gifts that Jesus received, so why don’t you present yourself with a gold Christmas tree…

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