The best places to eat in EUROPE: Warm yourself in Michelin Star style

Winter is often a synonym of cold, rain and even snow, but people create some strategies to stay warm. Food is one of the best tricks to raise the temperature and keep everybody comfortable.  We will show you a list of Michelin Star Restaurants in Europe, that you will love.

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Alain Ducasse from Plaza Athénée

Romain Meder, the Chef of this Restaurant located in 25 Avenue Montaigne 75008 Paris, France, achieved the three Michelin Star. A cuisine that shows great respect for the planet earth, for nature. The original interpretation of Haute Cuisine  of this talented chef is inspired by the trilogy fish-vegetables-cereals. The traditional presentation of the wines are classified by generation, 10 years, 20 years, and so one until reaches the oldest of 55 years.

Alain Ducasse Plaza Athenee 3 Michelin Star

“To eat more healthily and naturally is today both an expectation and a necessity that must be translated into the field of haute cuisine. Exceptional produce expressing their simplicity, a technique which has the elegance to take a step back to their benefit. This is the cuisine I sincerely love . Cuisine of Naturalness, released, freed. This very personal interpretation is indeed, here, in my restaurant at the Plaza Athénée.” Alain Ducasse from Plaza Athénée.

The restaurant Le Cinq, of Christian Le Squer

You can find this place in 31 avenue George V, 75008 Paris, France. Is another great choice of a three Michelin stars restaurant.  Christian Le Squer is the determined and serene Chef who defines himself as a creator of flavors and composer of tastes. This is the perfect place for a warm and intimate dining it feels like you are in a private chateau, where the guests can admire two beautiful Louis XIVth wardrobes as well as two Louis XVIth gold gilt chairs.

*** Michelin Star C. Le Squer

“With 12 years heralded by three Michelin stars, Christian Le Squer has given proof of exemplary regularity. He is a determined and serene Chef who defines himself as a creator of savors and composer of tastes. Like a couturier or a perfumer, he shapes and assembles products in order to enhance them and obtain the most exacting flavors with perfect coherence.” Christian Le Squer, from Le Cinq.

Noma of René Redzepi

It has been considered  for many the Best Restaurant of the world but didn´t get yet the third Michelin Star. Noma of chef René Redzepi was number 1 in the list of The World 50 Best Restaurants, for four times in the last five editions.

*** Michelin Star Noma René Redzepi

Costes Restaurant with chef Miguel Rocha Vieira.

* Michelin Star M.R. Vieira

This place received one Michelin Star in 2010. It was the first Michelin Star attributed to a restaurant in Budapest, Hungary, and it has been renewed since then.  The Chef Miguel Rocha Vieira is also the consulter chef of Costes Downtown opened in 2015, and winner of one Michelin Star in that same year.

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