Rive Gauche, Rive Droite: Paris Deco Off 2017

Welcome to Paris! The City of Light, La Ville Lumière, the city of Love and also the city of Fashion and Design. Paris is a true inspiration for those in any creative industry by simply gazing down the ancient streets or relaxing in the charming street side cafes. In Paris, all the senses are uplifted and enhanced in such magnitude that it’s impossible to describe. Be Prepared to know the big Paris Deco Off 2017.

Paris Deco Off 2017

Whether you are professional in the world of design or simply love design, Paris Deco Off  2017 is the event in Paris you won’t want to miss. Paris Deco Off 2017 dis a free event for the general public and the «rendez-vous» of international interior designers and decoration editors where the best designs in Paris are shown. This amazing event involves 120 participants in a festive environment to present the world their outstanding fabric collections. Since each of the 120 participants is a must-visit showroom, I have prepared the perfect tour guide for you to visit them all many of which will also be present at the worldwide design event, Maison et Objet.

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4spaces best designs in Paris: Paris Deco Off 2017

4Spaces is a Swiss-based textile label, which manufactures its own exclusive textile collections for interiors and limited edition designs, with Swiss or European origin.

Address: Galerie Puy baudet
42 rue de Seine – 75006 PARIS
Website: http://4spaces.ch/

agena best designs in Paris

With more than 50 years of history, the fabrics, wallpapers and rugs manufactured by AGENA® for high-class decoration reflect a daily luxury featured mainly by their innovative creativity and certified quality totally made in Italy.

Address: Atelier Visconti
4 rue Visconti – 75006 Paris

Website: www.agenagroup.it

best designs in Paris

Alcantara is Italian product of excellence, unique, resistant, embodying a perfect balance of technology and tradition, entirely made in Italy.

Address: Galerie Art Cube
9 place Furstenberg – 75006 Paris
Website: http://www.alcantara.com/it/index.do

aldeco best designs in Paris

Inspired by the world’s heritage and cultures, Aldeco Interior Fabrics is a dynamic and creative Portuguese brand specialised in high-end interior fabrics. Their stunning collections are a result of the passion devoted by their Design Department, combined with innovation and in tune with the latest fashion and design trends. Aldeco’s concept is represented by their high-end fabrics with the best quality, elegance and functionality. With headquarters and showrooms strategically located in Portugal (Oporto Lisbon and Algarve), France (Paris) and Spain (Madrid), they offer a wide range of fabrics: silks, velvets, linens, chenille, organzas, printed cotton, taffetas and blackouts. They also provide technical fabrics, such as TREVIRA CS, Fire Retardant, Teflon (waterproof) and Anti-Stain. Aldeco has become a strong international reference on interior design textiles to architects, designers and decorators, whether it’s new projects, renovations or simply decoration projects. Their high-end textiles have several applications for domestic or contract projects (hotels and restaurants), such as draperies, upholstered sofas, chairs and headboards, linens, pillows. Their great experience stands in producing blackouts, jacquards, plain fabrics, velvets, transparencies, nets, which, in their majority, are 280cm wide and ready to ship. It’s also important to highlight that Aldeco’s professionals are ready to provide a quick response to prices and delivery times. They are also able to develop fire retardant treatment in every other fabric, with the Class Level requested by their clients. They believe that the secret is being global without forgetting their own identity, creativity and professionalism and the truth is that they have been supplying fabrics to the best hotels and tourism companies around the world, having already conquered 52 countries with the best service and wide range of unique products.

Address: Showroom Aldeco
23 rue du Mail – 75002 Paris
Website: http://www.aldeco.pt/

alhambra-allure-8 best designs in Paris

The brand Alhambra was founded in Alicante, Spain, in 1977 and is a reference in textiles of high quality and design. By mixing textiles, textures and colours, they create a universe of textiles that draw our soul and fill our life with well-being.

Address: Galerie Dépendances
6 bis rue de l’Abbaye – 75006 Paris
Website: http://www.alhambraint.com/


Arte is a passionate designer and manufacturer of sophisticated wallcoverings, working since 1981, to adorn the walls of both residential homes and project interiors in over 80 countries worldwide.

Address: 6 bis rue de l’Abbaye – 75006 Paris

Website: http://www.arte-international.com


With more than 150 years of experience, Jean Pinton weaves exceptional carpets and majestic wall-hand tapestries using antique techniques.

Address: 71 rue du Cherche-Midi – 75006 Paris
Website: www.pinton1867.com


Created for the luxury interiors, Black Edition by Romo blends sophisticated textures, innovative weaving techniques and artisan effects with a visionary colour palette.

Address: A2Z Art Gallery
24 rue de l’Echaudé – 75006 Paris

Website: www.blackedition.com 


Brochier creates and produces top of the range interior decoration fabrics, well-known all over the world for their sophistication, elegance and the quality of their yarns.

Address: Galerie de l’Europe
55 rue de Seine – 75006 Paris

Website: www.brochier.it

bruno-moinard-editions3: Paris Deco Off 2017

His hometown Dieppe, his fascination for the sea and the alabaster coast are the unquestionable basis to his love for the light, strong clean lines, transparency and the essence of things. Graduated by the l’Ecole Nationale supérieure des arts appliqués et des métiers d’art, Bruno Moinard began his career in 1980 with several prestigious collaborations, particularly within the agency Ecart International founded by Andrée Putman. In 1995 Moinard founded his own agency 4BI, which is today renowned for its diverse and varied interior architecture, as well as furniture created by the best craftsmanship. Warm minimalism, simplicity without austerity, elegance and timelessness with an approach to luxury are the expressions that define the work of Bruno Moinard. Whether they are creating new spaces or recreating others, 4BI’s projects reinterpret the references to the past while remaining contemporary, bringing warmth to the barest interiors, and cultivating the art of simplicity. Far from being ascetic, Bruno Moinard’s concept carries with it a dreamlike quality. For his apartments and private homes, hotels, luxury boutiques, public spaces, scenographies and cultural spaces, Bruno Moinard dedicates the most of his passion into his work with light, being the key when choosing the noble materials, such as glass, marble, velvet, bronze. This also applies to the furniture he has designed for the Interna and Promemoria as for Ecart International and his new collection produced under the name of Bruno Moinard Editions, available at his Parisian gallery, open since January 2014. Since the beginning, his agency 4BI has been more than just an interior design studio. It has worked as a style laboratory, which has kept the focus on the original philosophy, reinterpreting places maintaining their souls, creating surprises, and always being original.

Address: Galerie Bruno Moinard Editions (showroom permanent)
31 rue Jacob – 75006 PARIS

Website: www.brunomoinardeditions.com

cc-milano: Paris Deco Off 2017

C&C Milano offers custom-made and innovative textile designs and the exclusivity of unique hand-made items. Countless possibilities can be designed by combining the various fabrics, patterns and colours.

Address: Galerie Eberwein
22 rue Jacob – 75006 Paris

Website: www.cec-milano.com

camengo: Paris Deco Off 2017

The French editor Camengo shares its inspirations to make your interiors alive and unique.



Showroom Casamance
13 rue du mail – 75002 Paris


Galerie Agnès Monplaisir
8 bis rue Jacques Callot – 75006 Paris

Website: www.camengo.fr

casadeco: Paris Deco Off 2017

CASADECO, editor of wallpaper and upholstery fabrics, is well-known for its innovative, luminous and high-quality products, aiming to create a modern, vibrant atmosphere with its range of products for walls and windows.

Address: Galerie Document 15
15 rue de l’Echaudé – 75006 Paris

Website: www.casadeco.com

casal: Paris Deco Off 2017

Regarding a more international context, CASAL revamps the Luciano Marcato brand, synonym for luxury and creativity made in Italy.

Address: 52 rue Croix des Petits-Champs – 75001 Paris

Website: www.casal.fr

casamance: Paris Deco Off 2017

French editor born in 2000, Casamance was born from a desire for a certain type of luxury, to make time for time, in a world where everything is accelerating. Casamance takes its inspiration from the love of beauty: the modernity of the exclusive designs is enhanced by the colours. With classic designs, renewed to attain the height of design, the brand creates unexpected affinities, endlessly reinventing sophistication. The brand wants to offer a setting to priceless moments, such as eating with family, having a drink with friends, reading a book, visiting an exhibition. The colourists and stylists work the smallest details to create perfect artistic, unique, exceptional and, above all, everlasting emotions. This is basically the definition and the essence of what art means in time and what Casamance pretends to be: timeless art. Casamance’s contemporary designs, exquisite colours and variety of materials create an easily recognisable signature style. Their signature style is featured by the visually stunning Casamance wallpaper collections that are nourished by many inspirations and each wallpaper design, texture and colour are the basis for a beautiful journey. Casamance launched its first collection for upholstery in 2000. With its new stripes, beautifully designed colours and beautiful taffetas, Casamance is well tuned to the needs of its customers and has something for everyone. The brand is proudly distributed throughout the entire world.



13 rue du Mail – 75002 Paris


Galerie Agnès Monplaisir
8 bis rue Jacques Callot – 75006 Paris

Website: www.casamance.com

chase-erwin: Paris Deco Off 2017

Chase Erwin work with skilled European artisan mills to develop new collections every year, complementing existing collections and selling creative and innovative fabrics to work as inspiration.

Address: Galerie Eugénie Prax
19 rue de l’Echaudé – 75006 Paris

Website: www.chase-erwin.com 

chivasso: Paris Deco Off 2017

Chivasso BV is an interior fabrics and wallpaper editor with showrooms all over the world.

Address: Showroom JAB Antoetz
25-27 rue du Mail – 75002 Paris

Website: www.chivasso.com

christian-fischbacher: Paris Deco Off 2017

For nearly two centuries, Christian Fischbacher has been at the heart of the textile industry. A family-owned company with headquarters in St. Gallen Switzerland, it is a centre for the textile industry since the 13th century. Their products are created with great attention to detail, a deep-rooted passion for quality materials and a constant drive for creative innovation. Christian Fischbacher interior fabrics, carpets, bedding and home accessories collections are made for luxurious interiors with personality. Unfortunately, nowadays, it is unusual for a company to insist on the highest production standards for all of its products, but at Christian Fischbacher, this is actually their motto. In their unrelenting quest for quality, they have been collaborating successfully with their partners and suppliers, in some cases for over 100 years. With offices in Germany, Japan, France, the Netherlands and Italy, this global company is truly proud and never forgets its Swiss roots. Christian Fischbacher’s products are inspired by their close involvement with the countries in which they are already present and reflect their interest in cultural trends.  Innovation and continuous development, combined with their tradition and know-how have been passing down through the centuries and are mentioned as being the key to their success.

Address: Showroom Christian Fischbacher
20 rue du Mail – 75002 Paris

Website: www.fischbacher.com

christian-lacroix: Paris Deco Off 2017

Ever since the creation of the couture house in 1987, Christian Lacroix style is unique, exuberant, colourful and baroque. The Hispanic and “Arlésiennes” inspirations, colours, innovative forms borrowed from theatrical make a sensation and are a breath of freshness in the fashion circles. From their inception, Christian Lacroix’s creations have been coveted and embraced by many great international fashion editors and stars. Mr Lacroix has given the Couture House 25 years of incomparable creations. Today, the House of Christian Lacroix conserves a heritage of supreme richness. With creativity and innovations, the Studio of the House is reinventing the signature themes of the Lacroix House in order to reach out to a new public. The House is evolving under a new creative direction with Sacha Walckhoff, Mr Lacroix’s design assistant from 1992 to 2009, and creative director of multiple successful lines in the House. The Christian Lacroix fashion brand is sold worldwide, from menswear collections to fashion accessories such as leather goods, scarves, jewellery, and fragrances. Christian Lacroix has also successfully launched lifestyle collections for home decoration with furnishing, wallpapers, porcelain tableware, stationery and mobile accessories. The Christian Lacroix brand subsists through timeless values. The result is a fabulous and richly entwined universe, which can be continually reinterpreted, re-mixed and illuminated. The Christian Lacroix brand subsists through timeless values and is fundamentally contemporary and dynamic, celebrating its 30 anniversary in 2017.

Address: Showroom Designers Guild

4 Rue Vide Gousset – 75002 Paris

Website: www.designersguild.com

clarke-clarke: Paris Deco Off 2017

Based in rural Cheshire, Clarke & Clarke releases vibrant, fashion-led fabrics and wall coverings throughout the year, ensuring that their collections are always on trend in both design and colour.

Address: 25 rue de l’Echaudé – 75006 Paris

Website: www.clarke-clarke.com

cmo: Paris Deco Off 2017

Marianne Oudin’s (C M O) weave fabrics made of ramie, abaca, water hyacinth, straw, hemp, bamboo, vetiver root, pineapple. These fabrics can be used for shades, blinds, upholstery or even partition panels.

Address: 5 rue Chabanais – 75002 Paris

Website: www.cmoparis.com

codimat: Paris Deco Off 2017

Specialist in custom carpets and rugs, The Codimat House apprehends the future under the sign of development.

Address: 63-65 rue du Cherche Midi – 75006 Paris

Website: www.codimatcollection.com

cole-son: Paris Deco Off 2017: Paris Deco Off 2017

Cole & Son current collections reflect their long and distinguished history as well as their continuing passion for new and exciting wallpapers.

Address: Galerie Rauchfeld
22 rue de Seine – 75006 Paris

Website: www.cole-and-son.com

colony-roma: Paris Deco Off 2017: Paris Deco Off 2017

Colony, today found in the most beautiful homes in the world, is specialised in lampas, velvets, brocades and silk fabrics.

Address: Showroom Cleo C
30 rue Jacob – 75006 Paris

Website: www.colonyfabrics.com/fr

coordonne: Paris Deco Off 2017

Coordonné is a family run company based in Barcelona, with over 35 years of experience in the creation of high-quality wall covering and fabric collections, based on the need to decorate one entire space in just one step.

Address: Galerie Pièce Unique Variations
4 rue Jacques Callot – 75006 Paris

Website: www.coordonne.es

creation-baumann: Paris Deco Off 2017

The fabric solutions from Création Baumann contribute to improving well-being in public and private spaces.



15 rue du Mail – 75002 Paris


Galerie de l’Europe
55 rue de Seine – 75006 Paris

Website: www.creationbaumann.com


de Gournay helps realise our dreams of a perfect interior. Their preference is for vibrant, balanced and contrasting colours that create an aura of happiness, allowing us to relax surrounded by beauty after a difficult day.

Address: 15 rue des Saints-Pères – 75006 Paris

Website: www.degournay.com

de-le-cuona: Paris Deco Off 2017

De Le Cuona is famous for being the first for developing exquisite fabric collections harnessing the colour and beauty produced by the best International master weavers.

Address: Galerie Nicolas Deman
12 rue Jacques Callot – 75006 Paris

Website: www.delecuona.com

declercq-passementiers: Paris Deco Off 2017

DECLERCQ PASSEMENTIERS has always made trimmings of the highest quality. The company has preserved the ancestral techniques while constantly innovating its methods and designs.

Address: 15 rue Etienne Marcel – 75001 Paris

Website: www.declercqpassementiers.fr

decobel: Paris Deco Off 2017

The excellence of Decobel is known and used by the most famous interior designers, architects and decorators, to carry out projects that blend value, aesthetics and functionality.

Address: Showroom Edmond Petit
23 rue du Mail – 75002 Paris

Website: www.decobel.it

decortex: Paris Deco Off 2017

Innovation combined with passion and respect for tradition is the mission of Decortex today.

Website: www.decortex.com

Address: Ollivary Gallery
1 rue Jacob – 75006 Paris

dedar: Paris Deco Off 2017

Founded in 1976 by Nicola Fabrizio, Dedar is an acronym formed from Design D’Arredamento and has been passing through years as a family passion. It started with just 12 people and today, 15 years later, it’s an International team of 100 people and in constant expansion. Dedar operates directly in Italy, France, Russia, Germany, UK, US and Dubai and, across a select network of distributors, retailers and agents, it serves 70 other Countries. Dedar Collection is composed of over 300 articles and 3000 colourways. Free-roaming inspiration, elegance, a force of expression, the desire to experiment, a passion for precious qualities and extensive colour ranges constitute the essence of Dedar’s creative spirit. Creation is a process of development that demands time to allow for experimentation and errors, so that the resulting product may become a future classic. The Dedar headquarters is located close to Como, in the heart of a manufacturing district that has specialised for centuries in the production of precious fabrics, particularly silks. Such a location offers the possibility to experiment, innovate and attain product perfection through an ongoing dialogue with those craftsmen and textile specialists who are most familiar with the techniques employed in the production of excellent fabrics. Fabrics of the Dedar Collection, as well as special fabrics, have been created in collaboration with interior designers to adorn such prestigious venues as the hotel Costes in Paris, the Skygardens in Dubai and the Robuchon in Las Vegas.

Address: Showroom Dedar
20 rue Bonaparte – 75006 Paris


Sparts Gallery
41 rue de Seine – 75006 Paris

Website: www.dedar.com

designers-guild: Paris Deco Off 2017

Designers Guild is an international home and lifestyle company jointly owned by Tricia Guild, founder and Creative director, and her brother Simon Jeffreys, Chief Executive. Turnover has grown rapidly over the past 20 years selling to interior designers, department stores, retailers and the hotel and contract market. There are Designers Guild showrooms in London, Paris, Munich and New York with further Designers Guild areas in over 60 showrooms across the world including all of Europe to New York City, Los Angeles, Tokyo and Sydney. Designers Guild also has an online shop in UK and United States, offering bed linen and a selection of home accessories, cushions, blankets, throws and rugs. Designers Guild collections offer a broad and vast range of luxury furnishing fabrics and wall coverings including Designers Guild Kids and ‘Essentials’; a massive library of plain fabrics, for both domestic and contract sectors. The range of luxury products, as well as furnishing fabrics and wall coverings, includes furniture, bed and bath, home fragrance and accessories. The studio, headed by Tricia Guild, has produced designs with such diverse inspiration as Eastern decorative art, Italian architecture and classical documents. In addition to the Designers Guild collections the company designs and manufactures under license William Yeoward Fabrics and Paper and is also the European and Middle East distributor for Ralph Lauren Fabric and Wallpaper. In 2011, Designers Guild launched a further license for the iconic international luxury brand, Christian Lacroix.

Address: 4 Rue Vide Gousset – 75002 Paris

Website: www.designersguild.com

designs-of-the-time: Paris Deco Off 2017

Editor of interior fabrics for upholstery and drapery, Designs of the Time stands for a casual and natural look.

Address: Ollivary Gallery – 1 rue Jacob – 75006 Paris

Website: www.designsofthetime.be

diurne: Paris Deco Off 2017

Diurne is a celebration of the now and present, aiming to bring back to the light a great craftsmanship, threaten in the 80’s by mass-production, through the manufacturing of one-of-a-kind objects.

Address: 45 rue Jacob – 75006 Paris


Address: 50 rue Jacob – 75006 Paris

Website: www.diurne.com

dominique-picquier: Paris Deco Off 2017

In her life and in all her creations Dominique Picquier blends tradition and avant-garde. The care taken in the fabrication is reassuring, but it’s only to bring out the richness of the printed patterns.

Address: 10 rue Charlot – 75003 Paris

Website: www.dominiquepicquier.com

duralee: Paris Deco Off 2017

Typical of the company’s design legacy, Duralee features the progressive cultivation of new and emerging design talent and ideas.

Address: Galerie Triode
28 rue Jacob – 75006 Paris

Website: www.duralee.com

ecart-international: Paris Deco Off 2017

All Ecart International products preserve a handmade and artisanal production to ensure customers receive the finest quality.

Address: 18 rue Jacob – 75006 Paris

Website: www.ecart.paris

edmond-petit: Paris Deco Off 2017: Paris Deco Off 2017

Edmond Petit fabrics go through time and trends. Trendy or traditional, authentic and exclusive, they are timeless.

Address: 23 rue du Mail – 75002 Paris

Website: www.edmond-petit.com


Élitis is a French author and editor of cutting edge interior design products: wallpapers, wallcoverings, fabrics, accessories and furniture.

Address: 35 rue de Bellechasse – 75007 Paris


Address: Galerie Guislain
35 rue Guénégaud – 75006 Paris

Website: www.elitis.fr


Evitavonni offers a luxurious collection of soft furnishing fabrics, classic bed linen, home accessories and a complete design service.

Address: Galerie Bacquart
27 rue de Seine – 75006 Paris

Website: http://www.evitavonni.com/


Fabricut is a quality driven company providing home furnishing fabrics and accessories of exceptional design and value to the interior design industry.

Website: www.fabricut.com

Address: 45 rue Jacob – 75006 Paris


FADINI BORGHI is a French maison de luxe – a luxury design house, an inspirational, family-owned business with a proud tradition which looks towards the future.



27 rue du Mail – 75002 Paris


1 & 2 rue de Furstenberg – 75006 Paris

Website: http://www.pierrefrey.com/


Farrow & Ball is famous for its edited palette of 132 eco-friendly paint colours, each with its own unique story and name – from Dead Salmon to Elephant’s Breath there’s a colour for everyone.



Showroom GP & J Baker
8 rue du Mail – 75002 Paris


Galerie Siki de Somalie
30 rue Jacob – 75006 Paris

Website: www.farrow-ball.com


Fine is featured by the high customer and service orientation, first-class marketing documentation and professional sales.

Address: Galerie Laurence Esnol
22 rue Bonaparte – 75006 Paris

Website: www.fine.at/


Gancedo represents exclusive distributors of fabrics, wallpapers and carpets of the most prestigious firms of the international scene.

Address: Galerie Landrot
6 rue Jacques Callot – 75006 Paris

Website: www.gancedo.com


Gastón y Daniela is more than a brand. They are a line of high-end quality decoration textiles, thanks to their spirit, that has been around since the first shop was established in 1876. First and foremost they remain open to the new aesthetic trends and harmonising of the use of innovative technologies all whilst sticking to the basics of our historical archive. Gastón y Daniela is a pride of their quality and pays close attention to detail that they bring together through the professionals that they work with for each individual project. They never cease to move forward. Gastón y Daniela design, fulfil and manage interior design projects, either all-in-one design or a part of it, in private buildings (residences or business premises) and public spaces (embassies, museums, theatres, palaces, headquarters of public organisations…) They can deliver any project that may require high technical qualification and fine aesthetic approach. Their main goal is to help clients find the style that meets their individual requirements, offering a wide experience and expertise in the field of decoration, as well as a deep knowledge of current trends in the world of interior design. To meet this goal, a team of highly qualified professionals will develop each project from the very beginning with special attention to quality control. In order to turn a project into a unique space, Gastón y Daniela provides advice on the selection of materials, furniture and accessories during all stages of the project development.

Address: Galerie Aborigène
46 rue de Seine – 75006 Paris

Website: www.gastonydaniela.com


Founded in 1976, Glant textiles are highly prized for their exceptional quality and spectacular range of contemporary and high-tech constructions.

Address: Showroom Cleo C
30 rue Jacob – 75006 Paris

Website: www.glant.com


Today, GP & J Baker continues to grow its reputation as one of the world’s innovators of fabric design.

Address: 8 rue du Mail – 75002 Paris

Website: www.gpjbaker.com

For more than 20 years, Grupo Lamadrid has been one of the most prestigious textile editors in Europe, and its brands are an essential reference in luxury decoration in Spain and Europe.

Address: Galerie Géraldine Banier
54 rue Jacob – 75006 Paris

Website: www.g-lamadrid.com


Harlequin is the premier destination for inspirational designs, innovative textures and delicious colours.

Address: 19 rue du Mail – 75002 Paris

Website: www.harlequin.uk.com


Hermès International S.A., Hermes of Paris, or simply Hermès is a French high fashion luxury goods manufacturer established in 1837, today specialising in leather, lifestyle accessories, home furnishings, perfumery, jewellery, watches and ready-to-wear. Hermes is no stranger to expansion. Illustrator, colourist and storyteller on silk since the creation of his first scarf in 1937, Hermès reveals the first collection of furnishing fabrics and wallpapers drawing inspiration from cherished themes: horse, travel and fantasy. They collaborate with artistsput on exhibitionsventure into tech projects, and now their collection of wall coverings and home fabrics through the Dedar showrooms. As you can tell, this first release features many of the equestrian, nautical, tropical, and exotic themes already present on their scarves and other accessories. While bold patterns may not be everyone’s favourite decorating option, pairing them with minimal furniture and other subtle accents can turn into timeless results.

Address: 20 rue Bonaparte – 75006 Paris

Website: www.homefabrics.hermes.com


Holland & Sherry takes inspiration from our traditional apparel fabrics, to create a line of textiles suited for upholstery, drapery, and home accessories.

Address: 17 rue de l’Echaudé – 75006 Paris

Website: http://interiors.hollandandsherry.com/en


Created in 1928 by his grandfather, Houlès is now managed with passion and enthusiasm by Philippe, its President: he’s the first ambassador of the modern and innovative artistic heritage of the company.

Address: Showroom
13 rue du Mail – 75002 Paris

Website: http://www.houles.com/


J.D. Staron is a boutique, decorative studio specialised in the development of new and unique products.

Address: Galerie Laurence Esnol
22 rue Bonaparte – 75006 Paris

Website: www.jdstaron.com


JAB ANSTOETZ has been enlarging its competence in the field of sophisticated interior design and repeatedly sets new trends with exclusive products worldwide.

Address: Showroom Jab
25-27 rue du Mail – 75002 Paris

Website: www.jab.de

Jakob Schlaepfer has been enriching the world with fabrics for more than 100 years. Each collection starts with textile visions for fashion and architecture.

Address: Galerie Claudine Legrand
49 rue de Seine – 75006 Paris

Website: www.jakobschlaepfer.com


Specialists in fine fabrics for Home Furnishings, Fashion and Bridalwear since 1865, James Hare is home to the very best in furnishing and fashion fabrics.

Address: Galerie Séverin Maly
3 rue Jacques Callot – 75006 Paris

Website: www.james-hare.com


“The fascination of what we do, is what drives us to develop our creations,” says James Malone Fabrics, textile editor.

Address: Galerie Renaud Vanuxem
52 Rue Mazarine – 75006 Paris

Website: www.jamesmalonefabrics.com

jean-paul-gaultier: Paris Deco Off 2017

Lelièvre and Jean Paul Gaultier have combined their expertise in a new licence for the world of home accessories and fabrics  licences.



13 rue du Mail – 75002 Paris


4 rue de Furstenberg – 75006 Paris

Website: www.lelievre.eu

jim-thompson: Paris Deco Off 2017

For over half a century, Jim Thompson Thai Silk Company has been known as the legendary manufacturer of Thai silk.

Address: 2 rue de Furstenberg – 75006 Paris


Arty Dandy
1 rue de Furstenberg – 75006 Paris

Website: http://www.jimthompsonfabrics.com/

karin-sajo: Paris Deco Off 2017

Coming from the world of haute couture, Karin Sajo revolutionises textile – Issue du monde de la haute couture, Karin Sajo révolutionne le textile.

Address: Showroom Ephémère
9 rue de l’Echaudé – 75006 Paris

Website: www.karinsajo.com

kobe: Paris Deco Off 2017

Since 1976 KOBE has continued to be a successful Dutch editor of soft furnishing fabrics and wall-coverings for the domestic and contract interior markets.

Address: Galerie Espace des femmes
35 rue Jacob – 75006 Paris

Website: http://www.kobe.eu/

kravet: Paris Deco Off 2017

Kravet Inc., established in 1918, is the industry leader in the trade home furnishings industry. This fifth generation family business distributes fabrics, furniture, wall coverings, trimmings, carpets and accessories. The family’s commitment to innovation has helped the company transform from a small fabric house to a global leader, representing brands and designers from all over the world. Kravet Inc. owns Kravet, Lee Jofa, Groundworks and GP & J Baker, all high-end fabric houses that specialise in style, luxury and exceptional design. In 2011, Kravet Inc. acquired Brunschwig & Fils, a prestigious decorative house founded in 1900 that shares Kravet and Lee Jofa’s legacy of international design, commitment to quality, attention to detail and superb craftsmanship. With locations in North America and worldwide, Kravet Inc. offers the highest level of customer service, quality products and web technology for today’s design professional.

Address: 8 rue du Mail – 75002 Paris

Website: http://www.kravet.com/

kriskadecor: Paris Deco Off 2017

KriskaDECOR is a company that makes highly original metal curtains and partitions.

Address: Galerie Landrot
5 rue Jacques Callot – 75006 Paris

Website: http://www.kriskadecor.com/

larsen: Paris Deco Off 2017

Larsen draws inspiration from textile traditions throughout the world, using traditional and modern weaving methods.

Address: 6 rue de l’Abbaye – 75006 Paris

Website: http://www.larsenfabrics.com/

le-crin: Paris Deco Off 2017

The Le Crin label has inherited a patent registered in 1787 and creates incomparably elegant fabrics made from horse hair.

Address: Showroom Créations Métaphores
5 rue de Furstenberg – 75006 Paris

Website: www.creations-metaphores.com

Created on 1st July 1914 by Henri Lelièvre, Lelievre is a company which combines modernity with tradition. The 6000 items in the Lelievre price list offer professional Interior Designers and Architects a vast array of superb quality fabrics suitable for all types of interiors, whether residential or contract. Their reputation has been built on specialised groups, such as plain, striped and patterned velvets, silks with designs either inherited from French history or with a contemporary inspiration, a complete range of flame-retardant fabrics (many in Trevira CS, ideal for hotel and other contract applications), sheers in many colourways, designs and compositions, and contemporary collections of textured fabrics created using modern weaving techniques. The group turned to be a leader and also a reference to the world scene of high-end upholstery fabrics. Its strength comes from its deep will to keep creating and designing for its clients: its works on materials, visual aspect, feeling and colourways have always been pushed to a maximum. Lelievre is also a family company which has always been faithful to its philosophy for more than 100 years. Today again, Lelievre keeps innovating, from classical atmospheres to the most contemporaneous ones and made a further step towards the fashion world with the launch of SONIA RYKIEL MAISON collection in 2010 and JEAN PAUL GAULTIER in 2012.



13 rue du Mail – 75002 Paris


4 rue de Furstemberg – 75006 Paris

Website: www.lelievre.eu

Catry House constitutes a subtle combination of tradition, crafts and industrial manufacturing, with a permanent care for detail and quality.

Address: Showroom Edmond Petit
23, rue du Mail – 75002 Paris

Website: www.catrycollection.com

little-greene: Paris Deco Off 2017

Little Greene’s mission is to provide the best quality paints at affordable prices, which are manufactured in the UK with minimal impact on the environment.

Address: 21 rue Bonaparte – 75006 Paris

Website: http://www.littlegreene.eu/

lizzo: Paris Deco Off 2017

Lizzo is a fabric editor that creates luxurious collections full of colours and textures at their core for the most refined design sensibilities internationally.

Address: 29 rue Bonaparte – 75006 Paris

Website: www.lizzo.net

loro-piana-interiors: Paris Deco Off 2017

Loro Piana Interiors is a collection of home textiles created for those who appreciate the outstanding quality that the company is renowned for: for interiors with the same effortless elegance that epitomises Loro Piana’s clothing.

Address: 7 rue de Furstenberg – 75006 Paris

Website: www.loropiana.com

luciano-marcato: Paris Deco Off 2017

Furniture and upholstery fabrics, as well as sheers and curtains, Luciano Marcato is high-quality textile made to dress your home with elegance and creativity.

Address: 52 rue Croix des Petits-Champs – 75001 Paris

Website: www.lucianomarcato.eu

manuel-canovas: Paris Deco Off 2017

Manuel Canovas Fabrics is the synonym to Unmistakably European fabrics & wallpapers in bold and unusual colour harmonies, including silks, prints, damasks & toile de Jouy.

Address: 6 rue de l’Abbaye – 75006 Paris

Website: www.manuelcanovas.com

mariaflora3: Paris Deco Off 2017

Mariaflora is a spirited collection of fabrics from Italy, designed for outdoor living and sunny indoor spaces.

Address: Galerie Hervé Courtaigne
53 rue de Seine – 75006 Paris

Website: www.mariaflora.com

mark-alexander: Paris Deco Off 2017

Naturally Beautiful Fabrics, Mark Alexander offers original textiles and wallcoverings.

Address: Showroom Romo
5 rue du Mail – 75002 Paris

Website: www.markalexander.com

metaphores: Paris Deco Off 2017

Bold and sensorial, Métaphores features twelve new references materials veritably emotive and distinctive in nature.

Address: Showroom Créations Métaphores
5 rue de Furstenberg – 75006 Paris

Website: www.creations-metaphores.com

misia: Paris Deco Off 2017

A new brand of the Casamance Group, Misia reveals fabrics and wallcoverings collections providing a new vision of the interior design world, of luxury and of French elegance.

Address: Galerie Natalie Seroussi
34 rue de Seine – 75006 Paris

Website: www.misia-paris.com

missoni-home: Paris Deco Off 2017

MissoniHome offers lifestyle, furnishing and outdoor products rub shoulders with the world-famous brand’s classic panorama of home textiles and linen.

Address: 28 bis Rue de Richelieu – 1er étage / Interphone – 75001 Paris

Website: www.missonihome.it

miss-print: Paris Deco Off 2017

MissPrint produces beautifully designed, contemporary wallcoverings, fabrics and interior accessories, all originating from hand drawn illustrations.

Address: Galerie Berthet Aittouares
29 rue de Seine – 75006 Paris

Website: www.missprint.co.uk

moore-giles: Paris Deco Off 2017

Founded in 2007 as a division of Moore & Giles, Inc., they design bags and accessories from the finest Italian leather.

Address: Galerie Au Fond de la Cour
49 rue de Seine – 75006 Paris

Website: www.mooreandgiles.com

mulberry-home: Paris Deco Off 2017

Mulberry Home features fabrics that defy time and transcend the whims of fashion with both wit and originality.

Address: 8 rue du Mail – 75002 Paris

Website: www.gpandjbaker.com/mulberry-home/en

nobilis: Paris Deco Off 2017

Founded in 1928 by Parisian Adolphe Halard, Nobilis produces beautiful and diverse collections, which include fabric, wallpaper, furniture and rugs that blend traditional with contemporary.

Address: 38 rue Bonaparte – 75006 Paris

Website: www.nobilis.fr

nouailhac: Paris Deco Off 2017

Nouailhac features French luxury craftsmanship with antique and contemporary seats.

Address: Showroom
94 rue du Bac – 75007 Paris

Website: www.gillesnouailhac.com


Since 1964, Nya Nordiska has been successfully designing and supplying high-quality decorative and upholstery fabrics for private and contract use.

Address: 38 rue de Seine – 75006 Paris

Website: www.nya.com


The Omexco wallcoverings range are the ultimate in luxury. Suitable for Home, Office or Hotel, many of the wallcoverings are paperback textile wallcoverings and give the luxurious appearance of fabric covered walls.

Address: Besson
29 rue Bonaparte – 75006 Paris

Website: www.omexco.com


Established in 1990, Original BTC manufactures relaxed, familiar lighting for traditional and contemporary homes.

Address: 32-34 rue Bonaparte – 75006 Paris

Website: www.originalbtc.fr


Osborne & Little is one of the world’s leading names in fabric and wallpaper design. Cherishing its reputation for innovation and quality, it has grown into one of the great British brands, globally renowned and respected. Started in the London of the Swinging Sixties, Osborne & Little’s very first award-winning collection of exciting hand-printed wallpaper broadened design horizons and brought instant success. Since then it has developed into a dynamic international company. Fundamental to the success is Osborne & Little’s imaginative approach, which explores diverse sources of inspiration to produce designs that embrace both classic and contemporary styles. For nearly half a century its distinctive and appealing designs, across printed fabrics, weaves and trimmings have been at the heart of interior trends. Many designs are now housed in museum collections such as the Victoria & Albert in London, the Cooper-Hewitt in New York and the Chicago Institute of Art. Osborne & Little cherishes its reputation for innovation and quality and is as inspired and energetic today as ever, creating a constant stream of new collections that push forward boundaries. Osborne & Little is proud to be the distributor of two distinguished brands; the furnishing collections of internationally celebrated interior designer Nina Campbell, and the British fashion designer, Matthew Williamson. Nina Campbell has been working with O&L since 1989, and Matthew Williamson since 2013. Together with Osborne & Little, they make a formidable partnership.

Address: Hôtel Bel Ami
7-11 rue Saint-Benoît – 75006 Paris

Website: www.osborneandlittle.com


Now in its third decade, Phillip Jeffries has emerged as the industry leader in natural textured and speciality wallcoverings.

Address: Galerie l’Eau des Pierres
6 rue Cardinale – 75006 Paris

Website: www.phillipjeffries.com

pierre-frey: Paris Deco Off 2017

Pierre Frey is a French “maison de luxe” – a luxury design house and an inspirational, family-owned business with a proud tradition which looks towards the future.



27 rue du Mail – 75002 Paris


1 & 2 rue de Furstenberg – 75006 Paris

Website: www.pierrefrey.com

porta-romana: Paris Deco Off 2017

At Porta Romana, they value two concepts above all others: design and craftsmanship. They work with the most special Makers to turn their designs into reality.

Address: Galerie Catherine et André Hug
2 rue de l’Echaudé – 75006 Paris

Website: www.portaromana.com

pouenat: Paris Deco Off 2017

Wrought iron craftsmen and creators of art, the Pouenat workshops combine excellence and rare expertise to offer upmarket services and creations.

Address: 22 bis passage Dauphine – 75006 Paris

Website: www.pouenat.com

ralph-lauren-home: Paris Deco Off 2017

Ralph Lauren; born Ralph Lifshitz; October 14, 1939, is an American fashion designer, philanthropist, and business executive, best known for the Ralph Lauren Corporation, a global multibillion-dollar enterprise. It all began 40 years ago with a collection of ties. For all these years, it has grown into an entire world, redefining American style. Ralph Lauren has always stood for providing quality products, creating worlds and inviting people to take part in their dream. They brought innovation into lifestyle advertisements that tell a story and were the first to create stores that encourage customers to participate in that lifestyle. Striking a balance between “timeless” and “modern,” Ralph Lauren creates collections that express a unique sense of personal style inspired by the rich visual imagery around him: the rustic beauty of the American West, the golden age of Hollywood glamour, the sleek innovation of automotive design or an authentic equestrian heritage. Over forty years ago, Ralph Lauren launched the Polo brand from one innovative tie design; since then, he has officially been recognised as a true Fashion Legend. From internationally heralded collections that grace the runway to impeccably crafted sportswear at the forefront of fashion, Ralph Lauren apparel and accessories offer the gift of iconic, enduring style. Ralph Lauren fabrics and Ralph Lauren wallpapers feature traditional designs updated for modern living. Timeless and classic, Ralph Lauren fabric and wallpaper will enhance any home.

Address: Showroom Designers Guild
4 Rue Vide Gousset – 75002 Paris

Website: www.ralphlaurenhome.com

ressource: Paris Deco Off 2017

Ressource offers the widest and most sophisticated range of colours on the market, to which new collections of full colours and paintwork finishes are constantly added.

Address: Galerie 3 Cerises sur une Etagère
48 rue Mazarine – 75006 Paris

Website: www.ressource-peintures.com 

rubelli: Paris Deco Off 2017

The firm Rubelli, founded in 1858, produces hand-made fabrics using traditional techniques as well as highly sophisticated textiles.

Address: 11-13 rue de l’Abbaye – 75006 Paris


10 rue de l’Abbaye – 75006 Paris

Website: www.rubelli.com

sahco: Paris Deco Off 2017

Sahco stands for exclusivity and perfect style. As one of the premium textile merchants, we are the first choice for interior decorators and architects.

Address: 17 rue du Mail – 75002 Paris

Website: https://www.sahco.com/

sandberg: Paris Deco Off 2017

Sandberg adds beauty to our home by designing wallpaper with timeless and unique expressions. Made with love in their factory in Ulricehamn, Sweden.

Address: Atelier Visconti
4 rue Visconti – 75006 Paris

Website: https://sandbergwallpaper.com/

sanderson: Paris Deco Off 2017

Founded by Arthur Sanderson in 1860, Sanderson is an internationally renowned brand in the field of interior design and decorating.

Address: 19 rue du Mail – 75002 Paris

Website: www.sanderson-uk.com

sette: Paris Deco Off 2017

Sette is a Spanish company founded in 2010 in Madrid. Its philosophy is to combine simplicity of natural fabrics and sophistication to achieve refinement with a rustic touch.

Address: Galerie Arcturus
65 rue de Seine – 75006 Paris

Website: www.sette7.es

 sheila-coombes: Paris Deco Off 2017

Sheila Coombes creates collections of fabrics for interior decoration from her studio which overlooks her idyllic garden near the English Lakes.

Address: Galerie Arcturus
65 rue de Seine – 75006 Paris

Website: www.decofinder.com/pp510323/Sheila_Coombes.html 

studioart: Paris Deco Off 2017

With Studioart, leather goes beyond the frontiers of the fashion world to become the protagonist of interior design: custom-made leather wall coverings for a refined elegance made in Italy.

Address: Boucherie Polmard
2 rue de l’Abbaye – 75006 Paris

Website: www.studioart.it

 tassinari-chatel: Paris Deco Off 2017

Tassinari & Chatel employs traditional silk-weavers at « La Croix Rousse » which groups together a collection of traditional hand looms.



13 rue du Mail – 75002 Paris


4 rue de Furstenberg – 75006 Paris

Website: www.tassinari-chatel.com

the-sign: Paris Deco Off 2017

thesign fabrics are high-tech products. With their innovative look, they set the trends and underline their own individual charisma.

Address: Galerie Au fond de la cours
49 rue de Seine – 75006 Paris

Website: www.thesign-textiles.com

thevenon-accordo: Paris Deco Off 2017

Since 1908 the Maison Thevenon has cultivated the art of textile creation thanks to outstanding printed and woven fabrics based on four generations of French textile tradition.

Address: 1 rue du Mail – 75002 Paris

Website: www.thevenon1908.com

toulemonde-bochart: Paris Deco Off 2017

It is amongst the hours spent by the designers to polish Toulemonde Bochart creations in order to express their vision of the present, and in the days of weavers’ work endlessly renewing their ancestral gestures in the respect of the tradition.

Address: 10 rue du Mail – 75002 Paris

Website: www.toulemondebochart.fr

tres-tintas-barcelona: Paris Deco Off 2017

Tres Tintas Barcelona is a new vision of interior design decoration, which features exclusive collections of wallpaper and fabrics designed by different artists.

Address: Galerie Pièce Unique Variations
4 rue Jacques Callot – 75006 Paris

Website: www.trestintas.com

verel-de-belval: Paris Deco Off 2017

Verel de Belval is a creator of outstanding soft furnishings and has been maintaining the prestigious tradition of the Lyons silk trade for the past hundred years.

Address: Showroom Créations Métaphores
5 rue de Furstenberg – 75006 Paris

Website: www.creations-metaphores.com

wind: Paris Deco Off 2017

Founded by the De Zutter family in 1954, Wind is an international reference in high-quality textile creation and design.

Address: Galerie Clé
23 rue de l’Echaudé – 75006 Paris

Website: www.wind.be

zeconzeta: Paris Deco Off 2017

ZEconzeta tries to reflect our taste for natural fabrics, creating a set of current, versatile and adaptable to any decor tissues.

Address: Galerie Renaud Vanuxem
52 Rue Mazarine – 75006 Paris

Website: www.zeconzeta.com 

zimmer-rohde: Paris Deco Off 2017

Family-run for four generations, Zimmer + Rohde is one of the leading textile manufacturers in Europe and stands for quality, innovation and high-class textiles.



202 rue Saint-Honoré – 75001 Paris


La Galerie
26 rue Bonaparte – 75006 Paris

Website: www.zimmer-rohde.com

zinc: Paris Deco Off 2017

Zinc presents a luxe, versatile fabric and wallcovering range with unexpected elements that ensure the collections are refreshingly different.

Address: A2Z Art Gallery
24 rue de l’Echaudé – 75006 Paris

Website: www.zinctextile.com

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Zoffany new collections make reference to the past whilst using contemporary techniques and treatments to take the company forward as a purveyor of timeless and distinctive furnishings.

Address: Galerie Les Yeux Fertiles
27 rue de Seine – 75006 Paris

Website: www.zoffany.com

After an intense tour around Paris as the city of design, I suggest you now some excellent restaurants for you to have a delicious meal and recharge energies.

la-petite-maison-de-nicole-paris: Paris Deco Off 2017

La Petite Maison de Nicole is a bar and restaurant of the Fouquet’s Barriere hotel, a perfect place for late dinners. An elegant and intimate restaurant & bar perfectly located.

Address: 46 av George V 75008 PARIS

Website: www.lucienbarriere.com

le-petite-pergolese: Paris Deco Off 2017

Le Petite Pergolèse is a trendy contemporary restaurant with the ambience of an art gallery.

Address: 38 rue Pergolese 75116 PARIS

Website: www.lepergolese.com

la-maison-blanche: Paris Deco Off 2017

La Maison Blanche is an elegant restaurant with a pure and humble contemporary design and decoration.

Address: 15 av Montaigne 75008 PARIS

Website: www.maison-blanche.fr

lavenue: Paris Deco Off 2017

L’Avenue, an extravagant eatery, has a traditional brasserie menu with trendy flair which begins with a morning breakfast menu of egg, pastry and smoked fish specialities.

Address: 41 Avenue Montaigne, 75008 PARIS

Website: www.avenue-restaurant.com

ralph: Paris Deco Off 2017

Located in a former hotel in the 6th district, Ralph’s combines typical American character with the spirit of the Rive Gauche.

Address: 173 Boulevard Saint-Germain, 75006 PARIS

Website: www.ralphlaurenstgermain.com

la-societe: Paris Deco Off 2017

With the interior designed by star designer Christian Liaigre, La Société is fabulously located in the heart of Saint-Germain.

Address: 4 Place Saint-Germain des Prés, 75006 PARIS

Website: www.restaurantlasociete.com

monsieur-bleu: Paris Deco Off 2017

Monsieur Bleu is very well-known for its unique location, the outside terrace and the outstanding architecture and decoration.

Address: 20 av de New York 75116, PARIS

Website: www.monsieurbleu.com

beef-club: Paris Deco Off 2017

Beef Club is a steakhouse with white tiling and a Manhattan cocktail lounge ambience.

Address: 58 Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau, 75001 PARIS

Website: www.eccbeefclub.com

joel-robuchon: Paris Deco Off 2017

L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon, the most starred chef in the world, offers you tastes throughout the seasons, an exceptional cuisine in a friendly and refined atmosphere all in black and red.

Address: Hôtel du Pont Royal (Corner of rue du Bac) – 5, rue de Montalembert – 75007 PARIS

Website: http://www.joel-robuchon.com/

le-quinzieme: Paris Deco Off 2017

At Le Quinzième, you’ll be able to try a modern version of traditional French gastronomy by Cyril Lignac.

Address: 14 Rue Cauchy, 75015 PARIS

Website: www.restaurantlequinzieme.com

After a long day around the world of design and after a delicious meal, you now need the best place to sleep. Take a look at our suggestions:

four-seasons-george-v: Paris Deco Off 2017

With a sophisticated decoration and historical atmosphere, Four Seasons George V is a reference amongst Parisian palaces.

Address: 31 av George V 75008 PARIS

Website: www.fourseasons.com/paris/

peninsula-hotel: Paris Deco Off 2017

Peninsula Hotel is perfect for its unique rooftop terrace with an amazing view of Paris and the Eiffel Tower.

Address: 19 av Kleber 75016 PARIS

Website: www.paris.peninsula.com/en/default

la-reserve-paris-hotel-spa: Paris Deco Off 2017

La Reserve Paris Hotel & Spa is also an excellent suggestion for its original ambience between classical and contemporary, and, also, for its awesome SPA.

Address: 42 av Gabriel 75008 PARIS

Website: www.lareserve-paris.com/en

plaza-athenee-hotel: Paris Deco Off 2017

Plaza Athénée Hotel is known for its exquisite classical Art Déco atmosphere, luxurious and sophisticated decoration, and is also one of the greatest restaurants in Paris under the direction of chef Alain Ducasse.

Address: 25 av Montaigne 75008 PARIS

Website: www.dorchestercollection.com

hotel-les-bains-in-paris: Paris Deco Off 2017

A luxury Hotel Les Bains in Paris is simultaneously a meeting point for Impressionist painters and a hedonistic nightclub. Ready to party?

Address: 7 Rue du Bourg l’Abbé, 75003 PARIS

Website: www.lesbains-paris.com

hotel-ritz: Paris Deco Off 2017

Hotel Ritz with its grand décor and intimate salons welcome guests to rediscover a unique atmosphere and the inimitable French art de vivre.

Address: 15 Place Vendôme, 75001 PARIS

Website: www.ritzparis.com

hotel-costes: Paris Deco Off 2017

Consider yourself to be lucky if you eventually gain access to the star-studded interior of the restaurant at Hotel Costes.

Address: 239-241 Rue Saint Honoré, 75001 PARIS

Website: www.hotelcostes.com

The prestigious Hotel de Ville, located in central Paris, is a Neo-Renaissance building housing the city hall, with regular exhibitions & tours by appointment.

Address: Place de l’Hôtel de Ville, 75004 PARIS

Website: http://www.paris.fr/

hotel-ralph-lauren-saint-germain: Paris Deco Off 2017

Hotel Ralph Lauren Saint-Germain is situated in the known neighbourhood Saint-Germain-des-Prés, which has become one of the most representative fashion areas in Paris.
Address: 173 Boulevard Saint-Germain, 75006 PARIS

Website: www.ralphlaurenstgermain.com

le-royal-monceau-raffles-paris best designs in paris: Paris Deco Off 2017

Le Royal Monceau – Raffles Paris is the epitome of Parisian vibrancy and elegance.

Address: 37 Avenue Hoche, 75008 PARIS

Website: www.leroyalmonceau.com

le-cinq-codet-paris best designs in paris: Paris Deco Off 2017

Discover Le Cinq Codet Paris, a hotel in the atmosphere and industrial loft spirit at the heart of the very chic 7th arrondissement. Best price guarantee!

Address: 5 Rue Louis Codet, 75007 PARIS

Website: http://www.le5codet.com/

hotel-providence-paris best designs in paris: Paris Deco Off 2017

Hotel Providence Paris is a sumptuous retreat neighbouring Canal Saint Martin and the hip Haut Marais. A true Bijou of a Place in Haute Marais.

Address: 90 rue René Boulanger, 75010 PARIS

Website: www.hotelprovidenceparis.com/

hotel-andre-latin best designs in paris: Paris Deco Off 2017

Set in a 19th-century building in the Latin Quarter, Hotel André Latin is a 7-minute walk from the Panthéon and a 9-minute walk from the Jardin du Luxembourg.

Address: 50 Rue Gay-Lussac, 75005 PARIS

Website: http://www.hotelandrelatin.com/

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I really hope you enjoy your time around Paris and have the most unforgettable experience in the City of Design. Have a nice trip! For more trends and information follow and subscribe to CovetED Magazine! In addition, please watch the video below with an exclusive tour of Covet House.

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