Richer Hues Embrace Yvonne Koné’s Interiors

Richer Hues Embrace Yvonne Koné’s Interiors

March 19, 2020

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Yvonne Konné’s boutique in Copenhagen worked closely with Danish brand St Leo to breathe a new life into their interior design. The founder of the interiors brand never thought that a trip to Tuscany in 2019 would influence a project so much, wanting to swap the muted colours in the store for richer hues that would reflect the Italian landscape in a remarkable way. With its new soft-pink, Copenhagen’s Gammelholm neighbourhood store offers a selection bags, accessories and leather shoes. Follow CovetED, we want to tell you more!


Rich Hues Embrace Yvonne Koné's Interiors

Rich Hues Embrace Yvonne Koné's Interiors


Amazed with the Italian region, Koné said:

“I especially loved the soft hills, the olive groves and not least the beautiful light in Tuscany. The natural, warm, sun-faded walls made every colour seem so beautiful and I wanted to bring that soft feeling to the walls of my store.” We can only blame the surface-material brand St Leo for the incredible result achieved. The partnership’s involvement made it possible to create a rosy pink plaster that echoes throughout the boutique in a sublime way, not only on the walls but in its ceiling as well.


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Rich Hues Embrace Yvonne Koné's Interiors


“I also wanted a feminine and positive colour that somehow is a little indefinable at the same time,” pointed Koné.

“As the colour changes with the sunlight during the day, I have noticed how difficult it is to capture and define it and to me that makes it even more interesting.”


Rich Hues Embrace Yvonne Koné's Interiors


The decoration that surrounds the boutique is clean, attractive and perfect in a pretty way. A large circular mirror adds a solid presence, a rough stone pot that holds a tall leafy tree and a pendant lamp, which comprises three cream-coloured glass orbs.


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Rich Hues Embrace Yvonne Koné's Interiors


In front of an arched doorway, a sky-blue curtain provides a  flash of colour, concealing back-of-house facilities. Dark-wood floorboards also run throughout.

“For as long as I can remember I’ve always had a preference for simplicity, no matter the trends, so it only felt natural to give my store a clean and calm atmosphere, just like I prefer in my home,” finishes Koné.


Photography is by Line Thit Klein


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