Restaurants We Covet – Restaurant Divellec in Paris

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Restaurants We Covet – Restaurant Divellec in Paris

February 9, 2017

Situated in the popular area of Esplanade des Invalides in Paris, Restaurant Divellec Paris is managed by renowned French chef, Mathieu Pacaud alongside Isabelle Saglio and Philippe Grach, having acquired it back in 2015 from ex-owner and founder, Jacques Le Divellec who retired in 2013. Pacaud also runs several other cooking establishments, including Hexagone, Histoires and L’Ambroisie in which he works very closely with his family.

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Source: Grazia

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Exuding a glamorous and comfortable setting, the Divellec opened its doors yet again in 2016 and since then it has become a refined and endearing seafood restaurant that offers the most exquisite dishes, in the line of delicious scallops with ceviche or caviar, monkfish with ricotta cheese raviolis, a beautiful dish of lobster accompanied by candied potatoes and smoked wild fennel, among many other luscious and traditionally French recipes.

DIVELLEC-CREDIT-JACQUES-GAVARD-Ceviche-de-Saint-Jacques-au-caviar source alexander lobrano

Source: Alexander Lobrano | Scallops carpaccio with caviar


Divellec-scallop-with-truffle restaurant Divellec

Source: Alexander Lobrano | Scallops with black truffles

Initially established in 1983 by Jacques Le Divellec who had an insightful knowledge on maritime cuisine, the Parisian restaurant quickly grew into one of the most beloved seafood spaces in the heart of the capital of France.

Adhering to very exclusive circles of socialites and political figures of extreme importance, such as the President of the Republic, François Mitterrand, Le Divellec provided dishes that “would embody the oceanic without ever treading water.”

Divellec-ROMAIN-LAPRADE_DIVELLEC restaurant Divellec source alexander lobrano

Source: Alexander Lobrano

With a strong desire and ambition to revive this legendary venue that had been out of business for a couple of years, the accomplished trio of owners completely reinvented the sea restaurant, from decoration to menu, to layout and dynamics of the space, thus becoming a more alluring location for all sorts of crowds, imbuing a touch of modernity and urbanity.

Divellec-ROMAIN-LAPRADE_DIVELLEC_2016_08-1 source alexander lobrano

Source: Alexander Lobrano

Mathieu Pacaud and Bernard Pacaud – father and son who for the record hold amongst themselves six coveted Michelin stars – collaborate together creatively and enthusiastically to conceive wonderfully prepared dishes of fish, shellfish and crustaceans that are bound to leave an indescribable joyfulness to those who have the pleasure to savour them.

mathieu pacaud source twitter

Source: Twitter @PaigeFoodWine

“Divellec is about the sea. When I took the restaurant with Isabelle Saglio and Philippe Grach, I had the immediate desire to involve my father in the menu’s construction. His Breton heart spoke and he accepted. I enjoy working together on the dishes like we did at l’Ambroisie, the family restaurant. I like the idea of a father and son adventure!” – Mathieu Pacaud

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