Restaurant We Covet – Restaurant Guy Savoy

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Restaurant We Covet – Restaurant Guy Savoy

February 8, 2017


Winner of multiple Michelin stars for excellence in cuisine service, French chef, Guy Savoy is the owner a cluster of restaurants in Paris, such as the Restaurant Guy Savoy, Les Bouquinistes and Goût de Brioche as well as an eponymous restaurant in Las Vegas. Showcasing an immeasurable passion and understanding towards the art of cooking, the proficient chef regards cuisine as a disciplined and time-requiring process that is gratifying and submissive to all senses.

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Situated at the Monnaie de Paris, on the Left Bank of the adored Seine river, Restaurant Guy Savoy is considered to be one of the greatest restaurants of our time, an actual distinction which was awarded by Lebey Guide. The menu provides a wide variety of scrumptious meals and fine French cuisine, including the distinguished artichoke soup with black truffle and layered mushroom brioche or the delicious roasted lobster with coral lentils and Verre Breton.

Artichoke soup with black truffle and layered mushroom brioche

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Roasted lobster with coral lentils and Verre Breton

The interiors of the restaurant exude elegance and sophisticated. Composed of six dining rooms, one can revel in the most aesthetic and contemporary art productions and decorative elements.

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From “Belles Bacchantes” to “Scènes de Paris”, these mesmerising spaces deliver historical reminiscences and tributes to the great achievements of the city, not to mention the astounding views that it offers over locations, like the Institute of France and the Seine, among many others.

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Scènes de Paris Dining Room

Mastering a diverse range of cooking methods, all the chefs of the restaurant are able to transform and handle all types of flavours and seasonality, this way each dish is conceived to maximum precision.

guy savoy

“Belles Bacchantes” Dining Room

For Savoy, the history and the joy that a dish brings to his guests is one of the biggest achievements one could possibly hope for when creating these mouth-watering masterpieces, in his own words, La Cuisine est l’art de transformer instanément en joie des produits chargés d’historie.” This truthful aphorism of Savoy is actually in display on the walls of the astonishing restaurant.

dining room restaurant guy savoy

Vert Galant Dining Room

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restaurant guy savoy

Source: Vegas Eater

Out of curiosity, did you know that renowned British chef Gordon Ramsay was in fact trained by one of the world’s best, Guy Savoy. Make sure to visit this respected restaurant and get to savour some of the best French cuisine you will ever have the pleasure to taste.

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